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Greg warns new dinarians about the GURUS  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Greg warns new dinarians about the GURUS

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Greg warns new dinarians about the GURUS  Empty Greg warns new dinarians about the GURUS

Post by Ponee Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:14 pm


Guys I want to make this post because I see several posts from new investors that are falling for the old BS from gurus. BS that has been spewed for years so I want to give the new people some advice from someone who has had dinar since early 2004. Back in 2010 one of the first guru scammers was a man by the name of Okie The oil man. He would tell his followers that the RV was happening every weekend. Then when it didn’t happen on Monday he never explained why, just started pumping the next weekend. Why was he doing this? He was getting a kick back from the dinar dealers that he had a link to on his website so telling everybody they were going to be rich my Monday would get them to buy right away... As more exchanges opened up and more scammers learned from Okie how to make money by telling the public lies, before you know it you had TNT Tony and so many others that would make a lot of money by telling everyone lies. 

In the last 10 years since you can imagine how many stories and made up BS from these gurus have been told to the public.. So this is my opinion.. Don’t listen to any of them. Some are getting kick backs from dinar sales, their website upgrade sales (promising upgraded members exclusive info), YouTube revenue and some just have an ego problem and want attention. But they all have the same issue, they lie!! There are no secret bank screens flickering, Chinese elders, RV antennas that need adjusting, prosperity packages, secret negations that never produce anything, Tiers for cashing in, 800 numbers

... (if you are told to call an 800 number to get a better rate, know that you will be sending your dinars or giving them to somebody and will never get anything in return) .. it’s a scam!! 

Anyway, the only advice I can tell new people is believe nothing from these scammers.. Just read the news articles out of Iraq to see what is happening and when it does finally RV or RI or the rate changes in some kind of way, the one and only Place you need to go is to your bank, to exchange if you are able to... don’t be fooled, hold onto your dinar and only exchange them at a real major Bank in person..


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