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Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao

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Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao Empty Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao

Post by claud39 Sat Jun 13, 2020 10:42 am

Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao


Corona revives fish trade in the city of Al-Fao 21414

Economy News _ Baghdad

With the closure of the Iraqi borders with Kuwait and Iran, in front of trade and travel to reduce the outbreak of the new Corona virus, fishers in the coastal city of Al-Faw in southern Iraq found themselves busy to provide the needs of markets, to recover the Iraqi fish throne locally.

The head of the Fishermen’s Association in Basra, Badran Al-Tamimi, explained that the traders came from the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the north, saying: “From Basra to Kurdistan, and from Amara and Nasiriyah ... the merchants have come from all Iraqi provinces. We have now supplied them with fish.”

He continued, "When the borders were open, the supply was greater than the demand. People don't care about quality, they are running after the cheap price," indicating that imported fish are cheaper than local ones, according to Reuters.

The Al-Faw port is located in Basra Governorate, in southern Iraq, on the edge of the Al-Faw peninsula that has borders with Kuwait and Iran.

Merchants used to flood the local market with cheaper imported fish, which made it difficult for local fishermen to sell their catch before it spoiled.

The Basra Fishermen's Association says that local fishermen used to sell about 60 tons of fish per day, and since the border was closed, they sell about 100 tons every day.

The increase in the activity of fishermen led to a decrease in the prices of fresh local fish, which made it accessible to the local population.

The association explained that the price of the famous local fish of the type "Zubaidi" in the FAO fish market is now $ 16 per kilo, compared to $ 25 before the crisis of the Corona virus.

"Fish dealers want to open the borders so they can flood the markets with different types of fish," Al-Tamimi said, expressing his hope that the government has noticed an increase in local fish production, and that it put in place measures to protect fishing in FAO after the borders are reopened.

For his part, the fisherman, Muhammad Al-Amer, considered that the fishing sector may have a "positive impact" on the entire Basra Governorate.

"The prices of the Faw fish have become better. Before the border closed, the quantity of fish we bought from Faw City had not been sold for more than three days. Now we sell the quantity we bring in less than two days. The demand for fish is more than supply," he said.

As a fish trader in the FAO, Hamza Jaber, said, “Traders are used to putting preservatives on imported fish, which will affect our health. Heavily on human health. "

With regard to the best species that buyers prefer now, fish seller Karrar Ibrahim pointed out that Al-Zubaidi and Noiby are among the most popular fish species.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi economy depends on oil exports, which constitute more than 90 percent of the country's revenues. Iraq faces an economic crisis since the crisis of the Corona virus and the collapse of oil prices.

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