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BRUCE'S BIG CALL NOTES and Play Back link, JUNE 12  2020  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

BRUCE'S BIG CALL NOTES and Play Back link, JUNE 12 2020

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BRUCE'S BIG CALL NOTES and Play Back link, JUNE 12  2020  Empty BRUCE'S BIG CALL NOTES and Play Back link, JUNE 12 2020

Post by Ponee Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:30 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins 1:11:11


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 19th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s see where we are and what is going on – I know that there are things out there on the blogs I get calls about every now and then – even though I do not go and read the blogs – I hear what’s out there and I have a pretty good idea what’s going on most of the time – I have some information tonight that varies from that – I will try to describe that as I go –

First of all – one thing regarding the redemption of Zim – I have a reminder to everybody – if you have just a few notes – it’s not going to take very long to redeem your Zim – But if you have more – quite a bit – then you’re going to request when you set your appointment and they ask you if you have Zim – you’re not going to tell them how much – just say – well I believe I’m going to need 45 mins and 90 minutes – to do my exchanging and redemption of Zim –

Just let them know that you might need a longer time if you are a serious Zim holder – Just say it – cause you will do it at your first appointment and you will come up with a rate for your currencies including the Zim at the first appointment – you will finish it and put that all together and your follow up appointment with your private banker – wealth management – Abbott Downing – will include meetings with possibly you might have an attorney – if you do not already have one – having trust stuff done –

Or you might also need to get in touch with CPA firm – someone that will be handling the accounting for you – all of those things – including your family office getting that together – should you qualify for a family office – that is something that you would do at your second appointment - it’s a “follow-up” appointment – not an automatic thing – it is something that you set up to come back to – after your exchange is done –

There may be several follow-up appointments – and that is going to be regarding to the areas I was just referring to –

Let’s talk a little bit about what has happened that I don’t think has been reported – my intel comes from a number of different sources – some I have funneled through some individuals and then I try to get the truth out of it – just like you guys do when you hear something –

First of all we were looking for a release of a large tranche of funds that were coming from the global collateral accounts – we understand that had been held up but understand that last night overnight the release of at least 3 tranches – each tranche in the neighborhood of 1 septillion dollars – s – e – p – t - like September – being the seventh month of the year ((( ????? 7th?? ))))))) – as in 7 – you know – you’ve got - million – billion – trillion – quadrillion - quintillion – sextillion – septillion – right – so septillion 1 followed by 21 zeros – pretty nice piece of change – right?

So septillion – I understand 3 tranches of a septillion each so that would be approximately let’s call it 3 septillion dollars was released and we think this was from – primarily from the Rodriquez Trust – based in the Philippines – this is the so called bottomless trust that just continues to flow and have plenty of money in it – but it’s that way because that trust earns a rate of interest at 3.92% per year -

Now you think 3.92 that’s nothing - yes it is – it’s a lot of money when you deal with a large number as a principal number that it is adding interest to – so the same way we come out and we’re negotiating our interest rates I think we will be held to a rate – I heard could be up to 3.65%

Now is that the same as 3.92%? No but I think it gives us an idea of roughly where we might negotiate – Realize it’s a lot different if you’re putting an interest rate on a couple thousand dollars but if you’re putting an interest rate on billions or trillions or more of dollars – and getting it every quarter – in other words you’re getting a pay out in interest in a structured pay out then you’re asking to be paid quarterly – you don’t get 3.65% every quarter – let’s say divided by 4 is going to be a little less than 1% - per quarter

That is still an incredible amount of money when you multiply by millions – trillions – or more – of dollars – so keep that in mind – if you can request a time period of 45 minutes to 90 minutes if you have a sufficient amount of Zim – If you just have a few notes under 5-10 notes you’re probably not going to need anywhere near that much time –

Now let’s see what else is going on out there – In terms of what has happened – I mentioned these tranches - that was something we were requiring and also the Chinese Elders have been requiring and going back and forth to our Treasury and President Trump on a certain amount of things that needed to be done –

What I understood was and it was about one today – got the information that was at 11:11 am Eastern time this morning – Thursday – that a soft announcement of a kind was made – Now this announcement was about the USN – about our gold backed / asset backed currencies but it was made – as I mentioned – not for the people not made for us – this was made for those in the financial community – stock brokers – bankers – hedge fund managers – and the like –

So that I believe took care of it – in terms of getting everything started like we need it – Now – it was also a large list of people and it was over 3,000 that are considered high value individuals that their status was like – let’s talk about clean up on aisle 3 - in addition to that there’s more information I believe that was presented to the Chinese about the draining of the swamp – let’s just say it that way –

Now did that suffice? – to get this released? Did this satisfy? What my understanding is that it did - We shall see – Is there a deadline of sorts of midnight the 15th - I don’t think there’s anything that has to be done by midnight tomorrow night that I am aware of – because the announcement was made this morning –

Now – as far as additional information what I’m getting is that it looks as though from my information - from my sources – this is not coming from the internet – not online – it’s not coming from anybody else that’s putting information out – but this is coming from MY sources that seem to say that the 15th /16th which is Mon/Tues – is the timeframe that been noted for this to be released to tier 4B – US the internet group – but again – I hate to say it – it’s Mon/Tues –

Now in addition to that there is information talking to us and you guys have seen some stuff on the news about a possible additional stimulus and even Larry on Barney this morning was asked whether or not what form that stimulus might take – and Larry hemmed and hauled and said they were working on a number of things to get a release of funds from the Treasury blah blah blah --- and he basically side stepped the question –

What was interesting to me was at the same time he was saying that I was getting information about what it is the people of the United States would be seeing and what they are going to be seeing in my opinion looks like this – I think it will end up being a second round of stimulus checks or direct deposits or possibly debit card payments – and we think there are 2 schools of thought – one school is it will be the same $1200 type deal we had first time around and the second opinion was it could be more than that into thousands and thousands of dollars –

My personal belief so far is that it will be the former – the $1200 stimulus and it’s going to come out from my sources that I’m getting – it should start coming out Tues/Wed – I don’t know how many are going to come out by debit card – direct deposit or static check – I know people that have received all 3 ways - meaning the first time around – we know that the debit cards were a test of a little under 4 million people and I believe it was a test to see how efficient it would be for universal basic income to come out in that format – and I believe that’s what they tested – I understand that the test came back in success of 60 ? % which sounds maybe good – maybe not that good?

It appears that those funds are going to come out in a time frame that’s not but a day or so behind maybe when we go with our exchanges – My point is it’s a slight smoke screen for people to receive that second round of stimulus at about the same time that tier 4B is in the redemption centers getting their currency exchanged and Zim redeemed - Ok that’s MY opinion on that timing – But that looks like what it’s going to achieve for us – somewhat of a smoke screen –

The stimulus – they call it different things – but they use the term stimulus – I believe those are coming from our TDA accounts Treasury Direct Accounts - which those are achieved by seeing what amount of money in the way of interest we have paid over our life as a result of using our Social Security Number in the midst of getting a loan for whether it’s a credit card – buying a car – boat - buying a house – all that interest that was paid using your name / your social security number – that is going to be refunded under NESARA –

I believe that is coming from a Treasury Direct Account based on that – I believe it’s going to be given out in steps to us at least initially as I mentioned about a month ago with that $1200 stimulus – we will see – maybe it will be greater – but I have a feeling the Government wants to be consistent on that and bring that out over a period of time – and more less time released those TDA to us

Now that is something that we are not really going to care so much about after the toll free numbers come out – some people are looking for this -- and listen – on Tuesday’s call I was hoping we would be there by today – but I knew there were some things on yesterday – on Wednesday – that I learned had not been achieved and then yet today – I learned the same thing – but today we believe that things are at the point where we thinks it’s about to go –

Now – I’m talking about Mon/Tues – I’m sorry – I’m talking 15th/16th – and other people are thinking it could go tomorrow – and you know what? I hope I’m wrong - I hope they are right – I hope we go sooner rather than later – because now when we thought the Zim all had to be in by midnight on the 15th I think we are looking at another extension –

I don’t have this as official yet – this is only my opinion – but I have a feeling that tier 4B will have till the end of June to exchange – I just have a feeling we’re going all the way to the last day of June –

So – I think with us starting theoretically at this point the 15th/16th that would make sense –

Now redemption center staff are off they are not even at the centers – they are on call – that means they could go in within an hour of notice – they could go in and be in their desk ready to go - and they are on the call all the way through the next several days – now if they get something over the weekend with a schedule that would be different – but they do not have a schedule yet – other than to be on call –

Remember this guys – we’ve got 13,810 independent treasury approved /vetted redemption centers for Zim That does not include the redemption centers that are attached to or inside tier 1or tier 2 banks – that is an additional number – that is in the thousands –

So we have plenty of places we are going to be able to redeem our Zim and exchange our currency – so don’t worry about that – what I’m saying is what they were determining yesterday was how many hours in a day could they use a redemption center – the old thought was they go between 18 and 22 hours a day –

I think the new thinking is they will probably go from daylight hours to either just before or just after sunset – ok – they probably won’t be going into curfew hours which is usually around 8 pm – they could go a little bit beyond – in some areas – but it’s going to be determined based on how homeland security sees the various redemptions centers located – so on and so on –

I think that what we’re witnessing now is going to be some amazing information coming out but I don’t think we’re going to know anything specific on certain individuals as far as clean up on aisle 3 for a little while yet – but we could be surprised about that too –

I think what we’re looking at on the 15th is the start of NESARA here in the U S and GESARA – globally - I heard accounts of mortgages were forgiven already taking place in Australia and this is something that was seen and had evidence to back that up –

So – how soon will that appear here? That type of thing? I think that our start date is probably going to be the 15th and we’ll see what that looks like for us here in this country – but we know that there’s a lot to that and we’re going to get the first fruits of it I believe starting on Monday the 15th –

So – we will see if that coincides and it might make sense to coincide with our release of the toll free numbers – the release of the Wells Fargo 527,000+ emails from their servers and we’ll just have it all come together for us beautifully –

That is the best information I had so far – pointing to early next week – 15th/16th is what I’ve got for tier 4B and we’ve got the stimulus money coming for the rest of the country on the 16th/17th Tues/Wed – starting the middle of the week we should see

So with that said – I’m going to ask everybody to keep this release continually on your lips in terms of your prayers – and being thankful in advance for its coming -- and thanks everybody for listening.


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