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MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20

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MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20 Empty MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:21 pm

Member:  Wonder if this will ever happen?

MZ: well, everybody is sitting in position and a number of sources are expecting a release of dollars throughout the day with package deliveries starting this evening….

MZ: I still think we need to see more disclosure but the banking world seems to think things are going to break loose today.

Member:  The Fiat camels' back is breaking

MZ: Yes we are close…this fiat boat is sinking…..until we go asset backed all they can do is keep printing dollars…..and hope we reset before we implode.

MZ: We are watching the end…we just have to hold on and make it through it.

Member:  Trump wants them to watch the fiat dollar crash to show the corruption!!

Member: Trump wants the Fed to go to negative rates.

MZ: If I was wanting to put the last nail in the fiat coffin…..make sure that fiat never again rears its ugly head…yes, I would go to negative rates.

MZ: Remember this reset is not about us…its about the world.

Member:  Man I just have this gut feeling that we are that close to Reset happening... Anytime Now!!!

Member:  We ARE close or Trump would not have put the RV words out there to KEEP us Encouraged

Member: Many gurus have been fed mis-information

MZ: Yes they have…I have as well……the thing about the banking side is they have to be prepared at all times because when it is ready….they have to be in place……but, they are like the boy who cried wolf…

MZ: IMO it is the politicians screwing us…..I believe the rank and file bankers are doing their best…

Member: The boy who cried wolf was right one time…..and no one believed him…lol….when the RV finally happens I bet many of us won’t believe it at first…..lol

Member: I hear all countries are aligned to get it out now, no problems being reported from the banking system either.

Member:  PIR you tube say Congress voting on TDA ACCOUNTS today everyone will get a FED CARD free money

Member:  Federal Reserve says stimulus checks may continue for a few more years.

MZ: We are going to see deflation…then hyper-inflation….then a complete implosion of our monetary system if they do not get this reset out the door. And that is why I am looking for a reset very, very soon.

Member:  Barr is getting ready to release some criminal referrels….not soon enough.

MZ:  I agree with you….not soon enough…16 or 17 people now will be handed over to the DOJ for Criminal prosecution.…and the investigations will continue…the Deep State has got to be scared.

Member:  170,000 sealed indictments...that’s why the Deep State is desperate

Member: Yes.....once that very first domino is tapped I think we will witness some major finger pointing....

Member:  people are going to be shocked once the disclosure of these wicked fools happens

Member: Barr is having a press conference right now……


Member:  Once N/Gesara is declared(rules), Trump has to step down, and we have 120 days to RE elect. JFK could be his running mate. It’s all about Timing. Barr said all HAS to be inescapably air tight

Member:  I think the RV would help Trump's re election

Q: Will you be under an NDA once you get your CMKX package?

MZ: I assume I will be…..I believe I won’t be allowed to share what is in the package…..but hope I will be able to at least say I got a package.

Member:  We are so close to the end. Stay positive, keep learning, and keep pushing forwards! We survived Corona!

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MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "Yes we are close" (Ever Hear That Before?) 6/11/20

Post by Ponee Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:19 pm



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