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MarkZ  COFFEE TIME Video and Transcript - For June 4 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ COFFEE TIME Video and Transcript - For June 4 2020

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MarkZ  COFFEE TIME Video and Transcript - For June 4 2020 Empty MarkZ COFFEE TIME Video and Transcript - For June 4 2020

Post by Ponee Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:44 pm

MZ: News is disappointing today…..they were expecting so much to happen overnight and it was the biggest “Nothing burger” yet. My paymasters and contacts sat at a conference table with masks on for hours waiting for some kind of news or updates. 

MZ: Zurich is still sitting on their hands this morning and nothing moved overnight. No explanation has been given as of yet. 

MZ: Zero news on CMKX deliveries as well. Dead silence is what we were faced with this morning. 

MZ: Iraqi contacts are still looking for Saturday Morning and still believe we are right in the middle of it. One contact is diplomatic and one works in the finance ministry. A couple contacts are business contractors…one from Australia , and they are working in Iraq. 

 Member:  I read they are having a session Saturday and they should be finalizing the remaining cabinet members, can't hurt to have a fully seated gov't IMO

MZ: I will keep the stream short today so I can chase the news and will do another stream tonight at 8pm est…..Whiskey and Wisdom. What news I get I will share this evening. 

Member:  Always quietest right before the news hits. I am SO hopeful that this is the case !!!!

Member:  right mark! my intel guys are about to lose it hahaha it was funny cause one of them sounded like a child throwing a fit hahaha I couldn't help but laugh I felt bad

MZ: Paymasters are absolutely tearing their hair out…they are ticked off and threatening to go home again. 

Member: Guess its “Groundhog day” again

MZ: It really is.

Q: Are you looking for RV tomorrow?

MZ: Not tomorrow…..I am looking at the next days or week or two…..Things are definently ramping up

Member: I heard Reno folks are just waiting for a “Green light”

MZ: and that’s the same news I got out of Zurich…just sitting on their hands and waiting. 

Q:  Mark. Did you see where the IMF called for a RESET yesterday????

Member:  Mark. IMF called for a reset yesterday. Press release and everything!!!!!

Member: Did you hear prince charles and others talking about RESET??? (they are doing this to try to help DEEP STATE apparently... (x 22 report)

Member:  International Monetary Fund The Great ResetRemarks to World Economic ForumKristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, IMFJune 3, 2020

MZ: I did read a short blurb about that…Central Banks around the globe were calling for a reset.  Of course you have heard Judy sheltons thoughts…..guys we are in the last days of this….We knew all along it would be ugly at the end. We are watching it play out. 

Member:  Robert David Steele said Monday is looking good for GCR , he has a top source.

Member:  Well another great report from Greg Hunter and also Robert David Steele, Robert David Steele said that Monday looking good he had a guest talking about the Golden Dragon.

Member:  Ben fulord same narrative as Mr. C on whiter dragons role and demands for rv trigger

Member:  A lot of economists are talking about GCR

Member:  If Trump declares Nesara 120 days to election day on 11/3 would make the announcement at the earliest 7/7.

Member:  The Iraqi RV and the CMKX Bonafides F&P could save the US economy.

Member:  There was a press release this morning and the President and treasurer said they will have a stimulus package today and the president wants this done immediately.

Q: will people here in the UK be able to use 800 numbers. 

MZ: I am told I will be able to share a link that will send you where you need to go to get your numbers for the rest of the world….and I talked to a S. African contact and was told emphatically that that it will be HSBC handling your exchanges. 

Q: Will redemption centers be in office buildings…no Motel6????

MZ: No Motel 6….I am told for some areas it will actually be in a bank branch if they have office facilities there….some larger areas may have rented space in an office park. Maybe the bank is on the first floor and they will do exchanges on the 2nd or 3rd floors…..The ones I am familiar with are located in bank buildings where the bank used to have mortgage offices …they were commandeered for the exchanges. 

MZ: I’m not sure how it works in the less populated states like Montana or the Dakota’s…….I assume that each state will have at least one redemption center……more populous states will have many. The numbers you call will send you to your redemption center…..you will tell them what you have to exchange and they direct you where to go. 

Member:  I heard there will be a place within 60 miles of where you live to exchange

Q: Do you know how CMKX will be delivered?

MZ: I hear that in the Us it will be by the US postal service…..They will finish their normal routes , then go back out with just packages …they are supposed to be accompanied by someone from the US Marshall’s office while they deliver settlements. 

Q: Any news on state taxes and fees?

MZ: I am told they will be figured in and taken out at the exchange and it will seem like there are none…but they will be taken out on the back half of it. 

MZ: The Q phenomenon is worldwide….what do you guys think?

Member:  Q growing by the day in UK

Member:  Massive global Q following

Member:  watching usa news from a different country you folks are in rough shape if trump doesent clean up antifa,, soros, clinton et al democrats the q movement is REAL

Member:  People around the world are really into Qanon - it is amazing!


Mod:  JFK SECRET SOCIETIES SPEECH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItOPg2l7-t0&feature=youtu.be

Member:  Q: what’s the difference between a politician and a snail? A: One is slimy and leaves a trail everywhere.. the other is a snail, lol

Member: William Barr just pardoned General Flynn


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