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Pimpy  says Trump is hinting at an RATE CHANGE...  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Pimpy says Trump is hinting at an RATE CHANGE...

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Pimpy  says Trump is hinting at an RATE CHANGE...  Empty Pimpy says Trump is hinting at an RATE CHANGE...

Post by Ponee Sun May 31, 2020 9:24 pm


 ...Is Trump hinting at when the rate change will happen?  ...this next week for us I think is going to be really big. People keep asking me do you think Trump is going to pull the trigger on a rate change before the election.  Well yeah, that would make sense to me.  With everything that's going on, if you wanted to become a "shoe in",  If Trump wanted to win in a landslide he would pull the trigger on the rate change.  Will he?  Let's hear what trump has to say, "...I can tell you the third and fourth quarter in particular are going to be I think spectacular."  Gee, really?  Why is that Trump? ...What would be the reason for him to think that?  We're not even out of quarantine fully yet...he's got resistance from the democrats.   The liberals are keeping their states and cities on lock-down...What makes him think there's going to be a huge recovery He knows something that the rest of the people don't know.  Or does he?  Or do we know what Trump knows? [

...If you were Trump and this quarantine just killed the best economy in recorded history...and you need to kick-start your country - You need to kick-start this economy?  ...Let me add in something...In order for us to have a booming economy again that means other countries have to be kicking butt too.  What kind of move can Trump make that wouldn't just kick-start the economy here in the United States, [but] kick-start economies around the world?  How many dinar holders do you think are worldwide?  How many Vietnam dong holders are worldwide?  Do you see where I'm going with this?  ...If you're in this situation that we're in right now around the world...you're gonna have to throw logic out the door.  You're gonna have to make a move.  And what is that move? ...Reset the currencies at the proper value.  Reinstate Iraq's currency rate.  That's what I would do if I was Trump.

Trump has a lot more information and a ton of advisers that know a million things more than we all do but the point being if we're just generally speaking the whole world's economy needs a kick-start.  In order for us to really have a booming economy here in the United States we're going to have to rely on other countries as well to help us do that.  We need to manufacture things and export them.  We also need to import goods as well.  So that means everyone has to start off at a level playing field.  How do you make that happen?  Change the rate.  Why is the third quarter going to be slow?  Because as the rate changes and we're doing our exchanging the economy is only starting to rebound.  The true numbers will pop out in the fourth quarter as more and more people go out and shop and buy and do what they need to do...I'm with you Trump and we all agree with you.  We know a way that can make sure that the third and fourth quarters as well as next year are booming.  Change the rate...

Article  "Parliamentary Finance: Al-Kazemi has the powers to cancel the currency auction" ...Say what?  That's right!  Quote "members of the parliament finance committee confirms on Saturday that Prime Minister Kazemi owns the powers to cancel the foreign currency auctions at the central bank..."  There are a lot of things going on...



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