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COffee With MarkZ FULL TRANSCRIPT for May 29 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COffee With MarkZ FULL TRANSCRIPT for May 29 2020

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COffee With MarkZ FULL TRANSCRIPT for May 29 2020 Empty COffee With MarkZ FULL TRANSCRIPT for May 29 2020

Post by Ponee Fri May 29, 2020 9:11 pm

Member: Great Day for a PAY Day!

Member: Happy Birthday JFK!!!!

MZ: I could not find any money movement last night.  Lots of chatter about movement…..Contacts checked in from Hong Kong, Zurich, Miami and Reno…they are all sitting at the edge of their seats with anticipation of the new system in place and announcements before Monday morning. They are looking for this thing to be completed by June 1. 

MZ: I don’t think they will get it out the door but we shall see. I am still looking for disclosure of the deep state all week and we have not seen it yet. 

MZ: CMKX packages- still told they are positioned and waiting for the reset because they have to have gold backed dollars before they can pay us. 

MZ: So that’s where we are at….here at the edge of our seats. 

Member: June 1. New republic and constitutional law is legal and official….So that makes sense to go next week.

MZ: Supposedly it all happens at one time. 

 Q: So does anyone know what the hold up is now??

MZ: I’m told the majority of the delays in the last 2 weeks was caused by the Historic Chinese bonds they found at the St. Louis Federal Reserve.  They were proving the legitimacy of them. To make certain they were not counterfeit bonds. 

Member:  Hi folks! HAPPY FRIDAY! RV delay was caused by Mnunchin and Shelton finding trillions worth of bonds at the Louisiana Federal Reserve...The Quantum Shift

Member:  Trump is working on deal with China over bonds found for $3 T

Member: Happy Birthday President Kennedy and the Q clock runs out today whatever that means. Time will tell

Q: I wonder what the end of the Q clock means????

Member:  Perhaps the ending of the Q Clock means the end of the US, Inc.! Bring on the Restored Republic!!

Member:  Good morning all! it is going to be a glorious day! Trump to announce Chyna deal, Jr reveal & JFK birthday ! The last day of Q!

Member:  Can you believe President Kennedy would have been 103 today, wow time flies

Q: So what is “disclosure”?

MZ: Disclosure tells us who the bad guys are and what they have done and showing the skeletons in the closet of our financial world. Part of what the Chinese banking families (NOT the Chinese Government) are insisting on……if we are allowed to use their gold for the reset. That is one of the stipulations they put on…they insist on disclosure of the theft of their dollars and the theft of our financial system. This is what we are told. 

Member:  It’s happening behind the scenes

Member:  I feel there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we realize!! This is happening soon!! a lot if arrests and military tribunals are happening right now!!

Member:  it has to happen before the election considering how the Democrats are trying to rig the election he has to do it before the election time for safety reasons

Member:  Humanity needs the RV children all over the world need the RV

Member: The more I look at this worldwide RV/GCR now the more I see that this would never have been possible in the cabal controlled fiat system. There’s a difference between isolated Kuwaiti RV and this!

Member:  I feel we are soooo close to the RV I just feel it. I’ve never felt that we were close until NOW!

Member:  I’m hoping and Praying PRESIDENT TRUMP, pulls the plug!!! & Drains the swamp!!! Before our society completely crumbles

Member:  As we have said about Iraq, "if we are waiting for Iraq to be Perfect for the RI to happen, then it will never happen". It's the same way with the USA and the other countries. If we have to have every "i' dotted and every "t" crossed to have the Release, thus it will never happen.

MZ: Things will never be perfect for a release, just has to acceptable.

Member:  We just don't know when, but it's close

Member:  Trump has 5pm meeting today...hope it’s a good announcement!

Member:  Mark Z still believe your right on 6-1 due to the 1903 gold bonds they found in St Louis Fed Reserve. To pay off other countries debts.

Member:  Good Jim Willie video yesterday....Reset and debt jubilee?

Jim Willie: "Debt Jubilee and RESET is Almost Here" 5-28-2020     https://dinarrecaps.squarespace.com/our-blog/jim-willie-debt-jubilee-and-reset-is-almost-here-5-28-2020 

Member:  Remember: In a single day lives will change, that day is on the horizon. Have faith!

Member:  "People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00….please listen to the replay for all the details

MC talks about this post from Ron Giles :  https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2020/05/dod-and-tresaury-intel-by-ron-giles.html 

MC: Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Where Did My World Go?"  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/paul-craig-roberts-asks-where-did-my-world-go


This call is in MarkZ’s and Mr. Cottrells Opinions. 

The next scheduled stream is Monday morning at 10AM est. 


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