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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri May 29, 2020 2:07 am

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 19th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s talk a little bit about what the intel is for tonight – Now we thought last Thursday - we pretty much had the information as you guys remember – that the earliest we would go was going to be today - remember that? I think I said that on Thursday’s call –

Now – we didn’t go today – we did not get the toll free numbers to start today – but there were things going on today that I found out about – I want to give you guys an idea of what those things are and were since Thursday – I also want to give you an idea of where we stand with respect to the rest of the meat of the week –

So here we go – You guys have heard me use the term “clean up on aisle 3” – I think you all know that means arrests – pick ups - indictments served – it could mean a variety of those things – that is continuing – it has not stopped – I know some of the specifics  but don’t think it’s wise to put that out – but will tell you in general that there is still clean up at our tier 1 banks – I’m sorry but it’s happening  - and it’s been happening over the last 3-4 days –

I am not going to dwell on that – just wanted to tell you that there are 3 announcements – and don’t roll your eyes when I say “announcements” – these are announcements you’re not going to hear – neither am I – I might not even find out what they are – one this evening before this call – one after midnight tonight – and one about after 9:30 in the morning –

Don’t know who’s going to make them or what they are – I have an idea what one might be – and I’ll tell  you about that – it’s just my projection of what I think it might be about – I told you about the clean up – and there is some additional clean up going on – however – my understanding is – that by 9:30 Eastern time - in the morning – the banks are supposed to be completely purged of anything considered harmful to us in terms of personnel –

In other words – they should be completely cleansed – I believe was the word – now if you are talking about people moving – being removed – from their position – you know what I am talking about – So – if that’s supposed to happen by 9:30 in the morning you think that 3rd and final announcement might have to do with that – since it’s coming after 9:30 – just a guess – just a guess –

We’ll see if it’s an educated guess or not – so what else is happening? – What else is going on? The people that were supposed to have been paid – we talked Thursday about who was coming up for the weekend - whether it was the completion of the intermediates – or the start of the Cores – and so on –

We understand that as far as we can tell none of that happened – in the last 5 days – it is disconcerting to me - to be honest with you of course – but I’m not quite sure other than clean up – what has exactly been going on – specifically – with those groups –

I know that certain tier 3 participants that are involved in a lot of projects not tier 4B like us - these are people that have gone to various cities – like Zurich and Hong Kong – Miami – and worked with Bonds and boxes of bonds – all of that – historic gold bonds – etc - those have been transacted – and paid out where there is liquidity – and that was happening last Wednesday and Thursday –

I believe those are complete to the point where a lot of the major funders like Landa China Global and others have liquidity and either have access or about to have access to those funds – so there is movement – it’s just not quite to the point where we are –

The other thing that is important is – the tier 4A and 4B - my recent understanding in the last few days is that we will have a shotgun start after all – so we’re back in to the likelihood that we will go with the Admirals groups – the Cores might go first but then the remaining groups would go in conjunction with tier 4B – that’s us – the internet group –

It doesn’t matter to me if they go first but I do believe we are all going together – I believe most of the funding that goes to the SKR’s for tier 2 and 3 will also go with us at the same time – instead of progressively through some sequence of events – I believe we’re going to end up all basically on a shotgun start – all going at about the same time –

There are a few other things that I have learned that have been out there that we had correct information about – one thing – was the idea of the 800 number – we know there are 527,000 + emails coming out from Wells Fargo Server with an 800 number to call and also with an ID number – that is personalized to the person who is receiving the email –

The 800 number that people get in those emails is the same email to call into the redemption centers – and here’s how it’s going to work –

Let’s say  you get the email from Wells Fargo and  you got your toll free number there – When you call to set  your appointment – you will talk to someone and when they ask what currencies you have – if you are a  Zim holder – the first word out of your mouth will be ZIM - because by acknowledging you are a Zim holder you get diverted with another number – ideally you are connected and don’t have to dial it – in some cases you might have to redial a new 800 number that they give you –

Let’s say that you get connected through and you’re going to give them – this is your choice – you are going to give them a zip code of either - where you live or work – or the one you want to use because of where it’s located – close to you - in town out of town - whatever – you might have a specific zip code you would give them over the phone that would be routing you to a legitimate redemption center for Zim exchange or Zim conversion – Zim redemption – That is the process

Now let’s say you don’t have an email or they don’t have your email - which is going to be true for about 20-24% of the people  in our group  - emails changed – it happened to me – what you are going to get now is instead  the toll free number that I get passed on – appearing on the website and we’re going to do an email / mass mailing  to those who have signed on and registered for our call ( 30,000 – 33,000 +)  we will send an email blast out to everyone with the 800 number in the body of the email –

I am supposed to receive the toll free number the same time I believe the first emails from Wells Fargo goes out – they are going out in 4 batches – each batch taking approximately  30 minutes to complete – you are looking at about a two hour span – for the 527,000 + emails from Wells Fargo to go out –

Will my number come at the same time? Before? Later?  I don’t know yet – I am trying to find that out – but be aware there’s no such thing as an individual 800 number – that is NOT happening – there is an 800 number that everyone will get to call the call center and then get routed like I said to a Zim redemption center if you are a Zim holder –

There is an individual ID number in the email from Wells Fargo – you should take that email – print it out – and bring to exchange with you – If you do not have an email and you call to set y our appointment – let them know – they may do 2 things – they may give it to you over the phone or they may email to you –

Let’s correct something else that is out there – there was wording out there that said if this did not go today that DOD would take over and get this out for us to start – That is not what will really happen –

DOD is not taking this over – they are the qualified agent that gives the green light to the treasury so the treasury tells Wells Fargo when to release those servers with the emails –

Is DOD involved? Yes - they will still give the treasury the green light to release everything to us - they are not - quote unquote taking over – they are still working hand in hand with the treasury

Does that mean that tomorrow is in play? It could be – I am not going to call it – you know I have come close to calling it in the past and have been off because we haven’t got it there yet - 

Here’s another expression that is no longer allowed – and if someone comes out with a T-shirt - with all of the expressions that are d-qued – due to getting disqualified – such as “This is the week” – am I hearing that? Yes – I don’t like the expression though because we’ve used it before and it hasn’t been “the week” –

I hope this is our week – I really do – things look like it could be – it could be the next couple of days – and we understand that these 3 announcements need to be made –

We know that on going clean up is just that – continuing – but we also understand that the banks are supposed to be cleansed – if you will – by 9:30 am tomorrow – let’s hope that is true –

Let’s expect that the bank screens are going to reflect the accurate rates – and we’re not going to talk about rates – I wasn’t even thinking about that – I was just thinking that Sunday night when the Forex comes back  up and the trading begins – everything is set and ready to go from that point of view –

We are on the QFS – and that is really good – we should be in really good shape – I can’t think of anything else that is relevant to this tonight that I didn’t bring  up – you guys get the understanding of how to create an appointment and go - you know there’s one Zim appointment – that’s the first initial appointment –

Now – will you go back to a tier 1 bank or a wealth management office – or an Abbott Downing office for a follow up appointment?  - YES  YES  - it will be about something legal - it might be about setting up your structure or Trust if you don’t have those set up – It could be about getting with your accounting firm – your CPA firm – it could be related to a family office that you want to have – it could be about perks with the bank – you have options you want to choose – All of these things could be in a follow up appointment

The Zim rate will be set at your first appointment – so you will do your presentation at your first appointment – and if you are a Zim holder you will have from 35 minutes to 90 minutes if needed –

If you are not a Zim holder but have dinar / dong – they are expecting you to be done in 25 – 35 minutes – you have no structured pay out – if you are just a simple currency holder and there is just a lot less stuff – you still have an NDA but it’s not going to be quite the same I believe as the Zim holder will have –

Certain things are negotiable - you will learn what those are – I’m excited – I can’t wait to get this party over – and get going and hopefully we are almost to that point now –

I’m going to call it a night – this is pretty much everything we wanted to bring out tonight – I hope everybody had an enjoyable and memorable Memorial Day yesterday – and getting outside as much as you’re able -

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/26/20

Post by Ponee Fri May 29, 2020 8:25 pm



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