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MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20

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MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20 Empty MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri May 29, 2020 1:47 am

Member:  I love roller coasters, but I am so ready to get off this one !!!!!!!!

Member: So Monday is the big day for payouts…according to experts????

MZ: in a nutshell ….yes…….

MZ:  I am hearing out of Reno that tonight appears to be the “push” and “go” to start the process with settlements starting late… deliveries will be tomorrow . The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning. …..I hope they are correct.

MZ: CMKX will be part of those settlements..If my source is correct…those deliveries will start tomorrow during the day.

MZ: I am still waiting to see more disclosure/arrests…..but they cannot postpone it much longer…we are at the end….we are watching it all play out. ….hope we see the disclosure we were expecting on Tuesday in the next couple days …

Member: I think it will all go at once and the disclosure and arrests will be the Cover for the reset/GCR/RV!!!!

MZ: My guys in Reno are very confident…….There are reports and I am trying to confirm that there is another “Historic Bond Payout” today in Europe.  They are about 6 hours ahead of us and I am still trying to confirm that….It would be a big piece as well.

Member : on Twitter yesterday they found 3 Trillion of Chinese Historic Bonds in the St. Louis Federal reserve….Trump is now using them against China for a “Debt Jubilee”

MZ: We have heard that for about a week now……and this is what caused our delay from Tuesday to Thursday….

Q: If I own a super pechelli railroad bond…can I exchange it at the exchange center?

MZ:  I was told when you call and make an apt to exchange …be sure to let them know if you own a Historic bond….be sure to notify them what you have a historic bond because it may change where you do your redemption. Your will do currencies at the same time and I am told those that own historic bonds will get red carpet treatment.

Member:  I hear that the bonds will pay off the debts of the world! That’s why the RV was slowed up.

Q: What are your government contacts saying?

MZ: My government contacts are still looking squarely at June 1.

Q:  any idea why usa bought 111 tonnes of gold this month…. usa bought 111 tonnes of gold 6.1 trillion dollars

Member:  US bought the 111 tons of gold on fiat dollars, for gold backed currency! great idea!

Member:  For our Gold back currency is why……..

Member:  LONDON, May 26 (Reuters) - Swiss exports of gold to the United States leapt to 111.7 tonnes in April -- by far the biggest monthly total on record --

Member:  Q drops last night, looks like it may happen of JRK BD, which is the 29th?

Member:  We are only in week 4 of 7 weeks of booms and I haven't seen a boom yet this week!

Member:  Supposedly on Monday June 1 is when they are disconnecting the Swift banking system

Q: So what the heck is Trump waiting on???????

MZ: The swamp was deep and thick.. I assume he is waiting on safety and the entire world to be ready to go at the same time …at some point you have to pull the trigger and let the dominos fall.

Member:  Judy Note: (Rumors) On Tues. 26 May the Department of Defense halted the RV release for about 20 hours because of a nationwide security threat.

Member:  Had to drain the swamp, we got the bulk of them

Member:  Over the past few days Deep State terrorist cells with foreign and domestic terror assets had infiltrated regions of the country. ….26 M arrests of Deep State bankers and audits, funds were again released for payouts to bond and ZIM transactions, creating down line liquidity in the final release sequence.

Member: The deep state will kill to stop this rv….

MZ: And they have….many times.

Q: Why do you think we need arrests before the RV/

MZ: Because the Chinese have made it a requirement. Basically they want redemption for when the Deep state robbed them blind in the 1970s, like Mr. C explained to all of us….

Member:  I feel excited about info Mark shared it feels positive & right on!!!! The Q clock ends tomorrow so I believe we are at the end and RV is next!!!

MZ: Some people want the world to go back to the way it was before the pandemic…..i do not….People keep saying this is the new normal……the new normal is what we make it……we will get to rewrite our world……we have learned so much while waiting for this reset…..we will be the ones with the dollars

MZ: We will have to change the world…..The people with the gold will make the new rules….we will be the people with the gold.

Member:  Mark, Trump just posted "This will be a Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS!"

Member:  Trump is now crafting legislation that would strip social media giants of their Section 230 legal immunity if they fact check content on their platforms…..great news!!!

Member:  Trump. told reporters on Tuesday that he would make an announcement on Friday about China deal

Q: What do I do if I don’t get an email from Wells Fargo?

MZ: Sign up for the Recaps forum and blog.  I was specifically told from banking sources that they have intentions of issuing  instructions via Dinar Recaps …they may also use Dinar Chronicles and other aggregating websites….If you still do not find instructions….I will be posting directions and so will many others…..

Member:  I emailed Dinar Recaps about 800#s and, they emailed me back stating they do not notify anyone for 800 numbers. Please advise next

MZ: They probably are tired of getting asked that…..IMO They do not know for sure if they will get the 800 numbers and legally they cannot commit to this as of yet. . I have been told by my sources that they plan on using them as an outlet. So I tell my family that’s a good place  to go for the exchange info post RV.

MZ:  https://onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2020/05/27/sensational-hearing-coming-over-flynn-judge

MZ:  https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/co-existence-of-coronavirus-with-bacterial-pathogen-a-major-cause-of-fatalities-88867


MZ: Whiskey and Wisdom tonight at 8 pm est…..if there is any news I will let you know…tomorrows stream is 10AMest

(Note from Dinar Recaps: If we are allowed to post any exchange information, 800 numbers , or anything that will help our readers to exchange their foreign currencies we will do so at once (as well as email it to our Newsletter subscribers if allowed.) We appreciate all the intel providers and all our readers over the years…..thanks to all and we hope all our dreams come true soon. Stay healthy and safe.)

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MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "The expectations is we will see the new monetary system and 800 numbers before Monday morning" 5/28/20

Post by Ponee Fri May 29, 2020 8:12 pm



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