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FLEMING MILITARY INTEL CONTACT UPDATE, For May 27 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ponee on Wed May 27, 2020 9:50 pm

Right now the Elders wishes were being followed. Behind the scenes it's a bit more complicated than most currency holders could imagine. A White House Contact said that:

1. Trump signed off on GCR/RV funds release in asset-backed USN disbursements last Fri night overnight 22 May as expected.

2. Trump was under contractual mandate to get the funds fully released before Mon. 1 June transitions.

3. There was good reason Trump has been holding the actual funding back out of his desire to do what was right for the American people.

4. Trump had been holding back the release of final funds until the Chinese Finance Minister & communist govt officials and Chinese Elders agreed to a fairer percentage of debt relief to the USA for Chinese Exotic Bonds held by the US that the Republic of China defaulted on in 1938 (for some background he said google "Fox Business News May 14 2020 $1.6 trillion China Bonds" and google "dinarrecaps.com PIR Report Friday May 15 2020 "Historic Chinese Bonds are in Play").

5. POTUS and his team have been negotiating for a fairer percentage of debt relief value (forgiving American debt) in exchange for US Treasury Bonds that China held that could forgive China's debt to the USA.

6. Trump has been working on a quid pro quo debt forgiveness deal, but the Chinese were holding back what Trump and his team were requesting for the deal to be fair.

7. This was being resolved behind the scenes right now. The US and Chinese sides were coming to a resolution for a fair debt forgiveness to both countries so that POTUS could release the funds in the coming hours. Please pray for completion of details for a fair resolution for both China and the US.

8. Bankers in Dallas, NYC, London and China were angry that some sovereign nations were complaining about other countries having an advantage over their countries in the current final GCR/RV USN disbursements.

9. This problem has been resolved and the RV teams were taking steps to eliminate more country complaints coming up that would stop the final release gears from moving and completing this week.

10. The latest issue was in several countries in Africa who caused this latest issue which has been resolved. The concerns were the large number of sovereign nations who suddenly think another nation has an advantage which causes the concerns to be analyzed or adjusted.

11. The RV teams and POTUS have taken this into account and were still pushing for final release to go out before next Mon. 1 June transitions.

12. Prayers were appreciated that no more whack-a-mole country complaints come from Africa or any other continent to slow this final release process down this week.

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B. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact #3 Report for Tues. 26 May 5:52 pm EDT:

On Mon. 25 May afternoon the US Treasury locked in rates.

On Mon.-Tues. 25, 26 May Tier 4a,b tests were going on. These tests, adjusting final release protocols to test results and staggering Tier 4a,b 800# notification emails so the 800# Safe Link Web site was not overwhelmed, pushed out the current window about 24 hours (with us in Tier 4b at the tail end) to from now-through-Thurs.-outside-Fri. 28, 29 May.

As of Tues. 26 May at 2 pm EDT Reno went on lockdown.

Snake’s Redemption Center Banker: "Last week my banker said he was fairly confident that we would most likely be flying to the Dallas area Tues. 26 May to exchange. He texted me at 7:48 am CDT on Tues. to advise that the Tier4b start was pushed back to Thurs. or Fri. 28, 29 May.”

The Military Intel Contact said not to freak out at the pushing out of Tier 4b start to Thurs. outside Fri. 28, 29 May because Tier 4b was at the tail end of the final release sequence, RV teams had to get this release out this week and before next Mon. 1 June, plus start of financial, legal, political transitions was mandated in contracts signed by Trump and the Elders.

He said to keep prayers going up for a smooth roll out over the next hours and couple of days, for no interference. Keep the faith – things were very good for us behind the scenes right now.

C. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact #2 Report for Tues. 26 May 10:15 am EDT:

Security Team audits suggested to move forward, therefore orders have gone out to proceed with the RV rollout. We’re coming in for Okie's landing at any time in the current window this week – Tues, Wed, Thurs. 26, 27, 28 May. Keep the faith.

D. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact #1 Report for Tues. 26 May as of Mon. evening:

As of Mon. evening 25 May, “All was positive for the RV that we literally expect at any minute, or hour."

Over the next 72 hours the proliferation of money-of-account funds would finish being disbursed into accounts, or by Tues. 26 May.

SKR holders and other account holders were being called by Paymasters to confirm account info for disbursements, of which there was evidence that this was really being released this week.

Right now and over the next 72 hours there would be final audits and Tier 4a, b tests, so Tier 4a, b would be started some time in this time frame.

800# notifications could come any time any time Wed. or Thurs. 27, 28 May.

It had to come this week before the Mon. 1 June Quantum Financial System, political and legal transitions.

Starting Sat. morning 23 May five of the Dragon Families were paid in US Note disbursements.

As of Mon. 25 May some of the “Elders were using their freed up funds [through a paymaster in Jakarta Indonesia] to pay [clients] to complete some [humanitarian] projects.”

Laughable disinformation was rumors that the Elders told the Admiral that it won't happen until Sept. or Oct.

The Military Intel Contact said, "Happy Memorial Day--remember all the military vets who gave their lives for your freedom. He felt for those Marines traumatized from rescuing children in the underground tunnel warfare these past weeks.”

This was still coming this week over the next 72 hours. We needed everyone ready to hit the ground running so we can help those in need after you take a restful vacation post-exchange.


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