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Mnt Goat News Brief 5/26/20

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Mnt Goat News Brief 5/26/20 Empty Mnt Goat News Brief 5/26/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 27, 2020 2:23 am

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Today’s news is all about the issue of - what will Iraq do about their faltering economy and how will they get the money to pay salaries past June and also to complete the infrastructure rebuilding from the wars.

So far we see the solution for May and June’s salaries was the borrowing from within the banks of Iraq. But this is only a temporary measure. We have heard many articles about options of what to do but remember these are nothing definite but only options thrown out on the table. Many who suggest these options are not experienced in finance or economics and basically do not know what the hell they are talking about. For instance: suggestions such as printing more of the larger 3 zero notes or devaluing the dinar or floating the program rate. Also remember that whatever solution is decided upon it is the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) that implements monetary policy not parliament. So parliamentary members and other advisors can make all the suggestions they want but the CBI has to go along with it in the long run. 

Next, we hear from the IMF and that they refused already to endorse future  loans for Iraqi debt. Iraq has not even repaid the existing loans. Plus there is still an outstanding balance of war reparations to Kuwait, which were to be completed this year and have not. This is all due to a multitude of reasons. One of which is the drop in oil prices and the inability to repay the loans due to lack of collateral in oil revenues which have dropped significantly in 2020.

So, we see in today’s news yet more arguments about whether to float the dinar or not. Floating the dinar is bad, but ONLY if floating is kept on the program rate and not reinstated for global trading. This is coming from the CBI not me, just so you know. So we see lots of arguments for pro and con on this subject matter but remember again they are talking about program rate only with the confines of the CBI and not on FOREX which is  international.

Will they reinstate international and then float the currency like they need to do?

Okay this is at the heart of the question of everyone’s mind and at the heart of our topic today. Everything else I have said so far is leading up to this discussion.

So, what do we know? We know this has been the plan all along to float the IQD on FOREX. The IMF has already told us of the future plan to reinstate and put the IQD in a “basket of currencies”. I have discussed this already in many of my past newsletters and so I will not review it again today in details.

We know for a FACT that if they had already accomplished this event back in 2013 or sooner and then checked Iran from stealing their wealth, like the CBI planned to do, they might not be this financial mess they are in. Yes, lots of their economic and financial problems today stem from this event not occurring as planned. Let me prove it to you today as you read through the articles I have provided. So I am not making this stuff up folks. 

Then we see in yet another article today that over $500 billion US dollars (not dinars) has been stolen from Iraq by Iran since 2003. Since they only have about 75 billion in the reserves in comparison this is a lot of money and a lot of money that could be in their reserves is now missing. But how did Iran get this money?

Of course, we all know it was by corruption in the currency auctions that is the mainstay of the economic crisis. Remember these currency auctions will dwindle way down once they reinstate the currency. This will essentially eliminate a major source of corruption. But remember too there are many other avenues to which the Iranian corruption stems as their tentacles are in many places. They use these Iranian militias as their mafia like enforcement.

Let me give you a couple other examples of Iranian corruption. Iranian militia now force contractors to use Iranian labor force instead of Iraqi on these big reconstruction jobs. So once again Iran benefits while the Iraqi population hurt. Another example is the collection of customs and tariffs at the borders. Iranian militia strongarm those coming across to illegally collect the customs fees. So, the GOI never receives this much needed revenue. This is why now they closed the borders too and also why we are seeing articles on the revamping of the entire customs and tariff collection process to an electronic system.

This is so the fees can be tracked and audited. Remember also I told everyone years ago that in order to implement this electronic system they will need to be on FOREX. If they don’t, they will not know the exchange rate in which to convert the foreign currencies and so on and so forth. This is one reason why the collection of the customs and tariffs has not really taken off as it should. They could not implement this electronic system fully. So how can they do it now even unless they reinstate the IQD? Just asking…  So you see the corruption but you also see yet another case of where if they had reinstated the IQD way back in 2013, it would not have been allowed as a matter of course.

They sure could use all this stolen money now. Right?

Oh – if it hadn’t been stolen they could easily have had their power plants generating electricity from the burn-off natural gas (got off of the Iranian electric grid), rebuilt the schools, churches, malls, roads, etc. and still stashed a tidy sum into their reserves for a rainy day. This is now their rainy day. They also could give the citizens the monthly stipend that the constitution calls for. This would relieve so much economic pressure from the situation now. I know I talk in retrospect now but I have been saying these things all along for almost a decade now.

It is all about managing the wealth they have and implementing the checks and balancing that already are put in place. Remember the IMF forced them to pass certain laws in this regard. But the laws don’t do any good unless ou implement them. Iraq is famous for passing laws but not implementing them or enforcing them. This is their downfall.

So, you manage the money when you can get it (when oil prices are high) instead of wasting it, thinking it will last forever. This is short-sidedness but then again this is how the corrupt work. They are not patriotic, not nationalists and they only think about filling their own pockets. We see this this now more and more in the USA politics. Corruption, corruption and more corruption. This is why you need morals, values and patriotism to go along with them, even in politics. This is why we need the churches in our society. There must be an underlying standard accountable to a high power than the government and ourselves. But they again you have to believe in God to begin with and so we see the ongoing efforts to eliminate God and all traces of any resemblance of Godliness and religion in our society. Do you wonder why now?  

I am not saying that reinstating their currency on FOREX is the cure all for Iraq’s economic problems. Please, don’t assume and don’t put words in my mouth.

But having reinstated the IQD with a sound monetary policy would have helped to avoid these problems that they are now facing. Also, the future holds true for the same. It is a step in the right direction even if they do it now. There is always the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and start new. They seem to be slowly leaning towards this decision if you read the articles carefully. They are debated now what to do and I believe that hey have already come to the conclusion they must revalue and reinstate the currency and do it prior to the July salaries coming due.

Another article today below also talks about the annual budget and how the  final accounts (an annual audit of money planned versus actual spent) have not been done for seven years. WOW 7 years! Yes, 7 years! Again nice to have laws but the don’t implement them. This was required by the IMF and so you see also now why the IMF says they refuse requests for further loans?

No wonder they are in trouble! All these pieces matter in the puzzle as to why they are now in this financial nightmare. It is all catching up to them now.

So now they are like a drowning victim. No one wants to throw them a life preserver. Why should they? Will they only steal the money? Have they implemented what they said they would do to safeguard their wealth?

Hey….! Let me tell you a secret….

If they had implemented the advice of the IMF, the World Bank and the US Treasury over the decade, they would not even need these loans… Get it?

If they sink and drown our investments go along with them. The US opportunities for developing Iraq and the potential for the bonanza of capital growth for American companies go along with them.

Remember this it was not coincidental that these currency brokers were selling Iraqi dinar to us over the internet. This was a well thought out plan to help rebuild Iraq and also generate wealth for the US citizens. Now we just need the plan to be carried out to the end and finish.

So where are we today? Can we expect the reinstatement of the IQD soon?

If you have read what I just said above then you should realize I am not telling you that Iraq is desperate, very desperate. I will give you my opinion based  on the facts we are now seeing. But remember this is only my best opinion.

We have a really good opportunity to see the reinstatement sometime in June of this year not Jan 2021. If you are smart enough you can read the articles and see why I am saying this. It seems there is so much being done now to move in this direction that I can not deny it any longer. You know me too, I hate to give predictions but from what I am seeing going on it is all I need. What is left now is to wait for something from the CBI and I will be totally convinced they are moving ahead and actually plan to do it this time. 

When the CBI talks….I listen…..

More news….


I can not say this enough that if you truly want to end this Corona virus nightmare you can. All you have to do is end it. It is that simple.

But to do it you must stand firm, be together and stick together. The government is afraid of people who join together for justice and freedom. They can not arrest everyone and not pull every permit for every establishment/business that does not follow their funky guidelines. It is all about control and power and nothing more. One thing will lead to another over time only you can see the means to the end yet. But if you let it continue much longer you will and you won’t like it. But then it is too late.

So, this is what is going to happen in some states, the more extreme liberal states run by the democrats. They will do these stupid and moronic slow-rollout for re-openings. They will string you along until the fall time period.

Then in the fall, when the flu normally breaks out anyhow, they will call it Covid -19 and a resurgence and try to lock you down again and pull back on the rollout. They will keep the schools closed again. Of course this will be just in time for the voting in November and then mandate absentee ballots for everyone. Can you see the corruption about to happen in these democrat run states? This is how they plan to disrupt the voting process since the democrats know they haven’t a chance in hell of winning the election with all their idiot candidates.

But they will try and may succeed but only if you allow them to succeed. You see YOU HAVE THE POWER, but only if you can get from under their spell of brainwashing. Don’t be like little sheep just following the flock. Stand up for justice and freedom. Stand up for the FACTS and TRUTH about this COVID “plandemic”. Educate yourself. I have put together 9 video sets already to try to educate you so don’t ever come back to me later and say you didn’t have the time or the resources to find the TRUTH. I GAVE it all to you already! I made it very easy for you.

Here are the links to my video sets on this COVID-19:

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/235083220849338/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/665729220906481/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/2464737590506269/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/2620572111600705/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/1025032937898081/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/701937113877695/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/618115155453228/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/662463111201633/

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/943541352770729/

More news….


Washington intends to conduct a strategic dialogue with Baghdad, next month, in which details of a future relationship between the two countries will be put in place, and focus may be on this dialogue on the economic side, in light of the suffocating financial crisis suffered by Iraq, which may push it to make more concessions, so that it gets the support needed to get out of it.

The Iraq-China agreement may be canceled due to the repercussions of the escalating crisis between Washington and Beijing. This comes against the backdrop of mutual accusations between the two countries over the Corona virus pandemic.

Did the United States start creating coalitions and alliances in preparation for a global economic war? On this subject, economist Saleh Al-Hamashi says: Economic conflicts will emerge after the end of the Corona crisis, which demonstrated the fragility of the capitalist system, where you will see the emergence of blocs between two Western camps led by the United States and an eastern led by China, and who last at the end will be the strongest economist, but the United States bloc will be stronger politically.

Al-Hamashi added: "Iraq will give up everything for the sake of the economy, as Iraqi politicians, even Iranians loyal to them, are aware of the seriousness of the economic situation, and for this they will make more concessions to the United States in order to overcome the financial crisis."

More news….


Gilgamesh Press / Baghdad – The former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa Al-Araji, confirmed today, Thursday, the review of the currency sale auction in the event that the new Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, wants to reform the economic situation.

Al-Araji tweeted on his Twitter account and followed him, “Gilgamesh Press,” saying, “If Al-Kazemi wants economic and financial reform, he must start by structuring governmental banks and companies of the Ministry of Industry that have become a burden on the national economy, as well as increasing the capital of private banks to be in front of real banks, not financial brokerage stores, With a review of the auction sale of the currency to limit its smuggling. ”

More news….

Baghdad today –  The decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, on Wednesday (May 20, 2020),

(1) warned against demands to raise the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to confront the financial crisis and maintain the hard currency,

stressing that this decision is not in the interest of the Iraqi financial system.

Al-Saffar said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that:

(2) “raising the dollar exchange rate to face the financial crisis and preserve the hard currency is one of the proposals and monetary measures that the state may take to avoid the liquidity crisis.”

He added,

(3) “It is not in the interest of the financial system to raise the exchange rate of the dollar because it will lead to a decrease in the Iraqi dinar price and a decrease in purchasing power and will lead to inflation,” noting that “the classes with limited income and those with salaries will be the first affected by this decision.”

(4) Al-Saffar pointed out that “raising the price of the dollar depends on the government’s ability to apply the necessary public spending from other sources.”

(5) The economist, Rasem Al-Akidi, warned, Thursday (14 May 2020), of floating the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, that is, reducing the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar according to a proposal put forward by economists to provide additional funds for the Iraqi budget to be paid as salaries for employees.

Al-Aqidi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today),

(6) “The issuance of any decision to float the dinar against the dollar in light of the current conditions in Iraq is very dangerous for the country which is basically suffering from uncontrollable losses, namely fees, customs, taxes and many other financial resources.”

And that :

(6) “the flotation does not constitute an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar, but rather we will see an increase in the exchange rates of the dollar due to the lack of its acquisition in the global market, especially with the decline in global oil prices.”

He added that :

(7) “the flotation will lead to a significant increase in prices, and will be paid by the poor,” noting that “the flotation is taken in light of the stable financial conditions of the state, as well as the diversification of the economy and its dependence on resources other than oil.”

(Mnt Goat – I have said many times that Iraq will NOT float the dinar within the confines of the program rate, but only if they reinstate on FOREX and other exchanges, thus trade their currency international).

Al-Akidi said that :

(8) “floating the dinar against the dollar is launching the process of buying and selling without any limits, and the country will face an unprecedented rise in prices with limited and steady salaries, so conditions will be more difficult, especially in the humanitarian context.”

More news….


(A Reality Check)

Baghdad today – Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad Sahib Al Daraji, affirmed on Tuesday (19 May 2020) that Iraq’s debts amounted to 124 billion dollars, while the 2020 budget was unlikely to be approved.

Daraji said, during his hosting of the program (Shortest Roads) presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on Al Sharqiya News Channel, that “Iraq’s debts currently amounted to 124 billion dollars, while expenditures in 2019 amounted to approximately 116 trillion dinars,” noting that “the debts due on Iraq include The consequences of the war for us in Kuwait. ”

He added that “the previous government erred when it agreed to reduce oil production because it caused great losses,” calling on “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to take a decisive position on this decision after the appointment of a new oil minister, even if we had to leave the OPEC agreement.”

He pointed out that “there are many solutions that must be followed to save the country from the economic crisis it is going through, including preventing speculation with food and not importing products except the necessary things, as well as imposing control on the border ports by the Iraqi government to ensure that unnecessary products are not imported.” It is “possible to achieve this by supporting the anti-terror agency because there are large (militias) controlling these outlets.”

He continued: “THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE CURRENCY MUST BE CHANGED, and the DIRECT SALE TO THE CITIZENS SHOULD BE TAKEN INSTEAD OF THE AUCTION, and external relations must be exploited and worked to improve them,” stressing that “it is necessary to review Iraq’s decision on reducing oil, and to return from it regardless of circumstances.”

On the budget, Darraji commented: “The circumstances Iraq is going through are difficult, and the POSSIBILITY OF PASSING THE 2020 BUDGET, SO FAR, IS NOT CERTAIN.”

(Mnt Goat – I quote- “It is not in the interest of the financial system to raise the exchange rate of the dollar because it will lead to a decrease in the Iraqi dinar price and a decrease in purchasing power and will lead to inflation,” noting that “the classes with limited income and those with salaries will be the first affected by this decision”. This was taken right out of an article by   Parliamentary Finance Committee member, Ahmed Al-Saffar, on Wednesday (May 20, 2020). I would trust and respect his comments much more than the corrupt parliament member comments (and others)  that are coming out that say just the opposite. So relax. This financial crisis could lead to Iraq raising the value of the dinar in the long run.)

More news….


(Mnt Goat – Very good article to see just how much Iran stole from Iraq. Will Iraq ever recover this money?)

On Thursday, Raafidoun movement called on Iran to return $ 500 billion to Iraq, after seizing it through fictitious projects through the Islamic banking network and the sale of hard currency.

In a statement received by Al-Akhbariya, the movement said,

(1) “We have seen the request of the head of the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament to recover $ 20 billion from the Syrian regime that it had spent there to keep the dictator dominating the necks of the Syrian brothers.”

She added,

(2) “Regardless of the responsibility of the Iranian regime for the Syrian tragedy and the displacement of its proud people, Iran does not have the right to demand funds that it spent on its own will to achieve expansion projects on its behalf against the interest of the Arab people.”

And she continued,

(3) “On this occasion, we are asking Iran to return the $ 500 billion THAT IT SEIZED WITH FRAUD AND FRAUD AND MOCK PROJECTS IN CONSPIRACY WITH ITS CLIENTS who have ridiculed Iraq’s budget in favor of the Iranian regime through their control of political, economic and military sites in Iraq,


More news….


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets (  ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


On Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telephoned Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to discuss the economic crisis in Iraq, and the two sides discussed the frameworks of the strategic dialogue between the two countries next month.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagos said in a press release that Pompeo called Al-Kazemi to undertake real reform while working with international institutions to provide financial assistance to Iraq.

According to press reports, the Iraqi economy is collapsing due to the double strike of low oil prices and government-imposed closures due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which destroyed livelihoods and put some families under the poverty line and in the cycle of hunger.

The American-Iraqi relations were not at best during the previous government period, as the United States criticized the Iraqi government several times for its handling of the demonstrations in a violent manner, as it indirectly said that it was with the dismissal of the government, through its statement to support the demands of the demonstrators, which was the dismissal The most important government.




Republican decree

No. (19)

Based on the provisions of section (VII) of article 37 and article 67 (of the Constitution and on the basis of consent)

The House of Representatives and by an absolute majority to give confidence to the Prime Minister and members of the Ministers and their swearing-in in front of him.

We draw what is coming:

First, Mr. Mustafa Abdul Latif Al-Kadhimi is appointed prime minister.

Second: The members of the Cabinet listed below are appointed to the indexed positions.

To them:

1. Juma Anad Saadoun Khattab minister of the Ministry of Defense

2. Osman Ali Farhoud Musheir, Minister of Interior

3. Ali Haidar Abdul Amir Abbas, Minister of Finance

4. Nasser Hussein Bandar Hamad, Minister of Transport

5. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib Abbas, Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

6. Manhal Aziz Mahmoud Abdul Rahman, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals

7. Adel Hasoush Jaber, Minister of The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

8. Arkan Shihab Ahmed Kazem as Minister of the Ministry of Communications

9. Majid Mahdi Hantoush Ali, Minister of the Ministry of Electricity

10. Hassan Mohammed Abbas Salman, Minister of The Ministry of Health and Environment

11. Mehdi Rashid Mahdi Jassim, Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources

12. Adnan Dargal Matar Jassim, Minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

2020/5/18 (2) 4586 Issue - Iraqi Facts

13. Khaled Batal Najm Abdullah, Minister of Planning

14. Ali Hamid Mikhlif Mohsen, Minister of Education

15. Nazanin Mohammed and Su Sheikh Mohammed minister of the Ministry of Reconstruction, Housing and Municipalities

Thirdly, this decree shall be implemented as of 7 May 2020 and is published in the Official Gazette.

Written on the 21st day of Ramadan in 1441

11th Day of The Month of May 2020

Barham Saleh

President of the Republic

(Mnt Goat – Note the three most important are now filled and not by proxy anymore –

1.Juma Anad Saadoun Khattab minister of the Ministry of Defense

2.Osman Ali Farhoud Musheir, Minister of Interior

3.Ali Haidar Abdul Amir Abbas, Minister of Finance

Let’s get to work!!! )



Member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee Nada Shaker Jawdat confirmed, on Saturday, that THE GOVERNMENT WILL RESORT TO PREPARING A NEW BUDGET WITH SPECIFIC GOALS TO COMPLETE THE CURRENT YEAR in order to secure the operational budget, noting that the government CAN BENEFIT IN IMPLEMENTING THE NECESSARY PRIVATE INVESTMENT PLANS THROUGH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE IRAQI-CHINESE AGREEMENT.

Jawdat said in a statement to the "information", that "the budget set by the previous government is not appropriate at all and the current situation because it was built in circumstances where there were no collapses in the price of selling oil and not exposing Iraq and the world to the Corona epidemic."

(Mnt Goat – lets not forget about the fact that the government can benefit from the implementation of investment plans, especially necessary projects, through the implementation of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement. This is a 30+ billion dollar agreement over a 20 year period).



The Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense, Prince Khalid bin Salman, said, “We look forward to the return of Iraq to one of the pillars of the Arabs, strong and risen, and for its people to live the life they deserve in good and peace.”

And Khalid bin Salman added in a tweet at his expense on Twitter, saying, "THE KINGDOM STANDS WITH IRAQ TO SUPPORT IT IN THE PATH OF PROGRESS, PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD with its Arab neighbors, for the interest of Iraq and its dear people."

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Oil Ali Allawi, had earlier, on Saturday, appreciated the Saudi decision to return the Kingdom’s ambassador to Baghdad, pointing to the start of the Saudi commercial attaché's works soon in Baghdad.

This comes as sources indicated that the Saudi commercial attaché business will start soon in Baghdad.

Ali Allawi discussed with Saudi ministers on Friday a number of common issues in the fields of oil, economy and relations between the two countries.



(Baghdad today) Baghdad - Member of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said on Sunday 5/25-20, that the Iraqi Council of Representatives will not be silent on the file of submitting the final accounts of previous governments, NOTING THAT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY WASTED IN IT WAS VERY LARGE and NOT SUBJECT TO ANY PARLIAMENTARY OVERSIGHT .

Al-Saffar said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "Parliament will not be silent on the lack of final accounts, for the value of what was spent on projects and expenditures during previous governments," adding that "every year with the budget law there is an article in which we ask the government to submit the final accounts for the year previous. "

And that "the governments respond to parliament's requests only with promises, without submitting any reports regarding their final accounts," noting that "the PROBLEM LIES IN THE FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENTS DID NOT WORK IN A CONSISTENT AND STABLE MANNER AND IRAQ’S CONDITIONS ARE UNSTABLE AND THIS MATTER PREVENTS TAKING THE FINAL ACCOUNTS."

He explained that "THE NUMBERS OF WASTED MONEY ARE VERY LARGE, AND THE CIRCULATING NUMBERS ARE ESTIMATED AND GUESSWORK, which can only be confirmed after submitting final accounts by the Financial Supervision Bureau so that the size of waste is clear, especially in the investment side."

In June last year, the appearance of Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to Adel Abdel Mahdi, the former prime minister, announced THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAD ENDED THE FINAL ACCOUNTS FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS, while it was preparing a budget law (2014), which had not been approved by the period of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said t his was because of the differences between the political parties, ISIS progress and the holding of parliamentary elections.

The final accounts include a statement of the balance sheet, profits or losses, cash flow, and statements of covering the final accounts by making a comparison between what is proven between the numbers in the budget law, the money, and the numbers spent by the government.


The information reported by the political blocs in its data indicates that: revenue for years from 2012 to 2018 amounted to approximately 638 trillion, and expenditures for those years amounted to approximately 601 trillion. As advances that are not included in the expenses, as they have not yet been settled.

It turned out that the total operating expenses for those years amounted to approximately (442) trillion, and the total investment expenditures for the years from 2012 to 2018 reached (159) trillion.

And it indicates that the delay in completing the final accounts since 2012 until now with the presence of these large numbers of revenues and their spending WITHOUT AUDITING AND MATCHING THE RESOURCES FOR SPENDING THESE BUDGETS MAKES PUBLIC MONEY IN THE WASTE AND CORRUPTION exhibition and the failure to use it in the places of real need so we repeat the demand to speed up the provision of final accounts for years. The above mentioned so that Parliament and the competent authorities can verify the efficiency and safety of spending on past budgets and give realistic standards and controls in preparing subsequent budgets.



Baghdad / news

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced, on Sunday, that its first session will be on Sunday, May 31.

The market said in a statement received by "Al-Akhbariya", that "the market will reorganize five sessions per week after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr after the Board of Governors reduced the number of trading sessions from five sessions per week to three sessions per week organized on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday."

It is noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange was established in June 2004, and was previously dependent on manual trading. In April 2009, electronic trading was approved by some companies, and electronic trading began for the companies registered in the year 2010, and 104 companies affiliated to eight sectors are banking, Industrial, hotel, tourist, agricultural, investment, insurance, in addition to communications.

(Mnt Goat – Does this article say anything about being traded on NASDAC?- NO! Does the ISX need an increase in a rate? – NO! Does the reinstatement have to take place first- NO! These are all just stupid rumors from stupid idiots trying to make some news as intel so they can attract you to their site and sell you something or get your donations. That is all it is. It does not say anything other than a change in their trading schedule…get it? )



The American "Wall Street Journal" revealed on Monday that Saudi Arabia CALLED ON IRAQ TO PUT AN END TO IRANIAN INFLUENCE IN THE COUNTRY.

The newspaper stated that "under the pressure of low oil prices and the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, it appears that Iraq has sought refuge with its Arab neighbors to solve this crisis, so it sought to reduce the debt burden imposed on it to Kuwait, and moved to strengthen relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

According to the newspaper, "The Kingdom and the Emirates have called on Iraq to end Iran, which has increased its influence over Iraqi politics since 2003."

For his part, Finance Minister Ali Allawi stressed that "the transformation in regional relations will not constitute a turning point or come at the expense of other allies, but it is likely to be accompanied by political amendments."

"It does not open a whole new chapter, but it is hoped that different pages will be opened in this chapter."


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

                                             Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) and now the corruption in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. He has guided the honest, patriots of Iraq to fight for their homeland.  So this new war now on our citizens is underway. New battles are raging every day over corruption.  These are battles to save our societies from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and also in the United States. We must pray for our leaders that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit and guided to do God’s work. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For all leaders of all nations, that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and work to bring about abundance and prosperity to their nation. 

To fight this waging war on corruption, our freedoms, our liberties, socialist plans and injustice.

To bring all those corrupt to justice and pay for their crimes no matter how high up in the government they are.

That the FREE WORLD may be a shining example for the rest of the entire planet.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen” 

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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