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Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ,  MAY  26 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, MAY 26

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Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ,  MAY  26 Empty Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, MAY 26

Post by Ponee Tue May 26, 2020 9:45 pm

Member:  I’m losing my mind …..come on Reset, RV, get me out of this insanity!

MZ:  What I am hearing today…..from my paymaster…nobody processed …Dubai 1 and 2 did not go over the weekend. 

MZ: Paymasters are being told disclosures start today and we will have a busy 3 days of disclosures…..he is hearing the first money will be in hand on Thursday of this week. If they release all that disclosure starting today maybe we will finally see it. 

Member:  Mark deposits have been made ...they just can't touch it yet .....this should be in full steam a head .........info is hot...

MZ: I heard from folks in redemption centers they have been ready for about 3 weeks now. 

Member:  markz I know someone who works with Barr's investigative team. Says something huge is expected, supposedly today, and from the SR (Schumann Resonance), the energy is HUGE!

MZ: I am hearing from both paymasters and politicians that today is supposed to be big…..that we get the first drop of three days of a plethora of disclosures…..I have no idea what or who it is……but was told they start today and will be in full swing by the 29th…….

Member:  I also heard something BIG is going to happen in the US today.

Member:  Disbursements this weekend were for down line account liquidity release in USN final disbursements to Tier 2-3 Intermediates (CMKX, F&Ps, adjudicated settlement accounts, sovereign accounts, etc),

MZ: The 29th will also be JFK’s birthday…..i wonder if something will be celebrated then…I wonder if this Q thing is bigger than I thought. 

Member:  I believe the 29th is a big day too... The q clock runs out on the 29th for those of us who follow Q

Member:  5/29 is Pentecost and JFK Birthday. What a Tribute to him to sink the Cabal

Q: What is meant by disclosure?

MZ: I assume it means fallout from the deep state and the guilty hands in the cookie jars….

Member:  disclosure means 6000 patents that the Deep State withheld from us

Member:  Hope  they planning to take over the MSM to do the disclosures? otherwise it would be the same set of people being red-pilled

Member:  Heard that they were taking down those who were trying to stop the RV OVER THE WEEKEND AS WELL.

Member: Rumor is  Throughout this Memorial Day Weekend Department of Defense security teams have been arresting anyone who has been obstructing the RV release. Behind the scenes there have been 27,000+ arrests

Member:  Heard on YouTube News from 2 separate Congress people that Pelosi wanted a 17% tax on Bond redemptions and currency exchanges in this last bill. Part of why they said NO. I have not read all 1810 pgs.

Member: I believe GESARA/NESARA will be implemented soon as well. Prosperity and abundance. 

Member:  Stimulus money checks are part of NESARA!!

Member:  OK if you have not read what NESARA DOES READ THIS   https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-nationalglobal-economic-security.html?m=1 

Member:  Our new money will not be the money we all know ...TRUMP has Brand New Money for OUR GREAT COUNTY NO MORE GREEN BILLS TO BE PAST AROUND...

Member:  All they have to do is print a new bill. One that will be 100% backed by gold and printed in color. Look at the notes now, half fed green and half rebublic color...

Member:  I know we are really close to the RV. The shelves at the store are now full of toilet paper..lol

Member:  June 1st will be a new world

Member:  near the end of draining a bath tub a strong vortex forms...We are nearing the full draining of the swamp and the vortex is very strong but shall be over soon with calm waters following.

Q: What news on CMKX?

MZ: I keep being told that they have positioned our packages and they are just waiting for a “go”..its such a old responce from sources that I am getting frustrated with them……but, it does appear to be in place…we just need somebody to let it rip………

Q: Are Redemption centers and 800 numbers real?

MZ: I am friends with someone who helped set up redemption centers…so yes……I do not doubt there are redemption centers…..as to 800 numbers…..I am told they will distribute those via a secure web link and you will get a unique 800 number to call…..yes I believe these things are real. 

MZ: Hertz is no filing bankruptcy……The markets are just going nuts…think about this guys….the market went up 600 points …then slid down again…..here is a great article from analysts at Bank of America…..

MZ:  Central banks are creating ‘fake markets,’ Bank of America strategists say   https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/22/central-banks-are-creating-fake-markets-bank-of-america-strategists-say.html 

MZ: Look at al the real world indicators around us….we know our supply chains are broken….many face starvation worldwide….how does the dow keep doing this?  We ought to see hyperinflation the way they keep printing money. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. 

Member:  Vietnam will become the new China for US manufacturing ….watch

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