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MarkZ: "The banking side swears we will be live Tuesday morning and we will get announcements over the weekend" (Ever Hear That Lie Before?) 5/22/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "The banking side swears we will be live Tuesday morning and we will get announcements over the weekend" (Ever Hear That Lie Before?) 5/22/20

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MarkZ: "The banking side swears we will be live Tuesday morning and we will get announcements over the weekend" (Ever Hear That Lie Before?) 5/22/20 Empty MarkZ: "The banking side swears we will be live Tuesday morning and we will get announcements over the weekend" (Ever Hear That Lie Before?) 5/22/20

Post by RamblerNash on Fri May 22, 2020 8:52 pm

Member: It’s a 3 day, Memorial Day Weekend….hope we get a big surprise!

MZ: Paymasters believe we may get lots of surprises this weekend……..

MZ: I did speak to a Reno contact early this morning…and they are expecting things in place for a Tuesday morning exchange. I hope they are right. The chatter was very impressive overnight last night.

MZ: The banking side swears we will be live Tuesday morning and we will get announcements over the weekend. I say take it with a grain of salt until we see it and have money in our accounts.

MZ: I am hearing the same chatter out of Europe this morning…..they are also looking for everything to be in place by Tuesday. 

Member:  Isaac's feedback from last night equal to what you were told Mark. He's excited, looking to Tuesday/Wednesday too.

Member:  Word on intel. some skr’s released. Folks under NDA??

MZ: I believe we may not have seen enough disclosure yet for potential arrests….so I am still thinking around June.1st. I hope I am wrong

Member:  They are almost finished with CLEARING THE dumbs (deep underground military bases) ...aRRESTS STARTING SOON!

Member:  Bruce on the big call said minimum start date be next Tuesday. 6 states all democratic made them change redemption centers to be more protective

Member:  Not just Bruce but many other sources.

Q: So will we have 1 or 2 appointments to exchange?

Member:  One to exchange….THEN you make that second appointment with YOUR bank of choice and YOUR wealth manager ,PERIOD !

Member:  I hear 2 appointments has to do with a humanitarian project presentation


Member:  It was my understanding the first appt with the exchange banker is to establish the account FOR the actual exchange. There is no negotiations on that account. The second appointment with the private banker and wealth manager establishes your trusts and additional accounts. If you present a project it is the second appointment that you explain it and can negotiate for higher rates on the Dinar and Dong for a project. Just being prepared if it is a two step process.


Q:  Does anyone here believe that GCR or Gesara/Nesara will come before the RV?

Member:  keep in mind that the GCR..Nesara/Gesara doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the RV.

Member:  I believe the rv is this week or next. Nesara Gesara will be announced Later this year. My opinion

Member: : FOR THOSE WHO ASKED: WHAT IS DUBAI 1 & 2??? The funds that start the RV are funded from Dubai banks in accounts of D1&2 that then fund tiers 1-3 then T4a&b. Until they go the rv does not start

Member:  Hey mark, I heard thru the Grape Vine that at THE EXCHANGE you may only be allowed to be So Rich, Allowed to Exchange a certain Dollar Amount..? IS THAT TRUE..???????

MZ:  that is the rumor but I don't give it much credence.

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00……be sure to listen to the replay for all the Q&A/Chat

MZ: So will the Debt jubilee apply to inter personal debts, civilian borrowers and lenders or just to corporate banking entities?

MC: My understanding of debt jubilees is they are basically with institutions. Your credit cards, mortgages …any commercial debt that you have …interpersonal…if its not in a contract I don’t see how they can enforce it. 

MZ: if it’s a banking entity…they never had the money to lend you….they just typed in some zeros and convinced you to pay them for something they never had the money to loan you.

MCl: People are asking about Debt forgiveness …….i just want to say that this is not “debt forgiveness” . This is the zeroing out of a debt based on a fraud. It is not forgiveness , it is getting rid of fraudulent documentation and fraudulent activities. When you do that – you have no debts because it is all wiped away.

MC: All the financial activity from World War 2 on has been a fraud perpetrated against us as citizens by a small group of people who thought they could rule the world. .

MC: Their dream s in tatters right now because it is coming out who they are and what they tried to do….they are on shaky ground right now. They do not believe in the constitution or personal freedom…this debt was based on fraud.

MZ: Let’s call it debt nullification because it was never real to start with. 

MC: Right now they are cleaning up a fraudulent activity that has taken place for decades. It is fraud…we have all be defrauded of money, our freedom and the pursuit of happiness because we are slaves to a fraudulent debt that has been forced upon us by those who want to rule us and keep us under control.

MC: There are great people today striking out for freedom and the constitution.

Be sure to listen to the replay for all the details……

NO SCHEDULED STREAM ON MONDAY.. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY..The next scheduled stream is Tuesday 10Am est.

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