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Pimpy Chat members discuss #800's

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Pimpy Chat members discuss #800's Empty Pimpy Chat members discuss #800's

Post by Ponee Thu May 21, 2020 9:16 pm


-- I have heard strong rumors RV is finally hitting by end of this month. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
Also very interesting how the internet groups insist there is a 800 number
And others - like this group saying there isn't! Love the contradictions - not!


Jim -- Ummm, RV was suppose to happen every week since 2010. Don't get your Hopium up.


Rosana --Stay away from Gurus lies and 800 numbers, it's a fraud!! You keep quiet and when RV happens just go to the bank..Forget about losers and liars!!


Jim --Losers, liars, and tiers, because there isnt any tiers, either.


Jim --There is an 800 number FOR EVERY MAJOR BANK. There ISNT a special 800 number specifically for this magic event pending. But, as much as I cry for humanity, some ppl simply cannot wrap their heads around it.


Lara --hey Mr Pim Py- is there any truth to the rumor that it is hitting end of this month? The gold backed currency is showing on the trading list as USN is this true? I would think it means it is finally going to happen? What are your thoughts on this Sir. ?


Ka Rod -- 800 # is a scam going around. They tell you a rate, a location and request you bring all your dinar to avoid complications with Taxes or such. Then you show up, they beat you to death and take your Dinar.
Or you can choose option 2
When RV hits. Goto bank and ask if they accept foreign currency or are able to convert it. If they say yes. You say Iraq ? They say yes. Make arrangements to take some in never tell anyone how much you have on you. Think about it if you had 20m dollars in your house. Would you tell your neighbors?


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