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Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country

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Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country Empty Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country

Post by claud39 Thu May 21, 2020 9:02 am

Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country


Adel Sharif *: Iraq after the Corona pandemic - an opportunity for self-reliance and building a stable and prosperous country Adil-Sharif

The world and our country, Iraq, are going through exceptional and difficult circumstances that unite and not divide. It will make the world after the Corona pandemic not as it was before and as in wisdom is a useful harmful lord. And in the Quranic verse. {It is possible that you hate something and it is better for you and may you love something and it is an evil for you, and God knows and does not know. ”216


After this ordeal, the world and our country, Iraq, God willing, will be better and more stable in the medium and long term. There is no way in the short term because, unfortunately, there will be great human losses, and naturally, it will be a great sadness for them, and they may not survive this, even the author of the article! It will also be economic, social and political problems, but that will be for a few months only, God willing.


In the medium and long term countries will seek ways and means for self-sufficiency. Countries will resort to producing their own food and finding energy alternatives. Tourist travel may fade and travel for work will decrease greatly accompanied by a major change in social natures, labor and economic systems, international policies, etc. One of the expected phenomena after the end of the Corona pandemic is the reverse migration of Asian and Arab communities and other European countries, North America and Australia and return to the home countries for economic, social and political reasons.


What does this mean for Iraq in the short, medium and long term? First, Iraq will not be able to depend on oil as a source of the economy and financial resources because the world will reduce its demand for energy and find alternatives and this will cause a stifling economic crisis, whose effects are beginning to appear now and will worsen over the next few months. Likewise, the social, political and security implications of this will be costly and potentially devastating in the short term if the necessary measures and precautions are not taken.


But in the medium and long term, Iraq is more fortunate than the Gulf oil states because it has arable lands and water sources and can thereby develop agriculture, industry, and tourism, and most importantly, Iraq possesses human capabilities at home and abroad, especially if adverse migrations occur. Where Iraq possesses human capabilities and high expertise, which left the country during the previous decades for political, academic, economic, and security reasons, etc.


For years, I have been talking about this situation that the oil states will reach, at least with regard to conventional energy versus alternative energy, and because of climate changes and political pressure for environmental defenders. Now the Corona pandemic has come to be the straw that broke the camel's back. My opinions have received a lot of dissent and opposition, and in certain cases I have been warned and threatened. There is an oil state that considered me a threat to its national security when I indicated to them more than ten years ago that they should not depend on oil and gas in their future plans when I submitted proposals for sustainable projects to develop an economy of knowledge and search for alternatives to oil and gas! Now this country and its oil sisters are in a difficult situation, predicament and an unknown future.

As I mentioned regarding Iraq, the situation is different, yet many Iraqi experts, professionals, and politicians confronted me with different opinions, rejecting ideas and advice not to promote them in order to preserve the scientific and professional reputation, and even in a special case, the death warrant was warned if I insisted on my opinions!


In general, we are the children of today and the product of the past. Likewise, we in Iraq, and perhaps correct for all Arabs, usually discuss the results and forget the reasons. At least now we have the opportunity to reflect on and take advantage of the lessons of the past and plan for the near and far future in a scientific, practical and sustainable way.


In post- Corona Iraq, oil will not have the leading role in the economy, nor will this change, either in the short or the long term. For years I have been saying that oil will remain on Earth without extraction and that science and technology will find an alternative before oil runs out. I explained this for scientific, technical, environmental and ethical reasons, but unfortunately there was little interaction or listening ears.


Now the world has realized, as do the oil states, that oil is not a strategic economic source or national wealth, but a curse for oil countries that have not developed their other agricultural, industrial, tourism, service, scientific, energy, and human capacity capabilities, capacity building, and not rely on a knowledge based economy.


For Iraq, it will not be disastrous and devastating if we can start right after the health epidemic is overlooked by developing agriculture, industry, tourism, services, etc.


To achieve self-reliance and the independence of the political decision of any country can only be achieved by providing three basic necessities which are water, food and energy security.


The connection between the three is close because we need energy to provide water, we need water to provide energy, and we need the two to provide food. In the world before Corona , the countries adopted the principle of trade, meaning that these basics can be exchanged, especially energy and food. Countries with energy sources, especially oil and gas, sell fuel and get food and goods, and vice versa.


In the new world, especially after the spread of Corona Virus, countries will try to find or provide these essentials within their own countries. Most countries of the world have water sources, agricultural lands, and most cities and civilizations have originated around rivers and coasts since ancient times. It is rare to find cities in the desert without the abundance of water, such as the city of Riyadh, except recently, due to the petrodollars' oil wealth.


As for what relates to traditional energy, currently most countries of the world do not have this basic source of life and industry and what alternative energy can provide will not meet these countries ’energy needs unless new sources are created or new technologies are developed.


Also, most of the current renewables are limited and restricted by geographical, temporal, or climatic constraints. For example, the hydropower is restricted by location and abundance of water, as well as solar energy restricted by climate, time and place, as well as wind energy restricted by location and climate, and so on with other renewable energies.


There is a source of clean , renewable energy and non - restricted climate nor place nor time and everywhere , a gravitational Potential gravitational energy.

The problem with gravity is the prevailing scientific belief and understanding, since the discovery of gravity by Newton more than 300 years ago as a cosmic phenomenon and whose law has been called Newton's law of gravitation, is that we cannot take advantage of this enormous energy. This is because its strength is downward and we need opposite energy equal to the amount and backward in direction to be able to benefit from gravity everywhere because the energy is neither destroyed nor created according to the laws of physics to save energy.


Accordingly, the industrial benefit of gravity was limited to producing electricity only in dams and in the high potential and available water because nature and the water cycle (evaporation of sea water and lakes and the formation of rain) raised the water to the heights in the high areas and created this potential energy of gravity Potential Energy. Otherwise, the scientific human mind, at least since the discovery of gravity and until recently, will not be able to think of the exploitation of gravity everywhere and without restrictions to produce electricity on an industrial scale.


And this is what I waited a long time ago for years to announce it and announce more details about it, which is that the Sons of Iraq found this opposite effect of gravity. by products. Also, the method and technology can be used to pump liquids (water or oil) and compress gases directly without the need for electricity in addition to other industrial applications.


Yes, it may be difficult to believe, according to the English saying, too good to be true. Yes, our work and innovation contradicts the scientific understanding that has existed for centuries, but they do not violate the laws of physics, chemistry, laws of energy conservation, nor the laws of thermodynamics principles, and this was confirmed by a group of Iraqi, British and European scholars who had the opportunity to review the theory and examine experimental units. Among the prominent British scholars who have confirmed the theory's validity and its practical applicability on an industrial scale are the former head of the Engineering Department at Cambridge University Professor Michael Kelly and the former head of the civil engineering department at Imperial College Professor Professor Patrick Dowling. Also prominent European and industrial scientists including the chief engineer of the designs of the Italian company Ferrari.


The good tidings that I want to convey to my countrymen, especially as we live in the worst conditions in the history of Iraq, where we live in great economic, health and political crises and foreshadow an unknown future. Pilot Prototype or pilot-plant to produce electricity and we stopped Corona !


I am writing this article while I am trapped myself in a room on my own to self-isolating for your participation in this good and reassuring news and to boost morale and to look forward to a better situation for Iraq and the world after the Corona pandemic .


What does this innovation mean to Iraq and the world?


It means for Iraq that Iraq will be able and in a short time if the independent national political decision is available to restore its activity and build its agricultural, industrial, tourism, service, scientific and technological capabilities without restrictions or high material costs.


Electricity is the backbone of the economy, and its lack of availability means a near halt to life. The abundance of electricity without spatial, climatic, or temporal restrictions means the absolute freedom of any country in the world to provide its needs of energy, water and food, and they are the basics of a free and decent life that is free from poverty, deprivation, exploitation and greed. The basics that give a person the opportunity to invest his abilities and live a decent, healthy peace with others.


(*) Iraqi researcher and academic in the field of water and renewable energy.

Copyright reserved for the Iraqi Economist Network. Republishing is permitted provided that the source is indicated. May 20, 2020

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