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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/19/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/19/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/19/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 20, 2020 10:50 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 19th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

I want everybody to be prepared for what is about to come to us and here’s pretty much what’s happening – this being a Tuesday night and our last call was last Thursday – we get information throughout that period – that 5 day period – some of it 4-5 days ago and is not as crucial as the latest information that we got today –

I try to give you an idea of where we have come and where we’re going based on this span of time – I would say one of the main things we can talk about tonight is the fact that we have a Judy Shelton who is appointed as a special administrator to the Federal Reserve – which remember now is being rolled into our US Treasury – as well as the IRS is being rolled into our Treasury - so that’s a little different animal –

She was appointed initially by the President to take charge of the transition that we were making from the US dollar to the new dollar the USN – asset backed dollar – which I have called for years the USTN - the reason it is the USTN is because the US Treasury Note will be on our new money – where as our fiat currency which is only backed by the full faith and credit of the US government – that fiat money has Federal Reserve Note printed on it -

The Federal Reserve Notes are going away and the USN – meaning United States Note – is coming in to play – and we have the USN on the screens now which are at the bank and also on Forex –

So what Judy has been doing is helping to make the transition from US dollar to USN – and she’s completed that – if I remember correctly – last Thursday afternoon around 4:30 – however – she did such a good job of that – she was not put in charge of getting all of the countries on board with our USN by pegging their currencies to the new US dollar – the USN

So she has been in charge of that and also coordinating the release by the Treasury to our group participants – such as the intermediate groups – (fines & penalties – adjudicated settlements – farm claims – Indian claims – and so on) – they are between Tier 3 and Tier 4A –

Those intermediate groups were given today the green light to begin the release from Treasury to those groups – We had the understanding that we would have those groups paid this past weekend - It didn’t happen –

We also had the understanding that the Core 30 paymasters would begin their payout Saturday - this past Saturday – That did not happen – and we also understood that the remaining groups that fall under Tier 4A which we affectionately call the Admirals Groups – those too were to have been paid out by yesterday – Monday by 11:05 AM – That did not happen either –

So we had some things that slowed the process down – over the last 3-4 days – I believe what’s happening now is they are catching up - but in my opinion it is running a little behind – doesn’t mean they won’t catch up to what the President wants – which is the paying out of these groups to start on “Today” - May 19th

So the opinion that I will share is that those groups are being paid; admittedly in a slightly limited fashion – but they are being paid out on time by today the 19th - so in a very real way we are satisfied by the request of President Trump to get this party started –

Now – there’s been a pretty cool little timeline – that started today at 11:05AM with a very important conference call not sure if video or just audio – that was to be made this morning from 11:05 to 1:15 PM between all of the big Tier 1 bank-heads – Tier 2 bank-heads and Tier 3 & Tier 4 banks –

The call started at 11:05 and went until the time when the Tier 3 and Tier 4 Banks were supposed to login by 12:30 and shortly in that time frame they realized they were not getting the logins they expected so the call was stopped –

The good news is that Tier 1 & 2 Banks and the redemption center did receive the information they needed and were expected to have on that call – and the primary information is that by 10:30 PM tonight (Tuesday) Eastern – which we are past that now – the workers at the Tier 1 & 2 Banks and the redemption centers would receive schedules for the upcoming number of days – with those schedules was the possibility of the 527,000+ emails from the Wells Fargo servers going out sometime after the 10:30 PM eastern time –

We can’t say whether those have gone – or will go yet - but they could go – overnight tonight – and that would be for Tier 4B – the internet group - that’s us –

So let’s go back for a minute on this conference call today – the tier 3&4 banks did not show up for the party – they will be primarily utilized for the public start – not at all for Zim – and they won’t be doing very much in the way of currency except – they do have – they don’t have the Delarue machines that Tier 1 & 2 banks have – but they will have a black light and scanner to check the regular currencies like Dinar – Dong – Rupiah – for exchange – but primarily I believe for the public exchanges –

When will the pubic start you ask? It is slated now for Tuesday June 2nd - what’s really interesting to me about what’s happening – part of the reason this seems to be slightly delayed is there are 3 additional countries that are coming in for this first basket of currencies – and those 3 countries were pinging as they were pegging to the US dollar and also so they could ping and be part of the QFS – that took a little extra time these 3 countries were admitted to the party –

The total number of countries right now in the first real offering – is 25 or 26 – and what will be very good for us is to understand that these countries – this is the most amazing thing to me – that gives us a time over the next day or two to start with our redemption of Zim and exchanges all the way through and probably including June 1st

What’s really cool to me is even though we’ve got currencies like dinar – dong – rupiah – rial and a few others that are going to be higher in value that our new USN currency – what I understand is supposed to happen is when June 2nd rolls around those values of those rates for those currencies will drop like a brick to become on par with the USN dollar -

Now the USTN is asset backed – all countries around the globe will be asset backed to some degree gold backed - precious metals – oil – other assets to back the value of their currency as we go to this new standard globally – that is what the Global Currency Reset is all about –

Now what’s interesting is - make sure everybody understands what “on par” means when it comes to currencies – it means that the currencies being on par with each other means having the same value – this is not now – this is starting June 2nd if everything holds to the current pace –

The Iraqi Dinar would have the value of $1.00 – 1 dinar = 1 dollar – that means that the range of currencies differences would be within 10% either above or below the value of the new USN or USTN – why? Because we are trading partners – if they are going to be trading partners that 10% above or below needs to be there

Iraq and Iran will be within that margin and probably they will be the same - 1 Iranian rial will be the same as 1 Iraqi dinar - they will be on par – to me that is fascinating – because this gives us under Tier 4B – the internet group an ability to exchange these currencies at a much higher rate than we will get on our front screens – when we go in to exchange our currencies and redeem our Zim

Let’s clarify something that has been out there that even I on the Big Call had incorrect from some sources – We got this verified and confirmed from yesterday from 2 of our lead banks from very high up sources –

Everybody – brace yourself – Zim holders – there is NO SECOND APPOINTMENT - or second meeting – Zim holders will be treated a little differently and will get their rate and redemption at the first appointment - This is how it’s going to work – the toll free number that comes out on the Wells Fargo emails will be used by everybody to call and set their appointments

The 800 # that I get will also be used for everybody to call and set their appointments - so when we use that toll free number and get the call center the first thing you let them know is if you have Zim – then you let them know if you have additional currency –

What will happen then is the operator will direct you if you are a Zim holder with a separate 800# - it will either be a direct connection – stay on the line – or you will be given another number to call the redemption center in your zip code – either from your residence – work – or where you want to do the exchange – you choose which zip code to give them based on where you want to exchange –

Now here’s why we’re going to be able to redeem Zim and other currencies if we have them at the first and only exchange appointment – because the time for people who do not have Zim for them their appointment will last between 20-25 minutes –

If you have Zim the time for your appointment will last from 35 – 90 minutes - Ideally they would like it to last from 35 -75 mins but obviously if they need they will give the additional time to complete your appointment – Repeat – there is NO SECOND APPOINTMENT for Zim – I am glad we had a call tonight where I could share that - 

Now – where we believe we are is – like I said tonight at 10:30 the banks would be sending their schedules out to the redemption center staff and other tier 1 banks for the remaining essentially I think for the remaining days of this month to the first of June

That allows for the emails from Wells Fargo to go out any time after that time – will it be overnight? I don’t know – it could be tonight maybe - we do not have that as absolute though

Regarding the Cores though – they were given the green light for their paymasters to begin sending out their notifications to their members to the beneficiaries of the Core

We believe that the remaining Admirals Groups will go out possibly overnight – maybe almost in conjunction with Tier 4B notifications but we don’t have that – we have the fact that the shotgun start will probably not be the case - whereas we may follow Tier 4A - which is perfectly ok for tier 4B to follow –

We know that transactions have taken place for some of the larger bond holders overseas – primarily Zurich - Asia and other areas – and that there is liquidity available in those accounts that have transacted these assets - historic bonds –

We are ready to begin – we think our part of it should come this week – and though I believe we are slightly behind the original schedule – I believe that Judy Shelton is doing a marvelous job of getting everything done and bringing in the remaining countries pinging to the QFS - etc etc - I think it is wonderful that she is working in conjunction with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin – to put all of this together under the President’s timeline – which appears to be adhered to right now

I am going to suggest to everybody – just take a deep breath – relax – know that we are in the right moment – have a good evening and stay safe -

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/19/20 258310255 
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