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Post by Ponee Wed May 20, 2020 10:21 pm

1. As of Tues. 19 May Tier 4a account holders (1000s of accounts) could see the full amount of their exchange in their accounts. However, there was a hold on it so it could not be accessed until Tier 4b redemption/exchanges.

2. On Tues. 19 May Reno was saying "BUCKLE UP" as Tier 4b was getting liquidity and a redemption / exchange start very soon this week.

3. We were still on Judy Shelton's timeline as Trump's redemption / exchange overseer of a start any time between today Tues. 19 May and Thurs. 21 May.

4. Over a month ago POTUS used his constitutional power under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution to appoint Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve to bring down the fiat dollar, implement the gold standard, oversee the RV/GCR redemption / exchanges and convert the fiat dollar to a gold/ asset-backed US Note this month.

5. He asked for continued prayers that Deep State politicians and agency bureaucrats did not further interfere behind the scenes in this week's final roll-out.

6. Last Fri. 15 May Federal Reserve personnel were arrested behind the scenes when they colluded with Pelosi and Deep State Democrats to slow down the fiat USD-to-asset-backed-USN conversion process, creating part of the 48 hour delay last week.

7. Tier 4b emails could be coming out overnight tonight Tues. 19 May, though for security reasons, he could not specify on timing and decisions being made behind the scenes.

8. As of Tues. 19 May three countries had yet to sign off on the USN, so those countries’ currencies were not yet pegged to the US Note. The RV teams were working on finding a way around them. He asked for prayers for a clean way around these countries so the final global release sequence could continue without delay.

9. There would be a second appointment for the Zim. On the first appointment they would authenticate your currencies and give you rates on the currencies and a default rate on the Zim of $11 million to $250 million per 100T Zim note.

10. If you didn’t like the rates presented at your first appointment you could make a second appointment with your Wealth Manager who would help you apply for the higher Contract Rates. That could take anywhere from two days to six months. Though, you would have access to your monies during that time.

11. If you didn’t go for the higher Contract Rates you would have full access to your monies within 48 hours.

12. If you argued about the rates presented at your appointment you would likely be escorted out the door and unable to exchange.

B. Tues. 19 May 1:22 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact Update:

1. On Mon. 18 May at 11:30 pm EDT there was a major green light for the next phase of final asset redemption payout sequence leading to Tier 3-4a,b payouts and exchange appointments, starting with 800# notifications at any time in Head of Redemption Overseer Judy Shelton's window of Tues, Wed, Thurs. 19-21 May.

2. Over the weekend Dubui 1 and Dubui 2 were fully funded, presumably from completion or payouts of many Yellow Dragon bonds that had to come first.

3. On Mon. 18 May a source in Zurich was told that liquidity would finally be released between tomorrow Tues. 19 May and Thurs. 21 May, “they are very positive that THIS IS IT.”

4. This was it because:

(1) Trump promised the Chinese he would get the final payout and exchange sequence started Mon-Tues. 18, 19 May, which he did as of 11:30 pm EDT Mon. 18 May.

(2) Liquidity was paid out in final disbursements over the weekend – which means Tier 3, 4 a,b exchanges and payouts must start and follow Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. 19-21 May this week.

(3) Trump, Judy Shelton, the Department of Defense and US Treasury have to get exchanges started this week in order for the IMF to start the public (Tier 5) going by Mon 1 June and have the USN digital and physical currency ready for the public by then.

5. Some SKRs were already made liquid, with recipients under NDAs and gone dark, while other SKR holders were about to be made liquid as the next phase of payouts and exchanges-redemptions was starting.

6. A Redemption Center contact said "they would be on schedule to start working on Wed. 20 May.

7. On Mon. 18 May the Admiral and his team were sequestered and were supposed to be made liquid in USN overnight or by Tues. 19 May.


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