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Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, May 18 -- just say you heard it here first…lol…hopefully we will see it (the RV) by June 1.. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, May 18 -- just say you heard it here first…lol…hopefully we will see it (the RV) by June 1..

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Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, May 18 -- just say you heard it here first…lol…hopefully we will see it (the RV) by June 1.. Empty Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, May 18 -- just say you heard it here first…lol…hopefully we will see it (the RV) by June 1..

Post by Ponee on Mon May 18, 2020 10:02 pm

Member:  Is this the week the world changes?????

Member:  I heard that June 1st is the real deadline-do you believe that??

MZ: Yes I do…..I’ve been saying that for awhile now. I guess there are some notices that have been hitting the boards about June 1 now….just say you heard it here first…lol…hopefully we will see it by June 1.. there is a tremendous push to have all in place by June 1. 

MZ: We are hearing of more Historic Bond swaps…..money paid in fiat dollars for historic bonds in Asia and Zurich. My personal contacts have not yet received spendable dollars at this point.  but it is encouraging. 

MZ: I have not heard of any actual currency swaps where they have traded Dinar or Dong for fiat dollars…..but, hearing that there is movement on historic bonds is encouraging. 

MZ: In Iraq no new rate on Saturday as they hoped….so now they are looking for the Gazette to publish it on Wed. 

MZ: CMKX deliveries…..at this point they are back to thinking any moment….i was told they are just waiting to be told “go” 

Q:  I heard there will be no second apt and we must ask for the higher rates at the first and only appointment when we exchange.

MZ: After having many conversations with bankers that are involved with exchange centers that they would like for you to only have one appointment…they have a limited amount of time…..they would like you to get in, exchange and get out…..if you have a very legitimate reason to need a second apt…that’s ok. 

Q: Debt jubilee will be happening…more and more people talking about it …even in the MSM

Q: When will potus take over the MSM?

MZ: He sure is beating on them…..

Member:  Peeps around the world are waking up...The Great Awakening!!!

Q: so what is the hold-up?

MZ: I don’t think there is a hold up…..my government sources still swear there will be all new currency in place on June 1.   I think we are just watching the roll-out .

Member:  It is time for a Iceland Type Revolution. Our politicians are out of control and need to be removed from office along with corrupt bankers and lawyers. Reset the currency. Debit Jubilee.

MZ: I also want a political jubilee…..wipe them all out…..

Member:  Mr Mark the RV.........will happen ….the arrests in DC .......its happening........the bad trolls are being picked up.....without scaring the PEOPLE...........

Member:  Mark they have already been arresting these idiots behind the curtain they dont want it to be public...yet


Member:  According to the PIR report, the 22nd is going to be huge, energetically. Same astrologically system The cabal has used since the 15 hundreds. We are in the perfect storm cycle

Member:  Im ready for the real FAB-4 to drop MOABs everywhere, Barr, Horowitz, Durham, Huber

Member:  The more confusing the news becomes the closer we get to this RV!!!

Member: Zimbabwe just announced their new currency last Friday

MZ: Countries all over the world are spelling it out guys….they are telling us what is going to happen….they are talking about the need for a reset…for asset backed currencies…..Even the big news stations are now talking about what has happened to the value of our dollar since 1971….it is happening…we are watching it….its rolling out but it’s hard knowing we can’t affect the timing. 

MZ: Even my local bankers that used to think I was crazy , tell me this is going to happen soon…they say they are glad I told them about it….i get this from more and more bankers as the lights come on in their heads…..lol

Member:    The New Financial System in place Exit old Enter New.

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