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The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri May 15, 2020 9:51 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 14th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Ok we’ve got a little bit of intel to go over tonight – You know as we do intel Tuesday and Thursdays nights – if you remember Tuesday’s intel was sort of packed with some good stuff – let’s take off from there and see if we can get any clearer picture of where we are – and that is the key – is to get a clear picture of where we are in this process

On Tuesdays call we had the mention of Judy Shelton- she is the special appointee as administrator over the transition of USD to USN – the US fiat dollar to the United States Treasury Note that we are going to –

She is in charge of that transition – she is the one who worked in the Federal Reserve to make all of this happen and she is still – in my opinion – still working to continue to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted for this purpose

Now – what is interesting is – we have meetings that have been going on one of which in the White House to get this USN in place – and we had a meeting yesterday – to say it was heated – would be a massive understatement – we know that there was discussion and heated discussion with the Chinese Treasury representatives – Chinese Elders – our US Treasury Representative – other people that were in the White House for this meeting including the President trying to get these things ironed out –

Now – my understanding is that it was heated – there were words – some  yelling – yes I know there is a lot of stuff happening - but my understanding is that at 9:30 pm – last night – Wednesday night – they reached some consensus – they reached a point of agreement –

I believe they are still having meetings today - at least one – maybe more – could have been in the same room – and with same people - that we don’t know – but we know they are continuing to iron out and create opportunity for us before this goes –

Now- beyond that – we also know that today we learned that the group director for the groups based out west – was given a period of time to change the designation for all the groups from USD to USN – and had a period of time of a couple hours or so to do that -

The word that we got from that area- let’s call it – this exchange – was that everything was good and we’re good to go – that tells us that at some point we are actually ready to begin the payout to the remaining intermediate group – that is to come out – it did not go last night as we thought - but I do believe they were waiting for everything to be aligned before that could go – and our feeling is that could start tonight with those intermediate groups

We know those need to be paid and we also believe we no longer are going to be under the shotgun start – that we had intended to be under or thought we were to be under for Tier 4A and B – going together – apparently we will NOT go exactly with tier 4A – which is the Core and Admirals groups – but rather they will go ahead of us –

What I believe is going to happen -  is the Core groups and Admirals groups will be paid out in USN which was in their contracts for that to happen – that is not a new thing contractually – and I believe that will happen – quite possibly – Friday – Saturday – through the weekend –

Regarding to the meetings I referred to yesterday – in the White House – we know that China has been looking for movement – serious movement on the pickup & drop off for clean up on aisle 3 – as I call it – and my understanding is they were provided lists of those individuals which satisfied what they were looking for - so that has been produced for the Elders so they can say – ok that part is complete or abut to be completed

Now the other thing that the Chinese Elders wanted – and was something concrete about the USN – we got that Tuesday afternoon about 4:45 – the completion of the USN in the position on screen – certain screens - back screens where the USD was previously –

Now – realize this – the countries round the globe that wanted to be pegged to the US dollar  are now in a process of being re-pegged to the USN – our NEW US dollar – and they need to get that done so they can be pegged to our currency – whether it’s on par –  which means the same value - $1 equals $1 whatever the currency is – that is possible - but the main thing is they’re pegged and they need to be pegged to our dollar before it goes into trade with other currencies – Sunday night starting at 8 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time –

We know the Forex opens earlier than that like in the 4:30-5:00 range on Sunday – but Sunday night we know the big traders in the Far East are going to be jumping in at about 8:30 and that’s when everything should be kicking off –

The fact that these other countries – they know – even in the midst of financial difficulties right now as a result of the CCP Virus – even as a result of that we still have a strong dollar – and countries are going to invest with us and with our strong USN dollar – imagine if they are invested in a dollar that is based on the faith and credit of the US government verses investing in a USN dollar that is backed by precious metals – like gold – silver – other beneficial assets for an asset backed dollar –

That is going to show up on the screen on Sunday and of course it will be there Monday at the bank screens – at 9 am –

So – this is an important time for the world – I think when we got that USN on the screen – when we got that – we basically had the official start- if you will – of the GCR – and that is really an important time for us - Big Time!!  Very important aspect of this whole currency revaluation –

So – we have countries – as I mentioned to you that have rates on the screen as I talked to you last time on Tuesday – more that placeholder rates that will start going up in value starting Sunday for sure

Now – we know that the timing is going to be based on a few things – and I mean the timing for Tier 4B – the internet group – us - It is dependent on the intermediates being paid out – the rest of the SKR’s being paid out in USN - the Admiral’s group and the Core group being paid out in USN and then – it’s our turn –

Now – I have a time and a day that I’ve been given that I expect to receive the toll free numbers – it’s early next week - this is coming from the highest authority within one of major Tier 1 banks - and it was confirmed by another one –

So I believe we are all set for that to happen and obviously guys we have been very close several times – many times – I’ve been told I was going to get the numbers and blah blah blah – I’ve had that to happen  I don’t know how many times – and its hurts when it doesn’t come true –

I’ve told everybody for months – we’ve got to stay with our Plan A - we have to believe for Plan B to come through – but until it does we’ve got to stick with – and dance with the one who brought it –

We’ve got to work Plan A continually – continue to stay with it – and many of you have done that – I hope all of you have some form of employment that you can still do and not put all of your eggs in one basket – which I know some people have done – they have put everything on it – it’s like roulette – you know – you put everything on 32 black - and you know – it’s just not a smart bet –

The real bet is to stay with your Plan A - keep paying attention to the Big Call – be careful what you read - there is a lot of stuff that is misinformation that’s out there – some stuff is good – some stuff is accurate – but by in large – we have to be as patient as we’ve been – used the faith that we have to believe for this because it is coming –

We are finally I believe at the point – where we are not turning back - We really are going to move forward -this is the time that we should see something happening

Now- are we going to find out early before next week that things have been paid?  I don’t know  - maybe I will – but I don’t know that it’s going to be accurate  to report it – I’m going to suggest that this be similar to a pre celebration call - because I believe that the information I have –

I believe I will not be doing a call Tuesday night - and it may be that we are not able to have a celebration call - because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call  - I appreciate the fact that you are still with us –

I feel as though everything is finally coming around together – did they complete everything that they wanted to talk about in that second or third meeting today in the White House – but I believe they’ve got everything moving in the right direction -

Let’s see where this goes between now and early next week – stay with your Plan A – watch your mail box  for your stimulus check  and lets just pray this call in together

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The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce - Call Notes - "because of the NDA – they may not allow me to do another public call" 5/14/20

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