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Full Transcript for  COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For  MAY 15 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For MAY 15 2020

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Full Transcript for  COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For  MAY 15 2020 Empty Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For MAY 15 2020

Post by Ponee Fri May 15, 2020 9:36 pm

MZ:  it was very quiet overnight….There is still tremendous expectation for June 1


MZ: No package deliveries….and no rate change yet in iraq.

MZ: I am hearing from Iraq that they are expecting it this weekend. 

Member:  Did everyone see the historic Chinese bond news today on Fox business...wow

Member:  Historic bonds are big in the news now.

MZ: Thanks for all who sent this to me   https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/historic-chinese-bonds-trump-leverage-beijing 

Member:  The house of cards is starting to crumble


Member:  Fleming said we will get 800 numbers today

Member:  The Super Petchili bonds clear at the end of the month. Then the RV can start for all of us.

Member:  I keep reading that Judy Shelton took over the Fed. Is this possible even with her confirmation pending?

Member:  Judy Shelton is the point person for the RV/GCR. May be she is chair of the Fed but not in an official capacity or title yet!

Member:  Check out the Santa Surfing on YouTube for today as she has some incredible news on GESARA and the gold reset that I have not heard before. it is mind blowing!!!, Everyone needs to see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc8CnVoWX5I 

Member:  Today, as President @realDonaldTrump signs the 2020 Armed Forces Day, the official flag of a new U.S. military service will be unveiled for the first time in 72 years! https://t.co/bVH40U54B5

Member:  just out new military flag is being presented by Trump today! thats a great sign!

Member:  I am hearing that this GCR needs to happen way before the November elections to strengthen trumps campaign

Member:  July 4th - The Day of the President announces NESARA/GESARA and JFK, Jr. surfaces!!

Member:  People were wondering why the Navy went out to search for JFK Jrs plane and the bodies. Must have been given military protection.

Member:  Yes! JFJJr faked his death. 20 YEAR PLAN Coming to fruition!

Member:  Many people believe he is still alive ....some say he is "Q"....Some say he will reveal himself soon.... This would sure be great if JFKJr was really still alive.......that would make the swamp creatures start sweating...lol    https://me.me/i/how-to-make-the-swamp-believe-they-killed-you-there-ce4f31471ad14857b9acd63368a5f2d6

Member:  PRAYERS FOR FRANK 26 ...bladder cancer ....

Member: Remember to keep okie, Frank26 and Mr. C in our prayers…..

Mr.Cottrell joins the stream about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for the entire Q&A

MZ: I am still hearing that packages are poised and waiting for deliveries…..and many contacts swear that June 1 is still the goal and if they are trying to softball it in that makes sense……I still think we need more disclosure, arrests 

MC: I am waiting for Durham…..He needs a fire lit under him…let’s go. …let’s get those indictments out there. 

MC: When the real constitution kicks back in all these rate/clowns are not going to get a dime….

Member:  Let's Go Trump we are behind you. arrests and liquid now! Sir.


MC: This is Rome re-incarnated…….give money to the rich and bread to the people

Member:  And Pelosi played the perfect Marie Antoinette by eating her ice cream with peeps out of work! So let’s remind her what happened to Marie!! Vive the USA

Member:  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

MC: people ask me when is the RV going to happen… ……I do not know … I can see the writing on the wall….but it’s like watching the fall of Rome….you see where the vacuum is…..you see various factions falling apart…..massive discontent in the public…..and that’s what is going on with the old us corporation. 

MC: There is no way this reset is not going to happen…..watch the G-20…when the G-20 make a decree that China and the communist party owes us for all the death and trauma caused in the world and to all countries. I think that is when we will see the rollover/reset happen. If not before

MZ: I took great comfort from seeing the article today about the Chinese historic bonds…right out there in Main Stream News……we have been told for the last 20 years that when the reset occurs these Historic Bonds will be paying out. 1.6 Trillion in century old Chinese bonds offer Trump a unique leverage against Beijing….So we are starting to see Historic Bonds go…..

MC: Back in 2010 I was told that was a lead indicator for the rollover…for the GCR…..

MZ: I was always told by a real powerful guy in Canada to watch for the bond markets/Historic Bonds…I was told to watch those 2 things….that would let me know when it was done. 

MC: I agree…..Its interesting to see the machinations going on within the financial field. Our current system is a black hole…..not one bank can go down without taking them all…..this will caused the Gold Treaty to be executed and the Gold Backed currency , and the end of all derivatives. 

MZ: We are watching the dominos teeter right now……waiting for the first one to fall and then it’s all over.  

MC: I think we will be entering a new era of good and enlightenment….

MZ: Yes more and more people are waking up…..

MZ: Another thing in the news is the president of Zimbabwe met with President Trump and Zimbabwe is printing a new currency…..more big numbers…lots of zeros.…..they said they had to do this if something was not done to shore up monetary supplies around the world….…..we are watching it play  out in real time….you can’t help but see that it’s happening…..we just can’t figure out the “when”. 

MZ: on August 15th 1971 we knew this day was coming…..It was inevitable that we would see the death of the fiat dollar. History always repeats itself 

MC: it has always been a secret……now its all coming out into the light…….and full transparency must happen so this never happens again.

MZ: What do you think of the JFK jr. conspiracy theories…..do you think he could still be alive?

MC: I do not know if he is still alive or not…..i was glued to the TV like everyone else at that time when his plane went down….i was surprised he took as many risks as he did knowing he was a target….knowing that the Clintons hated his guts …and knowing they were scared of him….my personal thought is that he is gone…..the Clintons would not allow him to survive…..these people are methodical murderers

MZ: if he is still alive he would have had to fake his own death for sure….and it would have to be done in a way that the Clintons were confident he was dead. 

MC: it would be nice if he were still alive….i just don’t think he is. 

MZ: Hopefully we will know soon and hopefully we will soon have a reset.

Be sure to listen to the replay for all the details.

The next stream is scheduled for Monday 10AM est


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Full Transcript for  COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For  MAY 15 2020 Empty Re: Full Transcript for COFFEE WITH MARKZ, For MAY 15 2020

Post by Ponee Sat May 16, 2020 9:10 pm



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