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Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20

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Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20 Empty Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 13, 2020 10:13 pm

MZ: News today…… Im hearing some positive, some negative, some “not surprising”.

MZ: Nobody has received dollars in Zurich yet. No rate change this morning in Iraq. No news from Hong Kong.

MZ: But, I was surprised to hear from my homeland Security contact overnight…..she says they are expecting delivery of packages on Wed. (today) and if so, tomorrows call will be a whole different conversation. . Hoping we will finally see it.

MZ: if her info is correct we would see all the packages at the same time (CMKX, F&P;s PP’s Settlements)

Q: If CMKX packages start today…when would you expect currencies to start…tonight?

MZ: I hope they are correct…….we may need to see more happen politically to pass more stimulus….but the banking world think it’s happening right now.   …

Q: How do you have all these contacts all around the world?

MZ: Believe it or not I used to work all around the world…when I was younger and healthier.

Q: I have heard that paymaster’s are liquid…what say you?

MZ: I don’t think they are liquid…but if they are they are not allowed to release it yet. Mine has not been allowed to release any dollars. He is pretty connected in Reno. I get sent many rumors of things supposedly happening and I have a tough time believing it…I am not buying there is that much movement……..i am not hearing any of that from my government sources or sources and paymasters in many locations.

Member: Frank26 says they are talking openly now about changing the rate in Iraq.

MZ: yes they are…..I have a contractor on the ground there and he is saying that on the streets they all have a tremendous amount of expectation every Wed. and Sat. when the Gazette comes out to see a new rate.

MZ: We are oh so close guys……..even though it’s a miserable wait.

Member: I still think it will happen in May.

MZ: I agree with you based on what I am hearing for June1.

Member: Guess we are still waiting for arrests to start

Member:  The Wall Street Journal just reported that "The newly released documents show that Schiff knew all along there was NO PROOF of Russia-Trump collusion." This guy cost tax payers 10's of millions of dollars, ruined lives, etc. He needs to go to jail!!!

Member:  Reset & arrests!!

MZ: Amen….i would prefer arrests than reset but will be good either way…

Member:  keep the faith & eyes on the prize …Rome wasn´t drained in a day;)

Member:  I thought most your contacts in mid May …you were expecting things to happen around the 15th that’s on Friday….

Member: Misinformation is everywhere

MZ: it is…..for those of you who followed Mr. Mayhew years ago …we knew that at the end the dis information would be so thick it would almost be impossible to see through it……personally I am encouraged by it….we are all just waiting it out.

Member I think we will have the reset before the election

MZ: I don’t see how Trump will win without a revaluation/reset ….the markets are going sideways and are so disconnected ,,,no velocity of money……no money movement …I do not see him get reelected unless he steps us….a reset is what he needs to do.

MZ: Short stream today….not feeling well with back pain…..I really want to thank all the mods here on the site…..I am blessed to have them volunteer to help on the stream……Mr. C will join us on Friday and we will have a night stream on Thursday “Whiskey and Wisdom” 8pm est.  see you all tomorrow morning at 10AM est….

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Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20 Empty Re: Coffee With MarkZ - Another Failure! 5/13/20

Post by Ponee Thu May 14, 2020 9:01 pm



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