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Post by phoenix27 Tue May 12, 2020 3:54 pm

 May 11 2020 8:15 pm EDT Fleming Military Intel Contact:

1. On Mon. 11 May at 1:15 am EDT the fiat US Dollar went to being a gold/asset-backed US Note live on bank screens. This began the RV/GCR as a staging ground for a shotgun start of payouts to all tiers globally.

2. Because the nations of the world’s old currency rates were being adjusted to the new currency locked-in RV rates, Forex trades were nonexistent as of 7:15 pm EDT Mon. 11 May.

3. Fines & Penalties, CMKX and Prosperity Package could start deliveries at any time over the next 24-36 hrs.

4. Multiple sources agreed that the goal was to start all payouts including Tier 4b 800#s release and exchange/redemption by Tues. 11 May, with a Back Wall of Wed. 12 May.

5. Keep prayers going up over the release sequence, thank God it is unfolding now behind the scenes, and stay alert.

B. May 11 2020 12:53 am EDT Fleming Military Intel Contact:

1. Mon. 11 May at 1:15 am EDT currency rates were locked in and went liquid including the gold/asset-backed US Note.

2. Mon. 11 May at 7:30 am EDT funds were released for Value Day where all Tier currency rates were locked in and liquid. If Deep State operatives were prevented from politically delaying the release any further, the US Treasury would make a formal Value Day Declaration through paying out Bonds that would provide down-line liquidity release.

3. SKR Paymasters and Up-liners have told down-line recipients of account liquidity access "to go dark and be ready."

4. Sometime Tues. – Wed. 12, 13 May 530,000+ Tier 4b email notifications would be sent out in order for Tier 4b to set appointments, with a Back Wall of Wed. 13 May.

5. On Tues. 12 May Judy Shelton would be at the US Treasury’s Federal Reserve in Reno to publically announce the gold/asset-backed US Note. (In the last two weeks of March 2020 President Trump quietly took over the Federal Reserve).

6. It was advised to practice your project outline presentation.

7. You were asked to keep prayers going as to the release sequence that no Deep State false flags or political delays followed.

8. JP Morgan Chase Private Banking was one of the other UST vetted trust companies. Chase was not mentioned earlier because of Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase's past criminal behavior for the Deep State was legendary (google Bix Weir on Jamie Dimon and Chase). Since no one should predjudice against Chase Private Banking trust company, or against any of the vetted trust companies, it would be best if you were properly introduced at the first appointment to each trust company so as to make your choice of which trust company to go with based on contract terms and cost of each one's service.
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