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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/7/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/7/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 5/7/20

Post by RamblerNash Sat May 09, 2020 10:23 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 7th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Ok so let’s talk about where we are tonight – you guys realize Thursday night’s call was giving us a pretty good impression that we were getting really close – Well we are still really close – however – I want to tell you the language I am getting - and the language is saying a lot –

What we received yesterday which was Wednesday – was talking about the “intent” – the intent was to get the emails – the Wells Fargo emails – and the #800 numbers would accompany those – and the #800 I would receive to put out – independent of those emails -  though the intent was for those to come out “today” – that was the “intent” –

Now – did they make it?  Nope – not by the Big Call they didn’t - Now – here’s the reason why though – First of all there are 527,000+ emails already positioned – ready to go – on Wells Fargo servers – These are to be released in 4 batches – ½ hour apart – the simple math on that would be – 4 x ½ hr = 2 hrs – so in approximately 2 hrs x those 4 batches of emails would be sent out – when is that going to happen? It was supposed to happen sometime today – we did not have a time for it –

Did it happen today? Not yet – could it happen any time? I think it could happen anytime now – but what I’ve heard for quite a while – this would be a day time event – I would think it would happen in the day time – when it is released –

Alright – so – the “intent” – what else happened so the intent was not able to be fulfilled today? We know that the intermediate groups were to have been paid – and some have been – the prosperity packages have been complete - CMKX was to be complete by today sometime - don’t have an update report on that yet – but I think the intermediates are being handled –

The reason that we could not receive our toll free numbers yet are twofold - #1 yesterday – Wednesday – was the day I said the exotics were to be handled – these are Bonds – Boxes of Bonds – Petchilis – super Petchilis – (just for reference info – LINK) there are Zim Bonds and other historical gold bonds – that were to be hypothecated and paid out – out of five different cities today – including Dallas – Miami – London -

Zurich - Hong Kong – all were supposed to start at 2:30 am Eastern in all time zones – at the same – actual time – that – if it did get started around that time – we don’t know how long that was going to take - but the word I had was – when those bonds are complete – the toll free numbers and emails - 527,000+ - would be distributed

So – do we know how long it is going to take for those bonds to complete? No we don’t – Is it a matter of 1 day or days? I don’t have that  - but I do have this -  and this is mainly an opinion – that I have about the subject – and I don’t know if it’s going to be true or not –

Today is the 7th tomorrow is the 8th - who is it that loves the number 8? And also the number 5? - The Chinese Elders – 5/8 it’s interesting – on the face of it – because if the intention was for us to receive the emails and toll free numbers today would the same intention be there tomorrow? I would think so –

Now – there are one or two little things we have to add to this – here’s one of them – there had been some shenanigans  to try to make this a taxable event – especially on the Zim – I have told you for years – I mean many years – this is NOT a taxable event to us –

I hate to mention names – so I won’t – certain people in Congress had placed a 14% tax in that got removed last night - in other words – they handled it – they took care of it – it’s NOT there – there is NO tax on this currency exchange or Zim redemption

Now – what’s interesting is that precipitated a new rewrite of the protocol and procedures of the currency exchange and Zim redemption that would have started yesterday – Is that is something that is done by now? Maybe – I don’t know that either – but at least they are redoing it so that when we go in it will be clean and easy for us to go through – I look at it as a positive –

Now – what else is out there? You’ve heard me talk about audits before – there are a number of audits – I believe there are a little over 1800 audits that needed to be done as of yesterday evening – When I hear that – I go – ok – who are they auditing?  What’s up?

Guys – what that really means is there are people and globally  - around the world – a little over 1800 people that still needed to be vetted – to see if they were able / ready to receive their funds – could it be a part of the intermediates?  That is my guess – maybe some other group – we don’t know –

The point is those are continuing to be vetted out and probably some clean up on aisle 3 – and it’s an ongoing process – when those audits are complete can we go before they are complete?  Maybe – Will we go after they are complete? Quite possibly –

The other piece that gives me a really good feeling is – we got a very short message today that said that the value dates – which is the date where monies should be available for all was 5 – 11 - 2020 – That’s Monday

Does that mean we go before then? And we get access to our funds? Starting Monday?? Major funds – I’m going to say? I believe it does – Does that put tomorrow or Saturday in the mix? Yes it does -

So if that is a confirmed value date which is 5 / 11 – then that’s looking very good for us – very good – Let’s hope that is exactly what happens and we get started prior to Monday –

Let’s talk a little bit about the redemption itself – we talked last time and it’s made its way back around the net and the web and everything – on the blogs – 140 million dollars available at the first appointment –

Well – guess what? They went up on that number – here’s your new number - between you can ask for 100 - 250 million dollars at your first appointment – so we went from 140 to 250 million availability of funds at our first appointment

What about the second appointment? Second appointment would be for when you are able to negotiate Your Zim rate and do a really nice presentation for your project and be able to ask for or negotiate a higher rate – I don’t know if there will be a default rate at the first appointment – I’ve been told they did have it -

They did have a rate for it on the Zim – then it went away  then it went down then it went back – now it’s gone – So I don’t know what  they are going to do for us at the first appointment  on the Zim –

Are they still going to make an advance against our Zim appointment of between 1-25 million on a debit card for example?  I think that is still in the mix - But you know what? The way these protocols can be rewritten – that could even be changed today – and I don’t even know it –

We got to dance with the one who brought it – and so far – the information we have is saying that is still in play but their actual Zim rate we settle on would be done at the second appointment – and we know they want the second appointment completed by the end of the month of May - Today is the 7th - tomorrow is the 8th and the value date is Monday 11th  -

We should be underway and I don’t know about you guys but I want to get that second appointment out of the way sooner rather than later – so we can move on with our projects and the rest of our life – So we will see how that shakes out - and that second appointment is very important – nobody else has this – this is an exclusive for Big Call listeners tonight -

When you go to your second appointment – 5-7 days later – after your first appointment - who will be there – you will be doing it at a Tier 1 bank – or at a Wells Fargo Wealth Management office - so who’s going to be there? You will have your wealth manager – possibly an Abbott Downing representative – and guess what?  Not a UST representative – but a State Treasury representative – for the State in which you live - or do your exchange - 

So why would the State Treasury be there – to let you know what your obligation would be for your future taxes on the “interest” that you earn on your structured pay out of Zim –

Does everybody understand that when you make interest on your own money that is a taxable event currently – it is taxable to State & Federal – I am not talking about Federal though am I? – I am talking about the State Income Tax – the state that you dwell in –

If you live in Texas or Nevada or Florida – there’s about 6 – 8 states that do not have state income tax – I have a feeling if you have a domicile in one of the tax income free states then you are probably in the clear on this - 

Let me just say – I don’t know – but let’s say you do live in a state that does have income tax – that Treasury representative would give you the rules and regulations on how you would remit taxes that you earn on interest - taxes on interest that you earn – Interest earned on income is called Passive Income – it’s not really considered earned income but passive income –

In my case I am going to ask for my structured pay out to pay me every quarter - that money that comes from the motherlode account to my spillover account would be taxable but you are also able to expense against that - I am not getting into a CPA roll – this is going to be the job of your CPA - or tax attorney to advise you on that area – That is a new twist we got yesterday – Please understand that the exchange of the currencies and redemption of Zim is not a taxable event –

We know that in the NESARA legislation from what we know of NESARA – there is to be no more Federal Income Tax – Personal Income Tax – Let’s see how that comes out – when it is implemented – if that is what is to happen – it needs to be brought forward from the Treasury Secretary - and you guys know that the IRS has been rolled into the Treasury – as well as the Federal Reserve -

We will be getting our new money which will be UST notes  and our USN are asset backed now has actually been seen on bank screens in other countries – we will see fairly shortly on our own bank screens as a USN - the 3 letter designation use to be USD will now be USN

Also in the news we have Iran has revalued in the past 2-3 days and also Iraq and congrats to Iraq for a newly elected PM who has already started talking to the people – I think that was beautiful timing to have that done right before – and Iraq is still being a little bit quiet on the release of their revalued Dinar – It’s only a matter of time that will be known –

What’s interesting to me is today I find that the Iranian Rial is changed to Toman – and that currency revalued and my understanding is – let’s see if it pans out - will be within 5% of the rate of the Iraqi Dinar – Why? Because they are next door neighbors and trading partners – I believe that is the regulation – since they are close and trading partners – So if you have Rial it is in the first basket – we are going to be able to exchange it – bring it

We have a timing mechanism that is circulating around the pay outs if you will of the bonds – boxes of bonds – the petchilis – the super petchilis – the gold backed historic bonds – the sheet bonds – the Zim – so on and so forth going on – we think now – since early this morning

Everything is moving forward CMKX is finishing up prosperity packages are complete – I think possibly all the intermediates if not complete are due to the audits – but still going through – we know activity is still high out west – and we believe that all paymasters are liquid now – and the codes have been entered – so the cores and admiral groups can be paid out –

One other thing – you no longer need a hall pass to get to the redemption center  - we no longer think that will be an issue – but when you do get your email you should get / have an identification number – for “you” and that you would bring in – printed out –

Let’s say they do not have your email – and you do not get an email – when you call to set your appointment  you tell them you did not receive an email and would like to have an identification number

We are looking at 25-30 min max at the first appointment – possibly taking a little more time at the second appointment – for presentation and setting up any additional accounts –

Everything is on cruise I believe and if they don’t find something else to slow  us down I believe we are looking good if we do in fact have a confirmation on the value date of Monday 5 / 11  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

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