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Post by RamblerNash Sat May 09, 2020 10:19 pm

1. SKRs have been made liquid to be accessed at Tier 4a,b start.

2. Some days ago the codes were entered, though there were multiple levels of code implementation to take place as the shotgun start was being initiated behind the scenes.

3. Chinese Elder M1 and M2 indicated that 800#s were underway and about to come out.

4. There was a Source on mandatory standby for phone call release as of today Thurs. 7 May.

5. Yuan has now taken the place of the petrodollar.

6. The gold-backed, asset-backed USN already RV’d last Fri. 1 May.

7. On Wed. 6 May a notable Paymaster indicated that we had entered a 36 hour window for the commencement of the RV release. This was approximate and dependent on many factors in process that he could not detail.

8. A government connection confirmed that all audits and tests were passed as of today Thurs. 7 May to allow us to go forward.

9. We were no longer waiting for news, only for notification pending factors completing behind the scenes that could not be detailed for reasons of security.

10. Release of notification was given late last night Wed. 6 May PDT to happen any moment going forward (has to be vague on timing for security).

11. At 5:39 PDT today Thurs. 7 May he said for reasons of security he could not comment on timing whether “Emails began 45 min. ago” but said to stay ready for them.

12. He said that Intel saying that the RV release was a week out (mid-May) was dis-information, as it was at an any moment.

13. The timing was seen in exchange bankers and staff in the redemption centers and paymasters today Thurs. 7 May who were being told by UST that it's imminent and who are sitting on the edge of their seats for the RELEASE to HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT NOW.

14. Most bankers would not know that it was a go until the precise moment the US Treasury (under the Department of Defense) tell them it was a go.

15. Most exchange bankers and exchange staff were preparing for both contingencies starting Fri. 8 May or later.

16. Most bankers and other players such as Paymasters do not know how complicated it would be to initiate a shotgun start globally including all factors that went in to the Elders & POTUS, DoD security, UST and State Department teams confirmed the green light in the midst of a global war being executed right now with Deep State operatives.

17. He was sorry that it was frustrating and disgusting to some bankers and to some of us currency-holders alike, but since he was not one of the decision makers, we needed to all chill out and realize that we were on the razor edge of the shotgun start, to keep praying it in and ride the wave until it gets us to shore, which was shortly now.

18. Another sign that we were right there was that yesterday Wed. 6 May and a day earlier than expected, the US (POTUS, DoD and Aliance) released Iraq to vote and seat a new Prime Minister (Al-Kadhimi) with over 50% of his cabinet already seated and in place. This was a huge sign that the shotgun release was about to initiate.

19. Earlier this week Iran RV’d, dropped 4 zeros and changed it’s currency name from the Rial to the Toman.

20. Iranian citizens would start exchanging in Iran within the next 10 days to the new Toman currency. This also showed that we were right there at the starting line.

21. The Redemption Center Staff would show Rial holders how to exchange them at the first appointment.

22. The Alliance has been taking down GESARA-non-compliant govts. The fact that yesterday Wed. 6 May Iraq was released to vote and seat the new Prime Minister & 50%+ of the cabinet showed progress on GESARA compliance globally was winding down.

23. This was one of several key factors in exact timing of release. They could start all nations at any time now.

24. The exchanges-redemptions were tax free by the gold treaty stipulations, but there would be taxes on the Structured Payout program (annuity investment program) of interest payouts annually by the IRS/Treasury and by individual states.

25. This would be fully explained at the first and second appointments.

26. If IRS representatives were present in the second appointment it would be related to this. Your Wealth Manager and team would happily represent you and your desires to all Federal govt representatives present at the second appointment.

27. The first appointment to second appointment debit card cash cap has been increased from $140 million to $250 million.

28. The RV would produce more money than could possibly be spent globally by currency holders, bond holders and beneficiary recipients of all 27 payout categories.

29. There would still be pockets of deep need in this and other countries, as shown in the USA by the fact that the Small Business Administration expects 40% of small businesses to fail in the next six months. There would be a lot of people in need even after the economy was flooded with Universal Basic Income monthly payments to citizens and SBA forgiveable loans.

30. It would take us Tier4b currency holders intentionally paying it forward (PIF) through our Wealth Managers, private banking teams, attorneys, foundations, trusts and other structures to post-RV help many who will need individual and family financial, job creation, business capitol help, etc. We need to really think it through post-RV and PAY IT FORWARD, as each of us was chosen to PIF for such a time as this when the economies of the world needed to be rebuilt and this planet deeply needed to be fixed and healed.

Tier 4b redemption-exchanges for Contract Rates had a goal to be completed by Fri. 15 May, finishing in the next two weeks so the General Public could exchange foreign currencies in local banks at the new international rates around 1 June.

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