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Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency

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Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency Empty Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency

Post by claud39 on Fri May 08, 2020 10:41 am

Good morning all !! I put this article on the post https://www.dinardaily.net/t92031-follow-up-cell-the-government-may-resort-to-borrowing-and-printing-currency-to-provide-salaries  

I will open this post to be able to try to translate the document from Arabic into English for you members of the forum, as there are several pages I will do it in part so as not to spend the day doing the translation, happy birthday from mothers to forum members !!

Claud (Moose)

Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency


Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency Book-cover-CBI-foreign-exchange-sales

For many years, there has been a heated debate in the economic and political circles about the monetary policy of the Iraqi Central Bank, but it has intensified in recent days against the background of the collapse of oil prices and the significant decline in Iraq’s oil revenues to less than half the levels of last year. 

With expectations that this new external shock will adversely affect the levels of Iraq's foreign currency reserves due to the central bank continuing to finance unnecessary or imaginary imports aimed at money laundering and smuggling "hard currency" from the viewpoint of critics of the central bank, voices calling for strict control over Imports and stopping the leakage of what is described as foreign currency. Ironically, the same accusations were leveled at the previous leadership of the Central Bank under the title "Waste of Public Fund" during the financial crisis in 2009-2011 that ended with the exclusion of the former governor and his deputy and issuing orders to arrest them.

Whatever the matter, the network continues its policies in opening up to meaningful professional dialogue between the parties involved in formulating effective macroeconomic policies and gives the opportunity to the Central Bank of Iraq to clarify its vision supported by scientific arguments by re-publishing the following booklet, which covers its six paragraphs three main sections:

Introduction to scientific and practical concepts, justifications, and backgrounds.

Entrance to the possible alternatives to finance imports and differentiate between them.

Entrance to the instructions and directions regarding the import financing process.

 To download the brochure as a PDF, click on the following link

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Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency Empty Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency

Post by claud39 on Fri May 08, 2020 10:46 am

Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency


Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency Book-cover-CBI-foreign-exchange-sales


It is considered the mechanisms, methods, and special mechanisms of the family, and may threaten them with the foundations and foundations of the Supreme Judicial Bands.
Please, I hope you are in good condition, and here are the following:
1-T Establishments for this period, based on the accounts of the family members.
Al-Salaf, it is anonymous, and that this god of hunting has not been lost for hunting with rusters and rust tables.
In order for all countries to come, the Seventh Day of the Gods died.
2 - Al-Yasir Al-Yassi, at the height of a change of duty, not after that, but he was forced to refrain
The rate is higher, and the major countries are prepared and received, as a whole, and as a result.
D machine.
You can leave this contract as a contract, as a contractor, or as a contractor, or you will not be able to find any of the following information.
The mechanism (Al-Dour Al-Dour) and its generation with the indication of the closure.
If this number is confirmed by the authorities, it is confirmed as a constant.
Today, I will protect the victims. I may come to know what machine (in the number of).
The bad things of Katie, who also died.
The current significant number of protesters in the HDL (in the indication) has been eliminated by the rest of the evidence.
During the establishment of the dollar, the country of the country and the family of the Pavilion do not send this step.
Al-Hudhali Al-Kali, Tal and Al-Dim.
Hence, the sale of high-income families for the sake of short-term settlement is not approved, and the facilitation of the mechanism has not been met.
If this count is to be proven, it is necessary to obtain more information, for example, in order to sell it.
It has been reported that the “people of Shum” may be interested in reaching the interests of customers (except for the following).
Throughout the framework of the state of affairs, the guidance and guidance, and thus a step in this way, I hope that the highest countries
The last questions and the control of the company are not followed by the following.

I have asked, I want to tell you, those who have contracted the following procedures, may I come to them
Needs and adaptation, except for the rest of the body, my case, issues of the following changes that may make me aware of the extra time
I help you, but I may make it easier for people to know about illness.
I read Al-Awabi during the order of Al-Taaouti, and clarified the first part of the sale of this effort.
Cookies are cooked and processed, so that you do not leave them, but you may want to write them away.
The first and foremost reason is the non-destructive and the quiet, and my message is that these people have no energy.
There are moments, and you may threaten them, especially those who want to follow their own activities.
Date or faces.
This booklet, with its six paragraphs, covers three main chapters:
Introduction to scientific and practical concepts, justifications, and backgrounds.
Introduction of potential alternatives to finance imports and differentiate between them.
Entrance to the instructions and directions regarding the import financing process.
The time that you resumed in the future, I would like to tell you, I will tell you all about it.
This machine has been installed, and the equipment may be used in order to facilitate its appearance.

Rationale and rules for selling foreign currency:
First justification: the laws and principles governing the sale of foreign currency - dollars
The process of selling high-end tours (apartments) during the period of these contracts is only the following:
A) The Akkan Agency, the 56th Summit of 2004, which limits the brotherhood (28).
The rulers of the great estates, the birthdays and may not be slaughtered): (reckless or consummate procrastination)
Machinery (for this purpose), and the following time changes were abolished
Kindness may come to this brother.
The signs indicate that the documents have been made available to those children, so that they will not be established after
The misfortune of Neve is due to the fact that the judge, who is a judge, does not have any family matters, so
Sao Saif Saash, cooks Sa’ali and Taatim and allowed to listen to Tatael Tatael.
(B) The righteous people of the country, the state, and the country has long faced the oppressive states (and only the family),
The following was not the case: in 2008, it was decided not to place restrictions on sales or
Foreign currency purchase.
T Ask, and the family who put the numbers of the contracts, has dismissed the family or the family,
The cards of the God of God, and you will be entrusted to the king of Talat.
My friends.
The following are the measures for the 93 summits in 2004, which are for automated institutions.
Al-Siyaqi (Bala Al-Naban Al-Naban Al-Nabi Al-Qadhah H: or the following indications, and informing Al-Takani
The family members of the family are not affected, and the security services are not the same.
The information is based on the information given by the sale and the information on the sale.
A. Talihi and Taei, but I do not want to praise her.
, I will go to TA and I may not. Hajaj and miss
By the first time I sold and sold high-end items, I would have had the right to find the right thing to do.
Al-Khalil confirms that Natala Tatlala has a number of successive contacts, and to explain the public health and communications,
The use of cellular phones or night calls that may cause collateral may be associated with the following:
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Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency Empty Re: Central Bank of Iraq: a window for the sale of foreign currency

Post by claud39 on Fri May 08, 2020 1:53 pm

The second justification: the nature of government revenues and expenditures:
The Hagel and the quieter, not later, and the number of sales and high-end items, so my death will be less
Clear evacuations, subsequent cell nights and blocking points may indicate dots, highlighting the reality of their identification.
For the sale and sale of the household, the greatness of the machines and the high level of this period (the role), and the greater
Ignorant of the contractual indication - as you may notice, the high level of international affairs - such as the sale of food to the country.
Which in this country has a smell of selling to the God of the Day, for the sake of God, the God of the Day
In general, the way the central bank does is to change the dollar in slow terms.
The monopoly of the dollar source was not primarily imposed by Tel
The international taizi and tung ye may appear
The points, and the longer the length of the round, the longer the consumption of these white pearls (pearls) to
To protect the families, the longest period of time is the longest period of time.
You are cooperating with the family, not knowing what it is (the pearl), so it is suggested that you may understand and not mislead your family.
It has a very high level of harmony, and it is the basic eve of the human
The use of these fees is not for the time being, regardless of the length of time for the perpetrator, for the sake of God.
It may not be long or not, and the momentum will not be bad and bad.
Cache, hills, machine tools,
The share of the founders of these institutions is high, with regard to the following:
The parents of the father, the Azzi, the noble and the least.
And confirming that the high costs of the country had not been overlooked, as it was destroyed, they said that the number of visitors
Ablution machines (i.e. small people), and so it was not known: with the high number of people who arrived or
The connection is a great deal of comfort. Except
That is, they are wiped out and misleading, they are bad
The following:
That the sale of the property is only required, and that the mother and mother do not come, and the
Allied with a thick cough and a sore throat, and these are the signs
The first balance of alliances, and Tel
Aknakly has become the world's first.
The first of these accusations facilitated the facilitation of illiteracy, as it was indiscretion or abuse in the country.
It would have been fair to say that the Katy (rust) mechanism and the family of the group of funds are rich in money.
Anecdotal case: a brother’s connection (Al-Aliy Al-Oti ’lounges, was the first to be sold
The current mechanism is not the next day), that is, the inheritance of the rule would not be easy.
I wrap the camouflage in all shapes, and I do not have any possibilities.

The third justification: the economic causes and special circumstances in Iraq:
Speaking to countries that have been asked about the benefits of these investments, they are based on:
The families of al-Dur al-Dur (al-Muml), but the fact that the three may be in harmony with their attitudes towards the clearance of
The history of the original person has been hard and easy, to the one who inherits and who inherits it, and that comes with the family of people who are dating.
The inflatable pomegranate screen has been raised to Asta: it is empty, except for the nickname.
A. Weakness or frequency of the Ijazi coast and the conditions of the first, and Tadam and Mw or Aljim for the hardships, and the consequences
I have a lot of pictures of birthdays, I would like to write to you, because all the things I did wouldn't be
The originals first
A) Countries that are not open to families), and energy skewers, which are part of my country.
For the sake of this, the family has become a full-fledged driver of the commodity of the country of origin.
As with all energies, this training is a matter of some kind, and I spent a lot of time,
Attempt to pay.
B.These are coming to Yalos, and the family has been demolished, weak and weak in Hajan.
It is also known that the largest number of dependents have come to the country of origin.
Tal El-Aqil.
C. The weakness of the weak and intelligent sciences, the connections between the tribes and the tribes, and the family of this father.
The following are the requirements for sending decent wages or pearls: To Yalos, the indemnity agency.
The durl.
Dr. Yallu Telal machine tools, the following is not the case that Yallo may or the inheritance of machines that have gone out or
All goods, widgets, or equipment should be repealed. Don't give me the time to leave
These are the main signs of the family, who are the sister of the family, so the vast number of clients are empty of family.
The handouts are actually not available.
These are as many times as the last days
After sale, it is only sold to Yalos, after compensation
Tal al-Aqs to the deeds of God:

The removal of children may be facilitated by political and legal matters related to the family and the family.
I want to tell the Hagel:
 Qajan Takkhaaa or the.
Cagan of the Believers.
Cajan to the day
Cajan to the current
To the Internet, etc., is the variant of varicose veins that have not affected the period of time.
And the exaltation is not given.
Thus, the history of the Almighty and the Supreme Commander of the Supreme Council revealed to him the longest and the highest
During the time period (lounges of the land) and Tel during and during the construction of the equipment, this will not be possible.
The sale of goods and services is not available, as well as the sale or sale of goods.
I do not live with the pain of my family
Ethics may be more important than the top scorer, and this may be a general coughing effect.

Fourth justification: The imperatives of achieving the objectives of monetary policy:
Wali Al Yasi Al Hudali Al Hudsi Al Sass is not responsible for how many vehicles it has in this
The precise nature of this year may cause coughing, which is the main thrust of the hemorrhagic syndrome.
Hence, the containment of the nickname of the indiscretion of (SM) is attributed to the contracting parties, first and foremost.
Currencies. M KATI pumps more than 8 tons of bulbs, and there are no complications.
I am the first "Al-Aaim" for my company, Al-Hadali. Umm, this group of people in Al-Haddali will lead to the consolidation of my effort and its permanence. Tal Wagam
Finally, the legal verification of this does not exceed the following indications.
Countries that do not have housing may facilitate the budget because they are not fully covered.
My father is my father, and this is not covered by Al-Azaji’s jailers, and it is not connected to all of them
The MVV is ellipsoidal, the directives of Katy, the dural, with the duties of the MVD, and the only thing is that
No fees for any time or during all the durations in the country.
Tell all of you for the longest period
The rumors were that Alkatir was not the most abundant in the country,
Tel sale, tel, and third
I dorl?
Here we make it clear: the long term is not the highest level of evidence (the evidence), and the amount that you are compensating for is not high.
It was replaced by a measure of reason, and the following was followed by the international guide, but it was evacuated and canceled.
Night pads and caravanser (Tal al-Salif al-Kati) and caravanserai, and the third seat
Lacking Katie during the raid machines (Tel Al-Salalah Al-Kalakh) to the country of 35 countries.
In 2015-2017, to reach the public sector, and this is not possible for the residents of the villages
The students may use the same measure, and so the costs of this dependency are not limited to a slow measure.
Reduction of the rate required to take out the high level (in the country)
To the deity of Elian and deity.
The ablution of littery cough coughs for ablution may cause the number of children who are ill to receive them.
And this is because there are still dire conditions and cases that do not happen, regardless of the price that may come.
Know the role for Katie
The death of these patients was not due to accreditation) or they have 10 or more children.
I began to disregard the aspirations of the authorities for these checks either or (as a model).
15-25% qualify, Tal Al-Dawli, for them, you are aging.
Not that, it will be depressing.
The Yajal Yajalim fever was significant

The interpretation of the high international Azazi via the Lattakta Bloc is the basis of this growth,
The number of people who have been infected may be evacuated from the bucket for the most part, and to cover the interior, it may not
The floor will be filled with empty hills (flames or other conditions, such as the documents above, i.e. the no).
In most cases, these countries may not be able to enter the country, as long as they live
As was the case in the year 2009 M, the costs of accreditation to the following countries reached 148%, and they are not
The device may be read only.
It is clear from the i) (1) Ould Al-Dural, who have contracted the contracts and are divorced by the dowry.
I have a lot of cards, and I am present today, so I am looking for the people of the country.
I want it to come.
It has been assumed that the I (1) is clear to the countries that are concerned with the sale of land, which has been sterilized.
The impact of this matter is high during the nine months of the Holy See, due to the general evacuation period,
As for the displacement of yi and ya, it is not permissible to blame it, or it turns on and the recitation of the hemorrhagic pain has been coughed,
In other words, it is social and it is very difficult for you to add to the watering times of the evening meal.
No, no confirmation at all. a
Deaf deaf people, that the robot's mechanisms for this gift are not paid during the time of the scrapping (
Sweeping grief and coughing with vigor and epilepsy, so people who have no pain.
Anchor Nominal has not been nominated. Keep in mind
Please see Al-Yassi Al-Hudhali, as well, and you will not be able to do so
State policies may also perpetuate the following categorizations of the following terms:

Planner (1)
The dollar cycle in the Iraqi economy and its relationship to the dinar

At the end of the 2nd edition () it confirms that it is interested in me. It has been described as the relationship between the high and the following, and the fact that this is true.
In the case of Assets, it has been suggested that you examine the evidence that is the basis for conciliation, as well as the indications of domestic liabilities, as if it were a voluntary basis.
Ninth night liabilities may be indicative of general evacuation.
It was transmitted to the right of some people who belonged to the authorities and Zalakh, to those who live in Zilakh or Jahsajaa.
Planner (2)
The relationship between the general budget and the central bank budget

The Ministry of Finance sells its revenue from foreign currency
From the sale of oil to the Central Bank) after completion
All) of its external obligations

The Ministry of Finance buys the Iraqi dinar from the Central Bank for financing
Its internal expenditures are in local currency

Here, a second question arises: Do central banks in the countries of the world play the same role that the Iraqi Central Bank plays?
 The sale of high prices is valid for prolonged circulation and a standardized measure has been described in the instructions.
The birth of the mother and the mother and the mother of God (as well as the sale of the property) for the sake of inspiration, but the contracting contract -
B Al-Alaya Al-Ala'i - The returns may be dear to the family and to the people (and to the construction of the household) to vomit
Evidence for these hat (s)
First and foremost, they are overwhelming
The LC is very troubled by the LC and the Remittances Wire and my effort has been made in Cash,
The Lloyd changer changed
This mechanism does not have any constraints, it is also decided that the country is the highest country in the world.
Katy halls, as they are not the state, and the rush to destroy these countries (sale of private homes)
To live in or out of the high places (the halls of the automatic machinery and the following machines).
The fifth rationale: The other options for selling the dollar are not appropriate:
I may say that the following may be asked: a. I swear that all nights are true. These nights
In addition to May 6, 2015 and this, the following has been achieved:
 Option 1: Restrict sales by:
Mechanism: a- Determine the selling ceilings according to the types of sale or transfers.
Determine the sale according to documents and documents according to each type of sale or transfer
And for specific purposes
It does not cover the lengthy paintings
Decrease the number of cases, when they are not bad, or the negatives
Umm Al-Azli
The hills are infested with coughing and dysentery.
- Hess Alba Qahti Talat, Al-Asish and Dhalabil.
- Referring to the long lines of handling and treating the daughters with impurity
There are no indications during this time of the gangs.
My punishment is difficult, and I do not know what is wrong with this.
Al-Salaf has grown more than 70 charts and 30 complaints.
My legs (postpartum confusion).
The founding of the father of Al-Takani has been examined by the authorities,
Documentation and birth institutions are not available, or: international establishments
The small number, machine etc ... etc.), and the statue of the King of All
Now they are logged and timed
In order for it to come in 2012, you will find it possible
This is more than 5 hours

 The second option: partial restriction:
Mechanism: a- Not to request documents or documents for sales and transfers from banks
And companies with the application of the principle "know your customer", that is: check the legitimacy
Funds used by banks and companies for transfers and sales.
B- Restrict the quantities sold to specific limits according to the purposes and according to a level
Dollar imports.
- Do not enter the folding blocks. Positives
- The establishment of the Akkaneh and Al-Salaf neighborhoods should be complete
Do not eat, and pay the dues ..
- Please do not address the medical costs that stipulate the delay.
The group (the guidance and the household) is not available, as well as if you do not want it
The people of the country are the thief who signed the countries (and only the members)
The mother of the mother does not prejudice the sale of high-end property, for all of this, please do not leave
Tala'i Al-Tayi (long-term pre-emptive situation).
The machine) is currently the first to be written in the following table.
The machine is not used automatically, or ignorant of the following mouse
The San i Yala (.
Also, at the time of sale, you may also start or move away from this site.
Shoot. AB hav
Oh, how many nights do this?
- The hills are as sharp as possible, to pave the way for more comprehensive targets.
Let the hillside areas cough and hirsute.
- The value of the families is not available, but this country has been examined
State of the Haganese public.
- This pump is intended to be used as a sign indicating the selling time, if applicable
As a matter of course, there is no problem in this area.
- The ownership of this agency is not limited to the responsibilities of the subsidiaries and the schools in order to ensure
Al-Aiyat, and she is the father of Al-Awal Qalqil, who is not:

الثالث The third option: to release the freedom to buy for specific purposes.
Mechanism: A- The absence of ceilings for sales operations.
B- It is not permitted to cover operations not mentioned in the Central Bank's determinations (such as:
Capital transfers and others).
- Do not leave your family to cough, and do not have a positive relationship.
As a result, the family has been told.
- To some extent, it is reported to the people of the country and the Turkish rulers
Do not tell me where you want to go
- Luay to Aidam, I have a long time. Negatives
- A letter to the countries of the country, where time limits are involved
The machine.
The brotherhood of the brother, may the night of the night - the hill where the machine - the less
Follow the chariot and the dating.
الرابع Option 4: Total launch, both in quantity and quality.
Mechanism: a- Non-restriction of quantities and full response to demand.
B- Not restricting the types of transfers
C. Obliging banks and companies to apply the "know your customer" principle to verify
Legitimacy of the source of funds.
- Diarrhea Saa` Al-Sa`f and general transmission may cough.
- The female students, and the obtaining of the facts, such as the breach of the family
Eliminate the family and parents ’time.
- Naf service was established, but the dependency has been continued and the amount has been studied
This is a complication for my family, including women, children, and daughters
My righteous time and barracks in Barnalam bala is a property.
- The family of my father, Al-Taaali, the thief of the state and the leaders of the company
I do not care, and my wandering regime is essential
Bites and m.
The abortion of the malevolent parents who have been the most precious of these negatives.
If you want to say anything, I will tell you about my father’s family.
- The country may not read the instructions of the next ones, or leave them
As a matter of fact, the people of Kagala are attached to this section, because they are
The level of vulnerability and vulnerability is indicative of the oil, power, and tourism
And inherit the family members, and they have been dispossessed. Or. The opposite may have occurred
Hyde Seis is currently reading that it has been entered into the region as well.
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