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Post by Ponee Wed May 06, 2020 9:33 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins  53:49


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 5th and Happy Cinco De Mayo you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Ok here we go – ok guys where are we? 5th of May – What has been happening over the last few days has been very important – We have seen things with our own USN – our new USN are new asset backed dollar which is going to have United States Treasury Note on it NOT Federal Reserve Note anymore but US Treasury Note – that is why I call it the USTN – is going to be printed on our money – our “new” money – we will get it soon enough don’t worry - it will come when its ready

This digital version of our USN was digitized a few days ago and is actually showing up on some countries bank screens as a USN – an asset backed dollar –

It’s probably more widespread than I know – it’s showing in Hong Kong – Costa Rico – and I’m sure other countries but what is important to realize is we have it – China has a gold backed Yuan that is digitized meaning in additional form and we know that Iran actually is trying to make an announcement about Iraq because both of them have revalued their currencies – the Iranian Rial and of course the Iraqi Dinar – or new Iraqi Dinar as it’s called

We know that Iraq cannot announce their new currency even though they’ve had it revalued for a while and had it on the CBI website but immediately sort of took it down – they can’t really announce that until we say they can – which is strange – I know – but it is just so closely held until we’re ready to start – and I mean “us” ready – Tier 4A and 4B – when we’re ready to start that is as early as the Iraqi Dinar revaluation is going to be seen

Now we have sources in Iraq and we have sources that are Iraqi Americans – that have what we call the Qi cards – these are their debit and sometimes credit cards / mastercards primarily - that are loaded with a certain amount of money – What the Iraqis are able to do is to determine what the rate is compared to the US dollar on these QI cards – and we know the last time we looked since the revaluation of the dinar –

It’s been over a week ago now – week ago Sunday – We’ve seen it kinda go up in value and we’ve seen a rate approaching – but not quite as high as $10.00 – That’s an in country so called rate because it’s there for Iraqi’s and on their QI cards – it’s not necessarily going to be on a bank screen or a CBI website – no it won’t be there yet – so if that rate holds up – is it going to be a front screen rate on our banks – I don’t know – could be

Now, we know the Rial had a place holder rate – like 23 cents – but that’s probably just all it was – it’s not an actual rate for their currency because as trading partners next door to Iraq it should be within 5% - should be – that is where it will ultimately end up - it may start there – but it should end up within 5% of the Iraqi Dinar – So it is something to look at if some of you have the Rial –

Now, the rate for the Vietnamese Dong - we don’t know – that is always a tough one to get – for some crazy reason – but the good news is that since the Vietnamese Dong came off the Travelex currencies – it doesn’t even appear there – you go to look for it to try to get some and it’s gone – It ain’t there –

So there are very few people selling it still and their supplies have basically run out – they have what they have and that’s it - of course when the dealers get the heads up and they will get a heads up - 15 minutes or whatever – before maybe an hour before the rate change takes place officially and they will be able to immediately have a program installed where they can push a button - press a few keys and get the new rate to appear

Now in most cases the rate would be so high that no one would be interested in buying those currencies anymore because we are buying what are so called exotic currencies – they are not traded like the – at least not yet like the euro or the Mexican peso – or whatever – they are not like that – or like the British pound – the sterling as they call it

But we do know that the Chinese currency which we call the Yuan – the official trading term is the Renminbi - and that has like I said has revalued and of course a lot of this stuff is still kept quiet – until everything is ready to go –

The term “gold backed” currency – we were using that sometimes – but realistically – it is more “asset” backed – it might be 50% backed by gold – 10% by other precious metals – partially backed by oil and other minerals and even other items -

We are looking for the global currencies to be asset backed – all of them – and they are - or about to be – announced as that –

Now – what else is going on? We know that tomorrow – Wednesday – the so called exotics are going to be traded – if you will – and this is – places like Zurich – Hong Kong – Miami – London – where Bonds and boxes of Bonds –will be hypothecated and paid out we believe starting tomorrow – they are terming those as “exotics”

What is going on now or tonight? Starting about 2pm this afternoon Pacific time – we are understanding that the intermediate groups - between Tier 3 and Tier 4 – they are supposed to be in the process now of being paid out – we know that all of the Paymasters accounts are liquid as of 2 pm Pacific - and we understand that these paymasters and trustees are able to pay out all of those intermediate accounts probably starting now tonight and overnight tonight –

So that we are ready for the possibility – I am going to say the next couple of days for Tier 4 and that would include the Admirals groups – Cores – the rest of those groups should be notified and we should get notified – I believe they may go a little bit ahead of us guys they really might – it would not offend me in the least if they did Tier 4A first but we’re hearing we have a good shot at starting either tomorrow or Thursday with emails –

No emails have come out that I know of from Wells Fargo for our group – there were some rumors about that earlier – I did not get any confirmation of that or any proof of that – but I think those will come out at the same time that I’m supposed to get the toll free number that I am supposed to put out so could be a late morning tomorrow thing – possibly – it could be Thursday –

We know that the states need to open up to phase 1 and we had more states to open up and agreed to open up last night that opened today – like California – Washington – and several others –

Is it an absolute that all have to open up before we start? I’m not quite sure but when I say open up that is to “essential” services – that is phase 1 – “essential” – I think all states hopefully by tomorrow can open up to that state of phase 1 – I would love to see that because if that is required for us to go then we are just about there

Now, this is an essential business and banking is essential - and what we’re doing which is going to be is to fire up a spark to really rebound our economy – we are going to be the ones to sow those funds in – in a big way by spending – so after you get your first monies on your first appointment I think it would be wise to start spending but spending wisely – if you want to get a new ride – get a new car – You can spend some money – It’s okay – we’re all going to do some of that – and we are going to do it to help rebuild America and our economy –

Now let’s talk about your redemption appointment – when I say redemption that means for redeeming Zim - why are we redeeming Zim and exchanging currency? - Because the redeeming bonds that we have are Zim bonds - and the currency we have like Dinar – Dong – Rupiah – Rial – Yuan – are currencies and will be “exchanged” –

Here’s the latest when you go in for your first appointment – let’s say you have 2 currencies – Dinar and Dong – because you bought them 100 years ago - no 10-15 yrs ago – and you have some Zim – a couple notes - When you go in for your first appointment let’s say you do get some form of a default rate on your Zim – but maybe because of your projects you feel like you might be able to negotiate a higher rate because your projects deserve it –

That is when your second appointment would be necessary – with a representative - could possibly be from Abbott Downing – it could be a wealth manager - if you’re an employer it could be a US Treasury representative – it depends on the market – the bigger the market – the more chance you will have to have 2-3 people at that second meeting – and that is when you are going to lay in with your project in more depth - get real on it – more serious – look them in the eye and let them know what you’re doing

Here’s the point – and this is not a word that I like – I don’t like CAP – I don’t even like to wear a ball cap - Here’s the “cap” – if you go in and do your exchange – they will allow you to have up to 140 million dollars on day one from your exchange currencies and from your Zim - $140 million – don’t anybody get that wrong –

They would put that into an account – some on a debit card – basically that is what you’ve got to spend – if you will – until your second Zim appointment – which could be up to 10 days later – however you designate it – whenever you set that up – you’re going to have the $140 million – now you’re going to have as Paul Harvey says – “the rest of the story” because you’re going to give them the rest of your story - with your projects and you’re also going to get the rest of your exchange money – if it exceeds that meaning the currency you exchanged -

You will also be able to get access to your Zim proceeds and you will be talking about your structured settlement – your structured payout – rather - and how many years you want to go and rate of interest you want to earn on it – how you want to be paid on it – mine is quarterly – every 90 days – do you see what I’m saying?

All of that will be laid out at the second appointment where you finalize those things – and the goal is to get a rate that is win - win - win situation - Why do I say that? It’s a win for you because if you negotiate and take the rate up from a default rate to a more reasonable realistic rate that you wanted to get –

It is a win for the bank because the more money the banks have in your account (remember who’s money it is) YOUR MONEY - NOT THE BANKS – None of it is the banks - It’s all yours

It’s a win for the banker because he is overseeing a structured payout of a gazillion dollars – or whatever it is – right – and who is the 3rd and most important winner? The project people that you’re helping – You see – the people that you help when you fund projects – like Rebuild America – the veterans you help when you create the veterans retreat –

I’m giving you an example – the people’s lives that you seed these monies into to level the playing field so the people will have a better life style and better opportunity to learn and earn – all of that stuff nationwide and yes worldwide too – but we start here – at home – we rebuild homes that have been torn down by tornados - that’s our first part of rebuild America and then we go on beyond that – to rebuild cities – towns – and communities all over this great country of ours

My point is – it is a win – win – win situation all 3 portions – you – the banker – and the people that get the benefit of our projects - they are the beneficiaries of most of the money - you can buy only so many cars - you can have only so many homes – you can buy only so many shoes –

But here’s the thing - that stuff will get old after a while – and what is really meaningful is what you are doing with your life to help other people - That is where it makes sense – that is where we find our joy –

Our joy is renewed every morning knowing that we are going to be able to affect people’s lives in a positive manner – every day after we wake up and have our bullet proof coffee – Do you see what I’m saying? Our lives completely change after this – we do a 180 after this thing goes – After our second appointment we come waltzing out of the bank knowing what the deal is – I’m excited – You guys are too – you’re ready –

I’m excited and it looks like we are finally coming down to the wire – we had some false starts – we had a big weekend – it’s all good

I want everybody to be conscious of their safety – their security going forward –will we have a call Thursday – I don’t know yet maybe so maybe not – maybe a celebration call if the NDA allows it – that is presuming that we get started before Thursday or by Thursday - Let’s see what happens.


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