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THE BIG CALL NOTES and Replay Link, May 1 2020

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THE BIG CALL NOTES and Replay Link,  May 1 2020 Empty THE BIG CALL NOTES and Replay Link, May 1 2020

Post by Ponee Fri May 01, 2020 9:38 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay  LINK  Intel Begins 1:02:23

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 30th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Welcome and thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s do this guys – Let’s look forward and not back tonight with the intel we have tonight – I’m going to try to give you the view that I get which is interesting – The first thing I’m going to talk about so I don’t forget it – there has been something that was put out today or yesterday – about taxes – something was said that 50% tax would be levied on our exchange – I have to tell you that was a lie – there is no tax on our exchange – it is a tax free exchange –

Now – will you ever pay taxes? Yes – because the money that your exchange proceeds earn – if they earn money in a structured payout for example over 25 or 50 years like I am going for – and let’s say you earn a rate of 4% on that per year – 1% per quarter - guess what?? You’ll pay taxes on the interest that you earn on that money – its considered passive income -

Now – that’s the tax you would pay – just like its considered passive income – it’s considered earned income – but called passive income – because your money is earning interest for you and yet that also presumes no change in the tax plan – the tax structure that we will have going forward – which under NESARA could very much change for us as far as – and remember I am not a tax accountant - not a CPA - not anything like that - by not being a tax attorney or CPA etc – I do have some experience with taxes that goes back to the age of 16 – but I will say this we expect under NESARA a new tax plan for us –

Even though I think I know what it might be – I probably should not let you guys know what I think it is – itt’s better for us to just wait and see what comes out – But let me ask you this –

Why would President Trump several time say that he would recommend that we would have a moratorium on withholding payroll taxes through the end of the year? - for one thing – it benefits employers – they don’t have to withhold as much on you and it would benefit you because the money being withheld from your check would go to you and you would not have to withhold it – that would be a real benefit – it would be like getting a raise –

Now – is that something that could be a precursor to a new tax plan that could be in place by the end of the year? Possibly - don’t know if it’s retroactive to 2020 beginning of this year - we’re just going to have to follow it – wait and see what happens - but the point is – don’t worry – this is NOT a taxable event - we are just going to pay taxes on the income that is generated from your proceeds – not the proceed themselves

Now we’ve got that one out of the way – Let’s go to what else we’re hearing – We’re sitting at a really interesting time – let’s say we’re getting pretty close to 10 o’clock eastern time – do you realize that at 12:01 Eastern Daylight Time – one minute after midnight – everything cuts loose - everything gets released – and what does that mean? What am I saying? What does that look like?

Here’s what it looks like – it looks like the green light is turned on for the intermediates to be funded – the Admiral’s group to be funded – Core – and all the others be funded to receive at least a portion of what they are to receive – and I believe the amounts will be a little lower than anticipated to start but then after we go Tier 4B – I believe the amounts will rise to what they are to receive coming to themselves –

Now – here’s what is really interesting to me – we had at 4 am in the morning yesterday morning – Wednesday – we had a go ahead to go in – however - there were things called audits that took place and an audit is more of – in this particular place – this was a way to prevent people that were not supposed to be paid in tier 3 in SKRs and so on from being paid – This has been going on where you guys know I use the analogy of clean up on aisle 3 - well clean up on aisle 3 has been going on solidly in this area for the last 2 months to well over 11,400 arrests – in that 2 month period – globally –

So – they are really doing an excellent job of preventing people that are not supposed to be getting this blessing from getting it – and I can tell you clean up on aisle 3 is continuing and will continue but it is really going to be good for us to get everything started after 12:01 AM Eastern May 1st

Now – what else is important about that time? By midnight tonight Eastern Daylight time – this is a mandate from the IMF that all debt of all African nations will be forgiven – all debt from IMF to all African nations will be forgiven by midnight tonight (Thursday night) –

That is the start of GESARA – globally – In addition to that President Trump is putting our plan – our national plan – NESARA – in position to run parallel with GESARA –

At 12:01 AM Eastern tomorrow morning – (Friday AM) – we revert back to Constitutional Law – and under Constitutional Law – there are several things that will be changing - one of which is the concept of sanctuary states and sanctuary cities will no longer be acceptable – and you will see about 29 states begin to scramble to get themselves out of that status - because funding to those states and cities will be cut off by the Federal government under the Constitutional Law –

It is also going to affect illegals that are here that are no longer allowed to be here – all green card holders – my understanding is will be vetted again to make sure they are of good standing – and are able to remain in the US under that status – as a green card holder

There’s a lot going on you know we had heard that Australia started their exchanges under the RV – we heard that yesterday – I don’t know what time or date they started – if in fact they did – but it’s the old east moving west – east coming west on this –

We also heard – and we’ve seen that the Vietnamese Dong is no longer available to buy on Travelex which is a major site and you know if you have traveled that Travelex has a number of Kiosks in a number of airports globally – throughout the US and in other countries for currency exchange - Travelex does not want to be caught in the middle of a rate change so they no longer have the Dong for sale –

Very few dealers still have dong for sale and I will say this one particular dealer that you guys have heard of out in California is no longer able to get dong or Zimbabwe dollars for sale – they no longer have them being issued from the people they were getting it from – and now there’s kind of a call out to anyone that wants to sell that to them and would be at a way below market rate – they’re trying to buy up some so they can resale it - they are out – That’s a good sign –

When the dealers dry up – which is what we’re talking about - and Travelex no longer has any dong for sale – and we know that Zimbabwe has made their decree that they have a revalued dollar on par with our dollar and is an asset backed currency – that is exactly what we are looking for

My understanding was 12:01 AM Friday morning we will have a digitized USN – or USTN – digital – so we are moving forward with that – Do we expect an announcement to some extent about an asset backed dollar? Yes – and we think it could come as early as tomorrow –

All of this starts tonight – the green light starts 12:01 – for the groups to be paid out – this includes the intermediate groups – Tier 4A begins tomorrow and Saturday – paying out Friday and Saturday -

Beyond that – when does Tier 4B get a chance to go?

The best information I have so far today from several sources is talking about 36 – 72 hours later – that 72 hours would put us Monday afternoon at 1:00PM that we could be notified after that time – but more than likely our start would be on Tuesday

Now – notice Tuesday’s date - that’s right – Cinco de mayo - so you’ve got 5-5-2020 - that’s interesting - we’re just going to have to keep an eye on that – because that is looking likely - we can’t call it - I’m just telling you what I am hearing - that’s all

Now – beyond that - what will take time from now to then is the pickup and drop off – NESAR and GESARA - and we should see something pretty soon regarding Debt Jubilee or debt forgiveness – We are already in some aspects of Universal Basic Income with the 1200 stimulus – so we are just going to have to wait and see how that unfolds in the next several months –

Yes did I think we had a shot of going by today – and not even being on the call? Yes – but like a moving target the information changed - and actually after Tuesday night’s call I heard from some key sources that at 9 PM start of the Big Call on last Tuesday night everything changed –

As far as our exchange procedures and our redemption of Zim – everything is the same as I said on Tuesday night’s call and with one possible exception – Let’s say you’re a Zim holder that had a few notes - 2-3 notes – a couple 50’s and a couple 10”s – not a whole lot – but the value is great - When you set up your appointment and you say you have zim and you bring it with you – you may be able to get that exchange done at your first appointment – that’s a correction – a change from Tuesday’s information

It appears that if you’re a small player which you would be with just 2-3 notes that you could get that done and you would have a quite possibly a default rate - its back in again – it’s out – it’s in – it’s out - well for the purpose of this call tonight – it’s back in –

Because it’s changed – I can’t tell you what it is – just know you would have something as a default rate and you would also if you wished – and felt entitled to a larger amount than what was defaulted – you could set a second appointment to go in and lobby for a higher rate on the zim because of your humanitarian project - because they may be designed to go several generations - a generation being 80 years – so it could go 3-4 generations – and this could happen with or without you - if you’re not around somebody below you would see the project through – someone that you have designated to take over –

Everything else that I told you Tuesday still holds – that minimum meaning advance of 1-25 million on a temporary debit card – if you are a Zim holder – that may go away if in fact you do your few note exchange - you may not need that because you have a default rate available – we’re just going to see how they deal with that - it may come down to whether or not you do a second appointment – or just be happy with the default rate on your first appointment

Again – if you have a lot of Zim – more than likely you are not going to do your exchange/redemption on the first visit – so take it with you – they may want to run it through the delarue machine

They are doing their level best to clear the people who are not supposed to be a part of this from being in it – taking advantage of the situation – it is worth the wait – it has been worth the wait – ultimately it is best for us to have the highest level of security – legitimacy in terms of people that are able to do these exchanges and redemption of Zim for the right reasons - for humanity – remember we talked Tuesday night about the idea that you’re going to be doing a complete 180 – all your life you’ve been trying to earn money – trying to make a good investment on something – you have tried to gain – gain – garner - but you know what? –

After you walk out of that redemption center – especially after your second appointment – should you choose to have one – everything is different – you’re coming out as a philanthropist in the making – you are coming out as someone who is seeding your funds into humanitarian projects – it is a totally different way of looking at money – you are no longer motivated by profit – but by getting rid of the money responsibly – sowing it into people’s lives – that’s what it’s all about - it a 180 degree turn and paradigm shift for all of us -

The sooner you see yourself as that individual as that humanitarian – that philanthropist the easier it’s going to be for you to walk in that new light – I am excited – we are all excited to move into that new paradigm shift – Let’s all stay excited – get your projects ready – and have a great night -


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