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Full COFFEE WITH MARKZ Transcript for April 30 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Full COFFEE WITH MARKZ Transcript for April 30 2020

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Full COFFEE WITH MARKZ Transcript for April 30 2020 Empty Full COFFEE WITH MARKZ Transcript for April 30 2020

Post by Ponee Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:57 pm

Member:  Another day for the PTB to get it right.

MZ: My guys on the government side/Nesara side are still looking for mid-May. Doesn’t mean it can’t be sooner. 

MZ: My folks in Iraq still think this could be our weekend….

MZ: In Reno, Zurich and Hong Kong…..they are all in place. They are thinking that “now” is the time. 

MZ: I am still thinking we could be 2-3 weeks away because we need congress to come back and pass one more round of stimulus…..but the banking side absolutely believe they are correct……that tonight is our night……I hope they are right…I would like to be wrong. 

Member:  If the "Banking Side" is right today, it may be the First time they were finally Correct. I am hoping the Banks will be right today and Surprise a lot of people. I am ready for that Surprise. All in favor say "AMEN".

Member:  President Trump might just call both Houses out and do what needs to be done!!

Member:  Why do we even need Congress when every time we need them they are always on vacation, sounds like Iraq

MZ: Other news is JP Morgan came out with Q3 and Q4 ( 2rd and 4th quarter) ….they are looking for GDP to be off by 40%. Which means we have to print more money. When we print more money we have more debt to service….I told you guys we would see deflation then hyperinflation unless they get our reset done. ….It is making it absolutely necessary to reset. . 

MZ: They already admitted they printed 8 Trillion without producing any more goods. 8 Trillion is on the books…..no telling how much was printed “off the books” So our dollar just became worth a lot less…..we need a RESET. 

Member:  Printing MORE....DESTROYS THE FED!!!

Member:  trump is spending rothchilds money ...were not going to pay it back...debt forgiveness...remember?

MZ: I hope the bank side is right and it is sooner than later. 

Member:  Mark I read yesterday that the Dong should go on the 7th of May and the LQD would go within a week later.

Member:  A lot of new rumors were saying the R V would go before the 2nd...

Member: Bruce says today is the day

MZ: I hope he’s right. 

Member:  I just got an email from where I bought my Zim that they are buying it back. There is notices that they don’t believe there will be an RV. Why buy it back.

Q: Will you still post 800 numbers when they come out?

MZ: I will post whatever they allow me to post.   I still hear I will be allowed to, but I also hear the numbers will be sent via email….so I don’t know how it will roll out. 

Q: Is UBI part of Nesara? 

Member:  Trump says he would prefer no payroll taxes vs UBI (universal basic income) 

Full COFFEE WITH MARKZ Transcript for April 30 2020 ZNRGDT7XRVCQXO2DFB76X3
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Member:  Heard that universal basic income is a cabal initiative. The patriot initiative is removing income tax so you can keep more of your money!

Member:  UBI is the dream of socialists to have as many people as possible dependent of the government.

Member:  I think we're all in a zombie movie produced in another dimension and the $1200 is our pay as extras...

Q: What about the arrests ….. are any more coming out.

Member: Arrests are happening behind the scenes…….many indictments have been opened. 

Member:  Did any of you download the Wikileaks email dump. These emails will make you sick when you see the murders, sex trafficking and money stollen from us. They go on snd on.

Member:  CONGRESS is making big money off the CRISIS...they do insider trading and make money off vaccines and the like...

Member:  Fact 11% Americans Believe Hillary Is Honest- Fact 14% Believe In Sasquatch .....

Member:  Congress refuses to go back to Washington because they would be forced to wear face masks and they would all pass out from the stench of their own lies! LOL!

Member:  It was on the X 22 report and it’s something that everybody should watch more information about how big the rats are in the deep state

Member:  Trump make huge announcement tomorrow

Member:  Trump did say there would be a great 4th quarter. ??

STILL LOOKING FOR STIMULUS CHECK.? NEW SITE... https://sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof-wmsp/notice#bankAcctNumberConfirmInput



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