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Post by Ponee Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:41 pm

Bruces Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins at 54:54 min mark


Ok, let’s talk about intel and where we are – this is an interesting time for us because here we are 2 days from the last day of the month – Now we had heard – about a week ago that we had sort of a deadline or back wall – it appears that we have had a deadline in place for us to get started – US – Tier 4B – we believe that deadline is Thursday – the last day of the month the 30th of April

Now – here’s the thing – we’ve got confirmation of trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars moving into place – and that means moving into place where they can be disseminated for some of these groups – We are down to where Tier 3 we believe is all been paid at least their 1% - but there may still be some holdouts there –

Then of course we’ve got the intermediates which are these large sovereign groups that are sandwiched between tier 3 and tier 4 and that is why they are known as “intermediate” - Those are set with trustees with contracts as I mentioned I believe on Thursdays call – They have contracts – I believe they all have funds in their accounts now to disseminate to the account holder - those individuals – that is where we are Now – Earlier today – and realize – I know we have heard this for a while – but earlier today we got word that the intermediate groups would be funded overnight tonight and that is pushing it – but I know they know when the deadline is – I know they want to hit it – I know they don’t want to go beyond it – and we believe because of that we heard from one of our Tier 1 banking sources that tomorrow was the date they received information on for us to start –

Now – I obviously can’t call it – or even verify that because it’s still unsure whether it could occur tomorrow or possibly it could occur Thursday – It should not go beyond Thursday – Of course we know in this anything is possible – we already know that - but we also know they do want to get this thing started and we believe they want to get it started by or on Thursday April 30th

Now – going beyond that what else is out there that points to this? Usually our currencies can tell us something – so we know for example – at 7 am Easter this morning Travel X stopped offering Vietnamese Dong for sale on their site -In other words – it disappeared – The Vietnamese Dong is no longer available

That is a great sign for us – and that went away – so why did that go away? It’s going away because the rate change is going to take place - and they don’t want to get caught in the middle of a rate change – so they have simply removed the Dong from the site – that is Big!

What else has happened? Let’s talk about the Iraq Dinar – We had a reinstated rate – we had a revaluation take place last Sunday and we have a uhhhh – a rate – because the CBI website was up and then was taken down by Iraq on purpose – they did not want us to see what that rate is –

The rate I understand was at $1.00 – the re-instatement rate – which was on par with the US dollar – and we believe it has elevated well above that rate and we should have tomorrow – well we do have the new rate on the bank screens now - it has been there to people that – like our Forex guy – and certain bankers have acknowledged that there is a new rate –

We have some idea as to what it is – but we are not at liberty to say - and we are just going to let that play out –

Now – tomorrow – being Wednesday – it’s a major day – in Iraq for the official newspaper to go out and it could very well be we get a new rate tomorrow as it has been traded up on the Iraq stock exchange – ISX – It should quite possibly be here tomorrow –

Now my personal feeling is - it won’t appear until we get started with our toll free numbers – our exchange appointments – so we’ll see when that actually occurs – I’m not worried about it – I know they revalued – we have people that are directly connected to Iraq that have acknowledged that – so I feel very good about that –

Now – what else about currencies? We know the Zimbabwe Dollar was said to have revalued today and have had an announcement alongside that saying that their Zimbabwe Dollar – New Dollar – is asset backed - I think that’s a term we’re going to hear globally – this is the first time we’ve heard currency we have used the term “asset backed” and we know that could be gold – precious jewels - any number of things – in our country we know it’s going to be gold – it’s going to be oil – properties – other precious metals – could be a lot of different things –

The term we’re probably looking for instead of gold backed is asset backed – that is probably what we’re going to hear for currencies around the globe – Even though we had a week ago - Monday – we had the GCR – Global Currency Reset initiated when oil dropped and plummeted below $1.00 – below zero! All the way down to minus $37 per barrel –

That precipitated release of the Heritage Trust Funds – to be put in circulation and to be sent out to the central banks globally where that needed to go – So we’ve got the Heritage Funds – The Global Collateral Accounts - we have the Rodriquez Trust – the St Germaine Trust - There’s quite a bit that has been flooding – like I said – trillions and trillions of dollars and today we heard the term so much quintillion dollars was moving into place – and into the banks that need to have it to pay out these various funds –

Prosperity packages are supposed to go out I believe Thursday and Friday of this week – So not everything every single thing may be paid before we start but I believe we are on track to start either tomorrow or Thursday – as it is now that’s what it looks like – we know that things change – we’ve been pushed back a number of times as things are happening globally but so far as of now – things are very positive for us over the next 2 days – let’s say it that way –

Now let’s talk about something that is relevant to all of us that have the Zim – there’s been some things that have been put out that I’ve heard of – that people have told me about – about various aspects of our Zim redemption - I am here to tell you tonight that I have clarity on what that’s going to look like for us –

This is how I’ve been informed – when it appears to happen for us - we are going to have essentially 2 meetings if you have Zim – Now let’s say that you don’t have any Zim and you have Dong or Dinar – Rupiah – or another like the Yuan – that’s in the first basket –

What you are going to be able to do is call up the toll free number – set your appointment – go in and do exchange – literally exchange your currency – they do run it through the delarue machine to verify it – to count it – and come up with a total -

You will get a rate so you can equivocate that amount of dinar – dong - rupiah – whatever you have other than Zim in US dollars – You will get that money immediately – that day - put on a debit card – if you choose or in my case – I do not want it on a debit card - I want it in an account – it’s going to be digital - I know I’m going to have access to it – if not on day one – by day two – meaning the day after that exchange – because it’s currency – that should be immediately available – So that’s what that looks like as far as the currency exchange - this is if you don’t have Zim

Now – let’s say you DO have Zim – and other currency – here’s the scenario you’re in now – When you call to set your appointment they will ask what currencies you have – you will let them know that you have those currencies and also Zim –

Here’s where it gets tricky – when you go in for your first meeting – you will do the full exchange on your currencies like we just described but they will ask you how much you have – as I envision this you’re going to tell them and they are going to ask you if they can run it through the delarue machine to verify it and to count it and they will be picking up the serial numbers automatically by the delarue machine and laptop computer when they run this –

They will not be settling on a rate on for the Zim on the first meeting – they are not even going to give you a default rate on the first meeting – What they will do is give you an advance on a debit credit card from 1 million to up to 25 million dollars – to hold you over on that until you come in to do your second appointment

Alright – let’s do this – they want to get everybody on that first appointment that you set in and out in 25-30 minutes tops – In and Out – there’s not going to be time at the first appointment to talk about a Zim rate – a structured payout – a rate of interest that you would negotiate for that structured payout - and a number of other things besides setting up an account or two –

That’s probably as far as you will get - setting up an account - maybe setting up an account in another bank – I am planning setting up one account in a bank for the currency - one account for the Zim – which realize I might set that account up - I might not even set it up yet – until I come back ( second appt?)

They want you to come back in within ten days to a Tier 1 bank – not the redemption center but a Tier 1 bank that’s tied to the redemption center – so that you can negotiate – you can do your full presentation on your projects and can lobby for the rate you feel you should have on your zim –

So what I’m saying is – when you go in the first time that Zim – say you have only 2-3 notes – and you’re not exchanging or redeeming – you are giving to them so they can verify it is not counterfeit - get the serial numbers - all of that - You get the Zim back - you go home with it – you do not leave it with the bank - You don’t have a rate on it yet - and you sure as heck do not want to put it in a safe deposit box -

When the second appointment comes up - within ten days – you return to do your presentation and to negotiate the rate and set up any new accounts for the Zim that were tied to your structured pay out – and then of course negotiate your rate of interest that you’re offered or negotiate – it depends on what they offer you - and then – anything else that could do with your Trust – that you either have or want to set up - any other structures you may want to have -

In other words it’s more of time for the second appointment and I see it taking up to 45 mins to an hour and maybe longer – depending how sophisticated you are at that time and how much you want to work with them – You’ve got a concept of getting legal help if you haven’t already - you need to look into and see if they have a family office available for you - and you all need to look that up – look under Wells Fargo Wealth Management – under Family Offices – That is something you may need and I want you all to look that up – Should be available to us through Abbott Downing – or Wells Fargo – or Chase – any Tier 1 bank

The reason I’m saying this is that second appointment is very important because that’s where the mother lode is – right - if you have Zim – That’s your mother lode – that’s where your setting up your mother lode account - That is where you’re setting up a structured payout account that might go 25 years or more –

In my case I am going to ask for 50 years structured payout -- and I’m going to ask the interest be paid out every quarter – every 90 days at a predetermined annual percentage rate of interest – don’t confuse your APR of return with the rate on your currency

Everything is moving forward – we think the intermediates are being paid out overnight tonight - finally –and we should be there – I think – based on what we have – it’s showing either tomorrow or Thursday - I’m good either way – I hope you are too.


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