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Post by Ponee Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:01 pm

Since last Sun. 19 April the top 27 White Dragon Chinese Elders and the grandfather have been insisting that the final RV/GCR release be finished. They would no longer wait on the US to start and began completion of the final release last Sun. night 19 April into Mon. 20 April. The US had no choice in the matter because the RV/GCR monies were released and moving in a way that couldn’t be stopped.

On Mon. 20 April there began what the Chinese Elders called a “Ten Day Paradigm Shift” (Mon. 20 April to Thurs. 30 April). The top 27 White Dragon Chinese Elders said to all countries that they were going to push hard to get the redemption and exchanges started, plus the 27 payout category disbursements going between Mon. 20 April and Thurs. 30 April.

The White Dragon Elders released Heritage Funds Mon 20 April, pushed everything out. On Wed. 22 April POTUS Trump signed an Executive Order closing US borders in order to comply with GESARA / NESARA protocol. Trump then told his Department of Defense, UST, State Dept, & White House teams to get everything expedited for a shotgun start including Tier 4b redemption/exchanges for next week and before Fri. 1 May. On that Friday Trump wanted to reopen the US economy.

From last Mon. 20 April onward massive amounts of money from the global collateral accounts have been moving globally for a shotgun start release for next week and before Fri. 1 May.

The Elders started moving money based on the Heritage Funds, which were valued at quintillions of dollars, as well as the Dragon Bonds that the White Dragon Family top 27 Elders had. That's why the oil market crashed last Mon 4/20 and went negative as it was getting rid of petro-dollar funds held by the Cabal/Deep State.

The Department of Defense gave the green light Wed evening 22 April that started the final GCR/RV release sequence – the same day POTUS Trump signed the Executive Order to close USA borders according to NESARA / GESARA protocols to release the GCR/RV. Iraq was allowed to RV the Dinar on that Wed 22 April.

Word from an honorary White Dragon confirmed that Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 opened Thurs. 23 April and the Elders started collecting their due.

The Forex was updated at 2 am EDT on Fri. 24 April with the rates for 22 RV currencies not yet locked in. Later on Fri. 24 April at 9:30 am EDT Paymasters in Zurich, NYC, Miami and elsewhere were paying out clients. Currency holder 800# email lists were told to have those lists to Wells Fargo by close of that business day. The US was pulling the trigger Sat. 25 April, with final payouts to start any time Mon-Wed 27-29 April.

The grandfather said that the global collateral accounts, Tier 2-3 sovereign account funds, Tier 2-3 intermediate accounts (Fines & Penalties, CMKX, Farm Claims, Native American Indian accounts, the sovereign accounts, and other adjudicated accounts), Tier 3-4a Admiral top level accounts, Reno inner & outer core group accounts, and Hong Kong funds have to be paid out this weekend. Over this weekend CMKX deliveries expected to be going out, but DoD security teams wanted to keep those deliveries to recipients under wraps.

The Dinar RV rate would be public through the ISX by Sun 26 April. Also on Sun. night at midnight 26 April they planned to start locking things down so Tier4b could have notification and apts. any time between Mon. 27 April and Wed. 29 April.

The Dinar and all rates would be locked in by Mon 27 April. CBI.IQ website. China had already sent the confirmation letter to banks to start on Monday 27 April. The Elders, Department of Defense, the Trump White House, and US Treasury were trying to get the final release and redemptions started ASAP the week of Mon. 27 April because of the IMF release of several hundred billions to humanitarian projects globally the week of Sun 3 May.



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