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Bruce's Big Call (Intel & Replay) -

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Bruce's Big Call (Intel & Replay) -   Empty Bruce's Big Call (Intel & Replay) -

Post by Ponee Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:32 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 4-23-2020


Intel Begins at  59:50.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 23rd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe – we look forward to having a great call tonight

Let’s talk a little bit about some intel and see where we are  – I think we’re in a really good place and I feel like today (Thurs) in some ways I got the biggest – greatest amount of pertinent intel for us that we’ve had on any one day –

I feel good about what I can bring to you guys – Let’s first start with Iraq – remember that we said Iraq reinstated the Dinar last Saturday – now – they also revalued the Dinar yesterday – Wednesday –  so the re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar became official yesterday – with a “new rate” –

Now – I have a window of what the rate is now – ok between this and this – it doesn’t really matter because right now – what happened was – you know- they’ve had it on the website – cbi.q  I think and what happened was – they were kinda getting hits on it but they really did not want it to get knocked down – they did not want it to get hacked – okay – so they took it down themselves Iraq did this morning at 4:30 am – eastern –

They really don’t want it to be seen by the world yet because Sunday is when Iraq’s first day of business  begins in the middle east – it’s like our Monday – they will open the ISX  stock exchange also and the IQD rate will be visible and tradeable through the ISX – starting Sunday – We will actually have the new Dinar rate on our bank websites on Monday morning –

Now – let’s talk further – we talked about a number of currencies globally being gold backed – ok – not just our dollar which is the USN/USTN – the Iraqi Dinar – the Chinese Yuan – all of these different currencies – ok – are going to be or “are” already gold backed –
We believe the gold standard will be introduced at the same time around the globe on Sunday our time – Sometime on Sunday we should be getting some form of announcement that we are back on the Gold Standard and we have a gold backed dollar which we call the USTN – United States Treasury Note –

That is going to take place we believe about the same time or after Iraq has started trading the Dinar – I don’t know which will be first – but I know that Iraq’s gold backed dinar is also going to be reflected by our gold backed dollar –

Why do we need it to come out now? Because remember Tuesday night we talked about the decline in oil prices all the way down where it crashed – zero and below to – $37 per barrel and it actually dropped to -40 and retraced up to negative $37 per barrel – so as a result of that drop that precipitated some bank moves that we talked about – It also put approximately 23 global banks out of business due to the fact they were highly leveraged in oil and oil futures not able to handle the contract – not here in the US this was globally-
This also puts us in a position where no longer do we have the petro dollar with any value to it and that’s that led us to a gold backed dollar – and that is what we expect to happen on Sunday

Oil futures for the month of May settled in today’s trading at $17.50 per barrel – and that is a much better move and we should get all the way up by June or July to $20-$30 and will put us in a better position with oil pricing globally

It is just amazing how everything is moving now – as a result of that crash of the oil market – I told you guys that it released the GCR and it did in the sense that the Heritage Trust was opened half way and funds were pouring out to a number of central banks globally – that happened I can’t remember exactly when maybe Monday –

Where do we stand now?  That first half of the Heritage Trust being released covered the Dubai 1 & 2 – which covered the Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 payouts –

Our payouts Tier 4A and 4B are covered by the second half of the Heritage Trust Fund – that is set to release at 2:30 am eastern tomorrow – (Friday)  – The release of those funds also – let’s backup one second –  as a result of what’s happening now – we had the Dept of Defense  contracts for the trustees of the intermediate funds /accounts – you know this is CMKX – adjudicated settlements – fines & penalties – farm claims – Indian claims etc  –
That whole group of funds  have finally been give the go ahead because the contracts have been received in the location they are going to do the payouts by the trustees of those accounts – they have received them finally and they will begin starting at shortly after 2:30 – 3:00 am Friday – paying out the intermediates

Remember we said on Tuesday the intermediates need to pay out before Tier 4 goes – and my understanding is they will pay out starting at 2:30 am approximately and pay out Friday Saturday and Sunday – and be complete by Monday morning – That is what I am hearing and I’m going with it – Let’s believe they will get those off three days and finished by and paid for by Monday –

Now – we’re looking for a gold backed dollar to be announced sometime Sunday – we know the Iraqi dinar is going to have a new rate as it’s traded upwards on Sunday in the ISX – and we know that the dollar if it’s gold backed and announced will be very strong on Monday
We think that everything that we’ve got with those intermediate groups being paid out will lend itself to us getting started with our Wells Fargo emails – over 500,000 – with the toll free number on them – those should go out along with the notification to me at approximately the same time Monday – we are hearing around lunch time – maybe slightly after – If that’s the case – it’s good to go – we should start based on that info  Monday afternoon

We could start Tuesday but there is no reason to not start Monday due to the QFS and the Real Time Payment System that is in place now – because of that there’s no longer the reason not to do something on Monday – that has gone away – we are looking very strong for next week starting Monday – possibly Tuesday – but hopefully Monday afternoon
I’m just saying —– I’m not calling it – but I’m doing everything I can not to call it – 

 I think the information we have today is setting us up for everything that we are looking for to begin

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift – we are in the midst of a 10 day paradigm shift right now and we are about 5 days into it – we know that we should get started here next week and we know our 800 number will be good through the 15th of May – so don’t worry about that running out in April – we will get to exchange  using the toll free number in the redemption centers through the 15th of May –

The public will go sometime after – so that’s really good and it could be that our gold backed dollar – the USN physical currency – the new money may come out around the 15th  – the theory was it would be approximately the time that the public would start –
You are going to have 90 days to spend your fiat dollars if you have any and can trade them in for the new gold backed USTN’s – so don’t worry about that – If you have tons and tons of fiat currency stashed somewhere it won’t be any good after the gold backed dollar comes out beyond the 90 days – be thinking about that and where you have it stashed – I feel that most of us do not have that luxury right now –

Soo – that really gives us the idea pretty much of what’s going on – I can tell you that the bond platforms in Monaco and Hong Kong and Zurich are all liquid – ready to go which is new and good for us –

I know the bill to increase the funding for the small businesses – is being passed as we speak or has passed already and President Trump will sign off on that into law and that’s great
On a similar note you guys know we had tornados in southern Oklahoma – parts of Texas and parts of Kansas yesterday and I told you last Tuesday we want to start our Rebuild America Program by finding out where those areas are that have been hit – I  understand 100,000 homes were taken out yesterday – if I heard right – we want to start there with being able to get everybody up to an even kil and rebuild those homes – we want to rebuild them so they can withstand another storm should they come – we are talking concrete blocks – reinforced block with rebarb / concrete – whatever system we use we want it to be something stable and maybe a safe room in the house but really wanting the entire house to be a safe house –

I am excited about where we are based on this information today – we have never been here before – we do have a revalued dinar – the dinar is not the website now because they took it down on purpose this morning at 4:30 am eastern – we are going to end up seeing it basically in the banks on Monday – I do believe it will trade upwards of where it actually valued yesterday – so don’t worry about that – It’s going to be fine –
It’s hard to get a rate on the dong but it will be trailing the dinar but not by a whole lot – it won’t be on par but I think it will be within $.50 and $1.00 of the dinar – that will be great- so really – we have what we have – we are ready in terms – if you’ve been listening to the Big Call for a while you have a lot of information –

I think you guys have everything in the way of information that I have right now – I think that if you paid attention to the call tonight you’ve got everything that you need – What we will do is put the 800 number when I get it on the website front page – we will also do a mass emailing to everybody we have emails for

We will stay in touch with you that way – and to let you know if we are going to do a podcast or any more calls – they may not let us do any more calls after this goes – it may be in my NDA that I can’t – hopefully I can do a celebration call for 20 mins or so – that is my plan – My job is to take you to / through and over the threshold of this blessing

I am about as excited as I can be and thrilled because I know what’s going on is real and confirmed and I know that we are that close – especially after 2:30 in the morning when the remaining Heritage Trust funds get put in the system and then they are able to utilize those to payout the intermediate groups that we talked about – thank you guys –



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