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MarkZ: "If they don’t get it done before the crash happens it could be like when the Soviet Union collapsed" 4/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "If they don’t get it done before the crash happens it could be like when the Soviet Union collapsed" 4/23/20

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MarkZ: "If they don’t get it done before the crash happens it could be like when the Soviet Union collapsed" 4/23/20 Empty MarkZ: "If they don’t get it done before the crash happens it could be like when the Soviet Union collapsed" 4/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:06 pm

MZ: I was told that some dates are being “leaked” to create smoke and that the exact date has not been decided on yet because of the logistic issues……But they are trying to speed up the roll out.

MZ: I am also being told they believe they have the oil market stabilized for now which gives them a few more days to work on those logistics.

MZ: I also have some sources saying it’s this morning, it’s tonight, it’s tomorrow…….but I don’t think those logistics have been worked out yet.  

MZ: So we keep watching for solid news. We know we are closer day by day but we can’t count on it until money is in our bank accounts.

Member:  I don’t understand we were supposed to have some cover for the RV. Also people who have SKR have done paper work and been vetted. Should just be getting a wire! This just a liquidity issue.

Q: I read on Dinar Guru that you changed your opinion on a possible time frame from mid May to an earlier date…why was that?

MZ: Because of the crash of the oil markets. So I am saying it could be earlier now. It all depends on how long they cling to the old world system and how big a lifeboat they throw out there.  It’s gonna happen but the question is will is happen with them kicking and screaming with more death and destruction or will they give in and let us have what we need.

MZ: The reason I changed my mind is when the oil market imploded the Petro dollar is supported by transactions in oil.  Now there are no transactions in oil so no money velocity for the US dollar.  This means the US dollar is very precarious and could fail at any moment. What it does if they are not prepared to pull the trigger immediately  or has already pulled we could see anarchy. We could see the fall of America. It could cease to exist. If they don’t get it done before the crash happens it could be like when the Soviet Union collapsed and became just Russia and all the Baltic states became their own countries again.

MZ: So because of the oil crash they are trying to get it out sooner now and avoid all that.

Member:  Big Wikileaks dump yesterday…..should move timeline forward.

MZ: that was an enormous wikileaks dump yesterday…..both Dems and Republicans have a reason to hate them but, wikileaks has been 100% accurate. They have never released a false story , they just release the information and let you decide.  There was a huge amount of info released last night …stuff on McCain, Hilary, Podesta, viruses…if you have time you should go through it.

Member:  I heard a private chat between an informed person talking to their wealth manager about 800#s, currencies etc. and the wealth manager wasn’t denying any of it!

MZ: Yes….we just have to wait it out guys. It’s always been a “when” not an “if”

Member: I heard congress may be going back to DC

Member: Congress can’t fix anything- they are the problem.

Member:  If you could eliminate Covid-19 by sacrificing one Human, who would it be, and why do you choose Nancy Pelosi?

Member:  I'd like to get ALL of the politicians out of office, and put in people who would work for us instead of themselves.

Member:  Congress is digging their own grave. So are many governors. Oh well. Bye bye.

Member:  if we have money then they start losing control and it scares the hell out of them that's y ty r fighting this tooth and nail...those bastards

Member:  I just don’t think we will have an RV until this stay at home is released.

Member:  The Coronavrius is being used as a Catylest to change the Global Monetary System, almost done

Member:  Bottom line, the Central banks are out of any real value money. This crash is unstoppable at this point. Time to RV.

MZ: You will notice a 2009 date on new looking currency now …it seems there are a lot of “fresh” bills suddenly showing up.. printed 10 years ago I guess…..but brand new, sequential, in series….these bills are at ATMs right now I hear. Did they open up the printing presses to keep us from panicking and just putting a older date on it?  Is that what they are doing or did they have an enormous amount…pallets of cash sitting around in warehouses somewhere?  Any thoughts?  I think its more liely they turned on the printing presses with the older date on it…..I could be wrong but there is my conspiracy theory for the day….lol

Member:  Have 2 100 dollar bills. One is 2009 and the other one is 2009A

Member:  When I pulled money out of the bank I got 20 hundreds.. Not only were they crisp they were in sequential order!!! 2013

Member: : Mark- Just checked my American currency. All 100s are Series 2009 A, All 50s are Series 2013, 20s - 2@Series 2009 and rest Series 2013. If that helps. I aquired all these in 2017-2018 and put aside for prep.

MZ: I hear from a lot of people and almost all the new 20’s are showing 2009 series A. We had heard lots of stories a bit ago that there were cash shortages all over at banks and ATM’s….now, suddenly we are seeing brand new crisp bills….never circulated…..many seem to be from the Philidelphia printing press.

Q: Will we ever see arrests?


Member:  POTUS telling us yesterday the Air Force would be doing a lot of arial things... pre-emptively or predictively warning people about things in the sky

Member: Iraq Stock exchange is set to reopen this weekend direct from their website. They closed 17th of March to move to the new rate needed to be an international exchange. Seems a very positive sign.

MZ: IMF: Over 100 countries have now asked for a bail out…IMF only has about 1 Trillion it can spend…..states are going bankrupt…..McConnel says why not…..go ahead….so do you put the states debt on the Fed. Gov. and let it go bankrupt or just let the states go bankrupt…which is more dangerous?   The reality they will all have to declare bankruptcy…that’s the way it is.

MZ: if we want to start with a clean slate they have to declare bankruptcy….states, counties, cities, the Fed. government….We cannot service the debt. Before this CV19 happened over half the money in the US went to service the debt. Now, bankruptcy is the only option. WE NEED A RESET!!

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