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Annual report for 2019 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Annual report for 2019

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Annual report for 2019 Empty Annual report for 2019

Post by claud39 on Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:56 am

Annual report for 2019

April 23, 2020

Annual report for 2019 News-158763149422224

Annual report of the Department of Total Quality Management and Institutional Development for 2019 ... To view click here


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Annual report for 2019 Empty Annual report for the year 2019

Post by claud39 on Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:20 am

Annual report for the year

April 23, 2020

Annual report for 2019 News-158763149422224

In order to contribute to keeping abreast of developments and formulating new frameworks for the Central Bank of Iraq’s vision towards sustaining a successful future for the work environment, according to
Variables of the modern world, and to build standards with durability in accordance with international best practices and modern standards applied in leading and distinguished banks, seeks to form
The Department of Total Quality Management to keep abreast of the latest developments and to improve and simplify the work procedures on an ongoing basis, in line with the nature of the work of all the bank’s departments

According to the strategic plans laid down for it.

1) Efficiency Matrix Guide

Supervision and development of standard models at the level of circles of banks, infidels, haste, revision, expenditures, reading, responses, circles, infidels, flexible, receptors, circuits, circles, etc.
The analysis is to confirm the existence of skills courses that are defined in the fees for the departments.

2) Job description

The job description cards were prepared for all Central Bank departments, the job description guide was prepared and approved by the Board of Directors.

- International Standard (2012: ISO17024) (conformity assessment - general requirements for certification bodies for individuals).

Work on qualifying the Center for Banking Studies with a sense of international standardization requirements (2012: ISO17024) conformity assessment - general requirements
For individuals granting certification bodies (in coordination with the Department of Total Quality Management and Institutional Development, the following has been done: -

- Reviewing the law on the Center for Banking Studies and its conformity with the requirements of Maswakah, seeking to find out and deal with countries' merchants
To draw on their expertise and experience and make a benchmarking comparison with those agencies.

- The field of application was determined by choosing (6) training programs to be the first stage of the pilot for implementation.

- Addressing the legal department regarding the amendment of the law of the Center for Studies to express opinion, a draft of the new law has been studied by
Center for Banking Studies / Consulting Department, the relevant departments were addressed and scientific curricula were prepared for the purpose of identifying vocabulary.

3) International standards that have been approved and that are in the process of preparation and completion and work with them:

- International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety (2018: ISO45001.)

- A report was prepared on (defining and measuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and work health and safety

The Central Bank of Iraq

- An evacuation and resource protection plan was prepared in accordance with the requirements of Alwasakah in coordination with the Health and Safety Department, and the requirements for forming teams were identified
The contingencies mentioned in the plan are from all bank departments and divisions to be trained through conducting virtual emergency practices. With the show
Instead of current. Change the location of Al-Masawakah to include the full application in the new building of the bank

- International Business Continuity Standard (ISO 22301: 2012).

Coordination with the bank’s departments after forming a team to work on preparing the requirements for standardization and a comprehensive plan for business continuity in the bank. A circular has been issued to
All bank departments and departments related to the Governor Mr. to determine the critical operations of departments and departments that require continuity of work in the event of an emergency
And determining the impact on the cessation of those activities or activities, and the responses of departments, departments and work in progress were received on analyzing the work environment and documenting procedures.

Advance with the bank’s departments and divisions on critical operations for the departments concerned and complete a draft business impact analysis for the critical operations that have been identified.

And the end of the last stage of the business vulnerability analysis, through which the main operations of the bank were identified, which are more important and have a higher impact on the bank in
If you are anxious to ensure its continuity when setting the business continuity plan and drafting business continuity goals in the CBI.

The scenarios for the implementation of Al-Musawakah were prepared and an administrative body was formed after obtaining the approval of the senior management of the bank and preparing the draft tasks for the authority

A draft of an analytical workshop on housing and its importance, preparing a meeting minutes for the committee and setting the important requirements for obtaining the approval of senior management
Obtaining the approval of the senior management to provide the requirements for commencement of work and to determine the material requirements necessary to implement this standardization.

International specification for the anti-corruption and bribery system (2016: 37001 I)

The department carried out the internal audit on the field of application represented by cash management in the central bank in accordance with the requirements of international harmonization (2015: ISO9001) in coordination
With the Quality Assurance Unit in the Issuing and Safes Department, the audit report showed that there are inconsistencies and identifying corrective measures to address these cases
Work has been done to update work procedures, tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the observations contained in the report.

Formation of a Quality Assurance Unit based on the external auditor's report and in compliance with International Standards Standards (2015: ISO9001) issued by International Standards Company
To manage quality systems in the issuance and safes department.

- To complement the efforts exerted to achieve sustainability in applying the quality management standards in the Central Bank of Iraq, the annual audit procedures were completed to renew the certificate
Quality management system according to the international standard 2015: ISO9001 and approved for a period of 3 years after the completion of external audits on the field of application and represented
Managed cash by the donor company and specialized in this field with the Department of Total Quality Management and the issuance and treasury department and after the implementation and implementation
Full requirements of the international system the bank was granted renewal of the certificate.
International Standard for Quality Management System (2015: ISO9001)

4) Reports of the Department (Strategic Plan):

- Print and prepare the fourth quarterly report of the strategic plan initiatives for 2018.

- Print and prepare the 2018 annual report for the strategic plan initiatives.

- Edit recently, please, repeatedly, justifications, the strategic reasons, please, update, the terminology, and the right to delete the justifications.

Strategy, establishing a database and program for monitoring strategic risks, and returning programs for monitoring
Plan goals, preparation, follow-up, and release, report, results, follow-up, development, Basra branch, preparation, report, results, programs,
The government for the first time, following up on the bank's initiatives within the national development plan.

- Forming a working group to construct the general framework of the strategic plan, 2021-2023, and back to the minutes of the meeting.

The general framework of the plan was approved by the Governor.

- See the strategic plans of Arab and foreign central banks for the purpose of making a reference comparison in
Domain setbacks.

- Preparing a comprehensive position on the strategic plan initiatives through statistics for the macro initiatives
And the accomplished initiatives, including deferred, deleted initiatives, and ongoing initiatives until 3/31/2019.

- Translate the annual report of the 2018 strategic plan into English and send it to the media office
For the purpose of printing.

Follow up on the initiatives of the five-year national development plan prepared by the Ministry of Planning for the purpose of relaying the data
Initiatives within the strategic plan databases.

Print and prepare the first quarterly report of the 2019 strategic plan:

Returning, prepared for a meeting in Barnara, General Airport, Strategy, 2020-2023
And authentication, Mr. Governor.

- Newly edited, decommissioned, defining the justifications, the dangerous, the strategies, the flexibility, the age, the passage, the readings, the justifications.

And the accomplished initiatives, including the delayed, deleted and ongoing initiatives, until 31/8/2019.

- Falsification of the law, with indicators, risk, dazzling, passing, passing, time, exclusivity, and plowing, for purpose, not only,
The initiatives include databases of the Strategic Plan.

Print and prepare the second chapter report for the 2019 strategic plan:
Preparation of the third report of the government program on the advancement of the initiatives of the program and sent to the Secretariat General
To the Council of Ministers.

- Following up on implementation of initiatives, development plan, Basra Branch, as well.

- Training coordinator in Erbil, on how to follow up on the implementation of the strategic plan initiatives.

- Newly edited, decommissioned, defining the justifications, the dangerous, the strategies, the flexibility, the age, the passage, the readings, the justifications.

And the completed initiatives, including the delayed, deleted and ongoing initiatives, until 9/30/2019.

- Print and prepare the third chapter report for the 2019 strategic plan and send it to: -

- Returning the report of the fourth to the fourth government program, the advancement of the special programs, and the sending of the illuminated flag.

General Council of Ministers.

- Following up on the implementation of the plans and development plan in Basra and in the preparation of the final report.

- Preparing a draft study for the construction of the general framework of the strategic plan (2021-2023).

- Preparing a comparative study with Arab and foreign countries on strategic plans and preparing a presentation for the study.

- Preparing the report, following up on the implementation of sub-initiatives, in Basra and Basra.
Working on the preparation of the annual report, 2019.
Working on preparing the fourth report.

Preparation of a detailed table of initiatives and analysis of the responses from the departments.
Lifetime Continuity Selection Hazardous Radiators Strategy Next F120-QMS for Years 2021-
Business Edition of all departments, especially the achievements for the year 2019.

5) Educating and supporting the banking sector in the field of quality management
The department issued a circular to all banks after receiving many inquiries about the nickname mechanisms
And contracting with qualification and auditing companies, and some banks are exposed to text and fraud by some
Companies to coordinate and assist by verifying the sobriety of qualification companies and granting special certificates
Quality systems prior to contracting and the establishment of awareness-raising workshops and providing advice in the field of quality management.

6) Activating the quality management in the branches
In implementation of the department plan for the year 2019 and as a complement to the efforts to establish quality management principles in the branches of this bank
A delegation from the department visited the Erbil branch and did the following:

Policies and procedures in the unit of conducting an awareness visit to spread the culture of quality for the staff of the unit in addition to making sure that the structure and guide
Holding an American workshop on the mechanisms of strategic planning, building goals, and monitoring the achievement rate

- Analyze the internal environment according to the SWOT matrix and set goals based on the results of the analysis.

Drafting a plan for the development of truffles.
- Kneeling coordinators are aware of the mechanisms to follow up the implementation of the plan

7) Dubai Quality Group DQG
The Bank was renewed membership in the Dubai Quality Group to confirm and collaborate jointly with the organization, and to provide the department with all new training in the field.

8) The structure and functions of the governor's office
Fundamental approvals for authentication of the evidence. An updated structure and tasks of the Governor, including the current work requirements, are raised and the collection is submitted, then it is referred to the Divine Committee.

9) Updating the evidence of policies and procedures for the bank’s departments
Preparation of change management procedures for administrative systems (procedures, documents, work, skills, responsibilities, responsibilities, life, and any potential change that affects employment, reading, and management of inventory)

And its dependence and generalization on the departments of the bank to work in the department by presenting an awareness workshop about the management of change and the implementation of the procedure for a large number of employees of this bank, the bottom of the house, the pleased
Policies and procedures for the department of comprehensive quality management for each (department for risk management, monetary and financial stability) and its approval and status by the committee to structure it to not be certified by the Council of Representatives
Management, documentation, and procedures for Statistics and Research Department, Basra.

- After issuing a circular circular to the departments and divisions of the bank as a whole by providing the department with all the amendments and changes to the organizational structure and evidence of the policies and procedures related to the departments
Changes, changes, amendments to some circles and their status to the structuring committee for the purpose of approval for approval.

10) Employee satisfaction questionnaire for the Central Bank Restaurant
Preparation of a prototype of the restaurant staff satisfaction measure and quality standards included: - (reliability, response, warranty, care, attention, and external appearance).

11) Board meetings management system
The Board Meetings Management System has been prepared and approved by the Board of Directors after making amendments to it as directed by the Board members to be implemented.

12) Employee satisfaction questionnaire
The construction of the workforce of the workers who established the General Secretariat of the Majlis Al-Araa by conducting questionnaires, please the staff of the various departments and institutions of the water, the full use of the operation
The questionnaire forms for all the Moore in the Central Bank of Russia and all its branches, were entered and verified and the outputs for the results were not prepared, and the report was prepared for the statement of the results and the observations.

He told him to senior management to include suppliers' proposals based on internal procedures and instructions.

13) European Quality Management Organization (EFQM)
Three projects were designed to implement the EFQM system, in coordination and with organized consultation
Dubai East Middle East (EFQM) at the Central Bank. These projects are:

The project of developing the investment performance system.

- Rehabilitation of the Center for Curriculum Studies to grant accredited credits to individuals.

C- A plan to continue operating the technical systems in the bank.

14) Customer satisfaction management system, customer map
The system of the Customer Response Management System has been restored with reference to the two international standards - ISO10004.

(ISO10002), and the central bank's system of dealers and all major contact points, what are the roles?
Meaning, and we have the reproduction index (100%).

15) The project of developing the investment evaluation system

The development of the investment performance evaluation system was initiated through the following:

- Review the annual report on the performance of Mater foreign reserves for the Central Bank of Iraq 2018.

- Study the results related to the investment performance index.

C- A plan to implement the process of developing investment performance.

- Meetings of the president and members of the committee were held to know the progress of work according to the established schedule and working times.

- A report on the results of the investment instrument was prepared.

- The absorption data has been computed with the percentage of reserve reserve ratios.

- The RAMP company meeting was held with the commitment of the Turks.

- The approval of the Supreme Investment Committee to proceed with the painful arrangements for establishing the outstanding and investment in a program
RAMP reserves the World Bank on 1/8/2019

- The meeting of the representatives of the program was held on 27/9/2019 in the united Arab emirates, resulting in unfamiliar decisions
Program representatives will make all administrative and legal arrangements and attach the appropriate financial arrangements document
No signature from this bank.

16) Evaluates individual performance
A model for the performance appraisal system was prepared, the form was attached to the administrative department and approved
Based on the form, to submit its approval to the bank

17) The brainstorming program
The Ideas Development program was prepared by reviewing many of its external entities
Relevant to this topic, as work was done to build an initial system that includes paragraphs specific to the topic of Tru
Ideas and a sample form that includes complete data about the hatch out and is currently in the process of being completed
Work on it.

18) Annual plan for the year 2019
The department prepared its own plan and identified the various needs of staff and training
And logistical matters according to the analysis of the tasks approved in the section, and work is underway to implement its paragraphs.

19) Preparing criteria for selecting leaders (candidates for the position of assistant general manager and expert)
Requirements and standards for the two-time selection of an employee (Deputy General Manager, Expert) were prepared and
Our legal and internal auditing department to accept the adoption of the criteria for selection twice by the departments
For the above positions by the Appointments and Promotion Committee headed by Mr. Naib Al-Mohafid, if the completed form is completed
Criteria for selecting leaders after completing the necessary reviews by the galleys with influence and approved by the master
Director General of the Administrative Department to act under it by the Appointments and Promotion Committee headed by a distinguished Mr.

20) Research and studies
A scientific answer has been prepared for the Center for Banking Studies, with many aspects (questionnaires) related to elongation

21) The government program
Transcendence of the priorities and the metaphoric groups, attending the Kawaii program for Urgala.
Attached to field visits by the General Secretariat of the Council of Back when scheduling the dates of field visits.

22) Scientific cooperation
In order to enhance academic and applied interactions in administrative sciences and comprehensive quality management between the central bank
The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Central Technical University / State Technical University, the department
Soon, McGreen comforted the state of the abominations, in Mawaji Tas, the Quality Management System and Bachelors Administration

23) External posts
Participation in a symposium (European Excellence Excellence Model EFQM European Excellence)
Baanawan) Rahala, Institutional Excellence, Fay Al-Bannak Al-Markazi Al-Araqai / Standards for European Excellence
EFQM) by the Director of the Quality Management Department, Mr. Hussein Rak and Mrs. Sarah Abdel Qader (R. Y. Malahhayin),
Located in the College of Administrative Technology / University Central

24) Foreign business
Training of Erbil branch cadres on the middle management course by Mr. Awas Riyad Makmad - President
 . 12/19/2019 for 15/12/2019 from Turra for the observants

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