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Philip Tilton UPDATE for April 20 2020

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Philip Tilton  UPDATE for April 20 2020 Empty Philip Tilton UPDATE for April 20 2020

Post by Ponee Mon Apr 20, 2020 9:05 pm

1. Later today Sun. 19 April POTUS will be giving an order that will undoubtedly spark significant civil unrest across most states.

2. Under POTUS authority, National Guard and US Marines will be coordinating an operation that will remove traitors and federally indicted individuals.

3. Scheduled systems have already been activated. The Presidential Emergency Alert System will be utilized to inform the public on the situation. (@Jack has finished playing. Look to Twitter).

4. Mobility of US citizens would not be possible for no more than four days. Prepare and have comfort in knowing that we will always be with you.

5. Secondary events will follow.

6. It is important that certain events be unimpeded.

7. In the event of failure, it is extremely important that under no circumstances you or your families be outside of your homes.

8. This was an event of a Highly Classified Nature. We understand the frustration. However, civilian reaction to foreknowledge would ensure Mission failure.



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