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The New World Order Beyond Corona DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The New World Order Beyond Corona

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The New World Order Beyond Corona Empty The New World Order Beyond Corona

Post by claud39 on Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:10 am

The New World Order Beyond Corona


The New World Order Beyond Corona 20184

Samir Al-Nassery

Since January 1, 2020, the whole world has been fighting a third world war as expected, but this war was not between the major powers nor between the major and other countries emerging for economic reasons or to control the world to obtain international interests, and sophisticated and lethal weapons were not involved in this war Armies versus hostile armies and occupying countries and cities, as happened in the First and Second World War, and there were no allies against the enemy, but each country was fighting the enemy alone. 

The war began a hundred days ago in China with an attack by invisible armies that cannot be seen with the naked eye, which is what they called Virus Corona or Kovid 19. During a few days, these armies were able to invade all the countries of the world, specifically 180 countries and did not exclude a continent without another or a large country Or small.

What matters to us is what are the consequences of this war, after it ends with the victory of the world. Through the study and analysis of the causes and contradictions in the
 global system  that prevails before Corona and in particular in the countries that lead the world economically, the following can be predicted: -

1 - The collapse of the American economy and the collapse of the economies of the European Union countries is expected and the Great Depression will prevail in the world as well as the collapse of their health systems will cause high prices and increased unemployment and the number of people under the poverty line in developing and poor countries will double and citizens in different economic sectors lose their jobs. And slowing economic growth in large proportions in most countries of the world.

2- The economic conflict between China and America and the slight growth rate in China due to Corona, and the expectation that it could quickly achieve the planned growth rate before Corona, will be offset by a decrease in economic growth in America and the countries of the Group of Twenty will lead to the production of a new world order, and the world will be divided into two big and only poles in The world will, in varying degrees, be replaced instead of the G20 countries, namely China and America.

3- Evidence for this is that even though the war continues with Corona, economic negotiations and understandings between China and America are currently continuing to dominate the world and share benefits, and their policies will affect the leadership of the global economy and the role of the other major countries will diminish economically.

 4 - It does not exclude the cooperation of the European Union countries (the European left and right) in order to reduce the ties of Europe with America, which has proven to be one of the most important factors of crises in the European Union in addition to its deterioration and the inevitable and overwhelming rise of China and the rise of Russia, so it is natural for the new Europe to go as countries after the European Union loses its unity Towards building strong cooperative relations with China and Russia.

5 ‐ More importantly, the new world order that mankind awaits after the Corona crisis will inevitably be formed and will be led by clear economic and financial leadership for China.

6 - And the philosophy of managing the economy will shift in the overwhelming majority from the capitalist market economy to the socialist market economy currently adopted as disciplined ideology in China and to state capitalism in eastern Europe as it is the philosophy of Russia now.

It is just an early forecast, and the Arab economy will be mostly affiliated with the largest and most economically strong pole, China after SK.

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