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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4/9/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4/9/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4/9/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4/9/20

Post by RamblerNash Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 9th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

This is an interesting time to be in – yes – because we are coming up on resurrection Sunday and I’m going to say this – this time – some people refer to it as Easter – and that’s fine I guess - this Sunday I think is going to be a turning point for us-

What I’m getting – Let’s start with the stimulus funding coming by way of direct deposits and physical checks that will be going out – and we’ll tie all of this in - I think I talked a little bit about this on Tuesday –

Here’s the thing – We do not see anything happening in that regard on those checks – we’re talking $1210 per adult if earning under $75,000 – That is Universal Basic Income (UBI) - they are not calling it that yet but they will – That UBI – let’s say you’re married and each of you not exceeding $75,000 in income you’d be looking at $1210 X 2 = $2420 – and if you have kids up to age 16 you get $500 per child –

This is a monthly allowance – a monthly basic income – I cannot speak for the children component to it but that still stays in the mix but your Universal Basic Income will never go below the $1210 for one person

I think it’s interesting that I found that out today – Now, when is it coming? We’ve got two things we’re talking about - this UBI in the way of a direct deposit for those who they already have their banking information from Soc Sec – or some other reason – they will get those starting Monday or Tuesday –

Let’s say you don’t have that but are entitled to get a check – your check is going to come out starting Thursday the 16th a week from today - These were not so immediate as we had hoped but they are coming out next week –

Now that is not something so directly related to our blessing in terms of the RV – but let’s put it in perspective – President Trump – from what I understand wants this started – I mean for us Tier 4 B – our exchanges started by the 17th which is next Friday –

The banker sources I referred to on Tuesday’s call are still in line for us to start with exchanges Tuesday or Wednesday - I’m not calling it - just giving you what I’m hearing - next Tues or Wed after Easter Sunday – Resurrection Sunday

Alright, let’s talk about what else is going on – You’ve heard of the 3 Days of Darkness – I’ve mentioned it several times – the 3 days of darkness where the phone service and internet was all questionable – right? Well, guess what – we already went through our 3 days of darkness – meaning those of us who are not part of the deep state - We went through it last Saturday – Sunday & Monday at Midnight –

We have been through it - They made the adjustments for us – on the internet – they made the adjustments for us in terms of any cell service – which for the most part was fine – it stayed intact – maybe a glitch here and there but overall we are golden –

Speaking of golden – there’s one thing that China wants and the elders want is for President Trump to acknowledge in a speech and that is the gold backed USN dollar – our new gold backed dollars – with that by extension perhaps there will be mention of the gold standard returning – I hope it will be done in the same announcement

The Chinese want that – they are good on the arrest count – they are good on the other things but they need to have an acknowledgement of the gold backed dollar – the USN – or USTN because it is a United States Treasury Note – not a Federal Reserve Note – That is important and needs to come out

President Trump tonight on his update on the corona virus – what he said was that tomorrow we are looking for some pretty cool announcements – he did show his hand because he did refer to the fact that Saudi Arabia and Russia are getting together on reducing the amount of oil per day in millions of barrels

The early estimate was that the total between the two which was a 2 million barrel reduction for Russia and 4 million barrels per day reduction for Saudi – those two totaling 6 million barrels per day reduction in oil production is not really as high as President Trump was looking for

He was looking for 10-15 million barrels reduced per day – So far they are talking about 6 – I think he had them to go back to the drawing board and try to come up with a better number –

We will find out because he plans to announce that tomorrow – during the briefing – there may be something else that gets announced tomorrow as well - so I think tomorrow could be a pretty good – being a Friday it will be interesting to see what comes out by the afternoon –

We are looking for additional announcements from the President on Saturday and Easter Sunday – We have heard things have been put in code – Q said some things – I think some other things have been posted about the idea of a miracle resurrection Sunday

I am not quite sure – I have an idea what the miracle might be but will leave it up to the President to bring that out on Sunday – to see what that is –

It looks like everything is going to start – on Sunday especially if miracle Sunday comes with what we think it might be and then goes all the way through the rest of the week – with our stimulus check – loan dollars for small businesses - and large businesses – charitable organizations – all of that – churches – it is supposed to happen next week

I think what we’ve got guys is we have all of that stimulus and loan money going out and us going “in” to the redemption center at approximately the same time – we expect to go in possibly Tues or Wed – and I told you that these direct deposits were to start Monday or Tuesday – they are giving themselves a lot of things that are going to move a lot of funds around during next week

Now, where do we stand on the so called intermediates? – these are the fines and penalties – adjudicated settlements – Indian claims – farm claims – etc etc – That has been set to begin paying out as early as today or tomorrow – Will it? We will have to wait and see –

I know that the people that are watching this specifically are saying that the funds have been allocated and are there in place to begin those payouts

Those organizations – the intermediates – those sovereign accounts – I believe need to be activated and paid before we go – and even before Tier 4A goes – which is our counterpart – the groups based out west and then us who are part of Tier 4B still call us Tier 4 will still probably go and virtually at the same time –

Now when it comes to the public – remember we are golden - we know we are going to do exchanges at least through the 21st of April with our redemption centers – They are prepared to go through the 21st –

Will they go beyond that? I don’t know – depends on when we get started maybe – I think that will cover us – if we get all the way up to and including the 21st we are golden

Now, the so called Joe Public – the Tier 5 as I refer to it – the last group of the public – they will go starting sometime in the first week of May as we understand –

One thing that we know is – the only reason that the public is any different than us is that they have not been paying attention to calls like The Big Call – and they don’t understand or maybe don’t know about the fact that they need to set an appointment – using the 800 number to set an appointment to go in to do their redemption of Zim

They are not going to be able to do much with that if they do not have an appointment – If they do have an appointment – they are basically rolled into Tier 4B – our group - but if they don’t know about it they are on their own and work with whatever they can get at the Tier 2 and Tier 2 banks –

I believe we are completely set up with the Fincen system – fully integrated now into the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Real Time Payment System – which will allow bank wires / ledger to ledger transfers to occur in real time – literally under 1 minute – around the globe –

This is a real positive thing when it comes to sending money – and it is completely safe – cannot be messed with by certain individuals in certain banks that want to HOLD onto your money – remember all the way up to 13 days for international wires sometimes to go through – it’s ridiculous - all of that is gone – it’s dead –

You should find much – much higher level of cooperation with our banks – not the adversarial relationship that many of us have experienced – the bigger the bank the tougher the relationship – and I hope the banks get it together for small businesses right away – most of them are inundated with applications –

SBA is not set up to handle this volume and let’s hope that bottleneck gets opened up where they can knock out a bunch of these loans – and let’s hope that Congress gets their act together so they can approve the additional 251 billion dollars which is needed for the small business loans – those guaranteed loans –

There is still a partisanship going on something that should be a very simple addition to go through Congress –

Here’s another thing - When it comes to the so called 3 days of darkness – like I said – those of us who are not a part of the deep state or affiliate – are in the clear – those that are not are still looking at clean up on aisle 3 – and those people are the ones that are going to have the interrupted service for phone & internet – not us - just want to make that clear –

Now that you have the straight scoop on that you can live in faith and not in fear – here’s the other part of that – this could start Monday and really – it should – Some of you in the New York area may have seen something on TV late last night around 2 AM - 2:20 AM – and that was regarding the Emergency Broadcasting System being utilized to starting the 13th of April –

Just a small little window that was in the upper right corner of the screen – as I understood it – and what this told me was that they are planning to operate the 10-12 days of disclosure possibly starting on Monday – those were to follow the 3 days of darkness – so can anyone do the math on that? What about starting 1 minute before midnight tonight?

Let’s say that occurs and I expect it will and then Monday we might get those 8 hour segments played 3 times a day for 10-12 days – this is going to be 10-12 days of enlightenment – following the 3 days of darkness

This is very possible because we’re going to be under a lot of good information that’s going to blow the socks off most of you – those of us that have been following this 10 yrs or more - somethings may not surprise us but others may be shocking – so be prepared for that –

Sit back and enjoy the show – I think it will be riveting – Could start as early as Monday – just saying – it’s up to the President – General Dunford – and Admiral ?? I can’t remember his last name – to decide the exact start – but I believe there’s a good chance that yes – it could start Monday –

I think that is giving you pretty much everything I meant to bring tonight – I want everybody to be in a great attitude of prayer – I want everybody to be in an attitude of gratitude – and have a beautiful resurrection weekend starting tomorrow – and finishing up on resurrection Sunday – this Sunday – the 12th That is going to be an amazing time – a time of new beginnings- an actual milestone that we go by taking us into a new paradigm – beautiful time

Thanks everybody for listening

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