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Post by Ponee Sat Apr 11, 2020 9:02 pm

Aaron » April 10th, 2020

I'd like to post a possible (IMO) definition of Kim Clement's famous words...

Abdul-Mahdi --- NOTHING
(MTA) Allawi --- NOTHING
Al-Zarfi --------- NOTHING
Al-Kazemi ------ SUDDENLY

And then a scenario that would be awesome...

Wait, RAMADAN 2020 is scheduled for April 23 thru May 23
(That starts in just 2 weeks from today)

But what do I know other than wishful thinking...

Samson » April 10th, 2020

Three files await Al-Kazemi and suggestions that his government will pass within two weeks

9th April, 2020

Is the third taxpayer in a period of 100 days and political blocs rejected it and announced its support for it.?"

This morning, President of the Republic, Barham Salih, commissioned Mustafa Al-Kazemi to form the government after the withdrawal of the former commissioner, Adnan Al-Zorfi. And regarding the period that Al-Kazemi needs to form his government, political sources say in an interview with / Mawazine News / that "Al-Kazemi worked during the past days to make contacts with various political blocs, to agree on the shape of the new government." She added, "Al-Kazemi has a team to negotiate with the blocs on the government program and the cabinet, and according to expectations, over a period of two weeks, his cabinet will be passed."

In this regard, the deputy from the Al-Fateh Alliance Fadel Al-Fatlawi says, "Political consensus will enable Al-Kazimi to form his government as soon as possible. Political consensus will facilitate his mission." And on the most prominent files facing Al-Kazemi to solve them, Al-Fatlawi explained, “Al-Kazemi has many important and outstanding issues ahead of which are the budget, the Corona epidemic, and the drop in oil prices.”

To that, political analyst Wathiq al-Hashemi said, "Al-Kazimi's chances are strong to form his government in light of an Iranian-American agreement on him, in addition to the agreement of 7 Shiite parties to assign him." Al-Hashemi added, "Al-Kazemi will complete the necessary procedures and approvals to start his duties today, Thursday or Friday, Friday." LINK

Purifiers » April 10th, 2020


Samson » April 10th, 2020

Al-Kazemi: I will form a government that serves the people with deeds, not words

22:38 - 09/04/2020

On Thursday, Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed that he would form a government that serves the people with deeds, not words, and that he will not allow any Iraqi to be insulted, whether internal or external.

Al-Kazimi said in a speech that I followed (information): "We will not allow insulting any Iraqi from any internal or external party, and my government will be the first line of defense to defend the Iraqis, and we will not allow any Iraqi to be insulted by external or internal forces."

He added: "Fighting corruption is a national task, and my cabin will be a government that serves the people with deeds, not words. We will also support health personnel and those affected by the curfew imposed because of Corona."

He stressed: "The sovereignty of Iraq will not be a controversial issue and the decision of Iraq is in the hands of its sons. We will work according to the principle of our national sovereignty first, and our relationship with the countries of the region and the world must be based on mutual respect."

And between: "I will submit my cabinet cabinet as soon as possible, and my government will not be isolated and the government will not be closed rooms. We will make all efforts against Corona, support those affected by the curfew and health personnel, and we will provide the necessary budgets to protect public health."

He explained: "The army, the popular crowd, and the Peshmerga forces will work to confine arms to the state, and we are the servants of the people only, and the Iraqi is not an agent or an accessory."


Barney » April 10th, 2020

I've been reading a lot of post and I guess no one realizes who Al Kazemi is or someone would've correctly stated it.

Al Kazemi was head of intelligence under Abadi along with working with the US in the fight against Isis. When Mahdi became PM he fired him! His firing was one of the main reasons for the PROTEST!

He was one of the 4 who was presented by the protesters to replace Mahdi at the very beginning along with Shabbi and 2 others. He was the protesters first choice and has always been. He never harmed any of the Sunni Kurdish or Shiite people they love him. He loves his country and has seen all the corrupt, killers and thieves inside and out of the government.

He was rejected by Ameri/Fateh and the militia blocs immediately along with the 3 others selections of the protesters.

Its only because the president of Iraq Seleh rejected all the corrupt selections of Fateh alliance and then installing Zarfi that now Fateh alliance has embraced him as their selection. You can't make this up!

Notice he's said Nothing about early elections yet? He's the people's choice! Why have early elections if you got your man? Maybe later he does will see, like Trump always says will see....

IMO none of these picks have worked out because all of these picks wouldn't have made the STREET/Protesters happy and safe until now! IMO if all the other candidates were picked the killing from the militias would've continued. Have you noticed all blocs are behind him?

Did our president pick the other failed candidates? Did our president get it wrong? IMO Of coarse not he continues to say let the people decide as he does in our country.

He even shows that by constantly saying I'll leave that up to the states. The credit for standing up to the militias and Iran goes to president Seleh. Our president likes Seleh and so does Secretary of State Pompeo.

Iraq is a country that gets it wrong almost every time politically. Now I definitely believe president Seleh and Trump work well with one another and Seleh helped protect the people by declining the picks from Ameri.

Trump trust Seleh and for good reason his reputation is very good and always has been.
This pick of Kazami shouldn't fail and I can only hope because the protesters finally have their man!

Big Barn over and out!

The Snod » April 10th, 2020

Nice work!!! I haven’t Had time to look into like you have, but a glance over of the last couple of days make me think he was inserted in to get the last troublesome faction on board. Many in here do not seem to realize that this is about leverage, and it’s Trump/UN vs. Iranian influence. Guess who is winning that? If Trump trumps their constitution to put PM’s in, eventually they will coerce the rest to what they want. It doesn’t matter how much these political blocs talk and manipulate. It’s political will and leverage, and since 2017 we’ve had it.....just don’t expect it to go without a fight, but Iran has gotten much quieter....as expected. We. Are. Winning. The winning is about done!

HoosierGirl » April 10th, 2020

Well... THANK YOU! This explanation give great clarity to what is taking place. I agree... President Trump is not one to dictate. He works, negotiates, makes deals that bring the best results. He allowed the right leaders and THE PEOPLE to make the best choice. From this description Kazemi (Kazami - SP???) IMO we may see success!

Samson » April 10th, 2020

Baghdad Operations: Arrest of 17,394 violators of the curfew and seizing 1074 wheels and motorcycles

22:06 - 09/04/2020

On Thursday, the Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of more than 17,394 violators of the curfew in the capital since its application.

The command said in a statement received / information /, “ The security forces in the Baghdad Operations Command in all its formations, from March 17 to the ninth day of April, and during the implementation of the preventive curfew measures inside the capital, managed to arrest 17394 violators, while seizing 1074 wheels and various motorcycles The number of fines reached 42,987 fine, and it facilitated the entry of 12,886 carrying wheels carrying foodstuffs to Baghdad. LINK

The Kremlin: Putin, Trump and the Saudi monarch seek to stabilize the oil trade

10th April, 2020

The Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz discussed the OPEC + meeting in a phone conversation on Friday and stressed that their goal is to stabilize global oil trade

The leaders also discussed the upcoming G20 energy ministers' conference, which will be held via closed-circuit television later on Friday

OPEC, Russia and other allies presented plans on Thursday to cut their oil production by more than a fifth and said they expected the United States and other producers to participate in the effort to support prices affected by the Corona virus LINK

Watch ... the story of the Iraqi currency in a documentary

4/10/2020 16:40:25

The Central Bank of Iraq published a documentary film of its production on the history and story of the Iraqi currency.

The film shifts lists the Iraqi economy and the conditions of emancipation from the Ottoman lira and the pound sterling, through the formation of what formerly was known as the Committee of the Iraqi currency, which later became the National Bank of Iraq, and then to the Central Bank of Iraq Foundation.

To watch the movie subtitled in English .. Click here LINK

Iobey777 » April 10th, 2020

Nice! Another thing that Frank and Walkingstick told us about, IMO! More education for the citizens! I think they put this out before, but maybe they are bringing it back for continuing education or for those who did not see it the first time. IMO Thanks!


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