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MarkZ: "We will get our reset people!!!  I believe Trump is working on it" 4/7/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We will get our reset people!!! I believe Trump is working on it" 4/7/20

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MarkZ: "We will get our reset people!!!  I believe Trump is working on it" 4/7/20 Empty MarkZ: "We will get our reset people!!! I believe Trump is working on it" 4/7/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:50 pm

MZ: No news today……news deficit…….not really looking for much to come out until Easter Weekend. It’s a long weekend.

MZ: I am hearing this from all my banking contacts and paymasters are looking for something to happen over this Easter weekend. To be in place by the 14th. They are all being very consistant now.

Member: Easter is to raise the dead. I guess it's a great day to resurrect our nation

MZ: My folks working at redemption centers dealing with the exchange logistics also say they won’t be ready until then.

MZ: I am hearing the delay has honestly been logistics with the CV19. They don’t have the people in place to exchange us….people can’t travel…..

MZ: the good thing is they are enforcing the necessity for a reset. We are seeing day to day news of the implosion of the fiat currency.

MZ: I am not looking for any real news until then…..no package deliveries until then. I would love to be wrong and be surprised though.

Member: Pile all debt on the FED increase the money supply and inflation then crash the system and start at 0!!!

Member: Trump is working on a second round of funds for all the peeps

Q: Mark if the St Germaine trust opens up on Easter Sunday how will that affect all of us ? Will that benefit us ?

MZ: Yes we are being told that the St. Germaine trust will open bright and early on Easter Sunday……it really would be a perfect time to launch this thing…wouldn’t it?

Member: I think they're going to try to get the tv done without the public knowing it.

Member” GOLD down 16.10 Dollars Silver up 9 cents and a suckers RALLY on Dow Jones again today WATCH 4-8and 4-9-2020 will set the mood

MZ: With what they are spending on repos and bailouts and purchasing bonds and treasuries just to prop it up……If we took that same money…..they could have easily given all US citizens 100K by now……Trump is using the Fed to implode itself is the only thing that makes sense. …….Without a reset we will see the death of the middle class. Every time they pile one more bale of hay on that camel….its closer to the straw that breaks his back………..

MZ: We will get our reset people!!! I believe Trump is working on it…he is a gold bug working with a messed up system and trying to keep it propped up until the reset is ready.

Member: Covid19 is the cover for the economic collapse.

Member: There was a rumor out from Isaac that no RV until November now…..

MZ: No way…no part of me thinks we will be waiting until November…I guess he could be right…..but, we are going to see hyperinflation and swings…..and if we do have to wait that long look for a massive bailout……not just a little 1200 each….they would have to send us all 100K if they were to push it out that long….imo

Member: Iraq cannot wait that long. They are on the ropes right now needing to raise the value of their currency. It is the only option they have now to avoid going bankrupt as a country.

Member: Delta in Iraq...on Frank last night...said Allak of CBI has met with GOI power group and given permission to do what is necessary for their finances. (change rate?)..And GOI meeting Thursday to vote on something important. Sounds promising.

Q: So they are kicking the can again?

MZ: No way do I believe they are kicking any cans …I think it is a mad dash to coordinate logistics and to get it out before we all take to the streets with pitchforks.

Member: Yesterday on CNN, Trump confirmed that the US military is currently fighting the cartels re narcotics and human trafficking of women and children.

MZ: I am hearing this…..I absolutely hope that anyone who had any part of this burns in the darkest part of hell……there is no place deep enough to burn for that kind of depravity.

Member: Trump has this guys!! he is bankrupting the deep state!! think saving the children as well! c before d... children before declas!! have hope!!

Member: Q said c before D children before declass WWG1WGA Trust The PLAN God WINS

Member: the hospital caused the base to be on Lockdown yesterday lot of choppers landing at the hospital over 40

Member: 3 days of darkness starting today or tomorrow?

MZ: According to my banking contacts that is not ready to start just yet. Just be prepared for whenever it happens…if it happens……when it happens.

Member: The Darkness is supposed to be a Silence.

Member: Hi folks! 3 days of darkness...supposed to be from today to the 10th. Helicopter money to begin payout on 13th

Q: why are we not hearing about the children on mainstream media?????

Member: mainstream media are cabal controlled. they won't tell you. that's why the internet and TV will go down

Member: it was on CNN yesterday! A Latin American reporter asked Trump to confirm that the US military was currently fighting the cartels regarding narcotics and the trafficking of women and children….and Trump confirmed it.

Member: Just think about the “earthquake ” in Montana, Idaho @ Utah. Flatlines what flatlines. They are blowing up DUMBS

Member: Deep underground military base: YouTube channel is excellent resource for DUMBS

Member: Mnuchin said helecoptor money is comin mid month. He proudly announced it. He said instead of 3 weeks it will be 2 weeks and he said that 4-1-20.

Mod: STIMULUS MONEY CALULATOR LINK - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/the-stimulus-payment-calculator-tells-you-how-much-money-you-could-get.html

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