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MarkZ says they are putting in sneeze gaurds at the redemption centers 4/6/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says they are putting in sneeze gaurds at the redemption centers 4/6/20

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MarkZ says they are putting in sneeze gaurds at the redemption centers 4/6/20 Empty MarkZ says they are putting in sneeze gaurds at the redemption centers 4/6/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:27 pm

MZ: I’ve talked to the folks in Europe and Aisia…..My bankers at this point are looking at mid April…..All my banker contacts are looking at after Easter Weekend.

MZ: I am agreeing because imo they need to put as much of this debt onto the fiat system as is possible.  That way when we get hyperinflation from the over-printing, it will give us an excuse to bury it, and also allows us to put the stimulus bailout directly on the fiat system before we zero everything out. This makes perfect sense to me why we are at and where we are at. 

MZ: I hear stimulus payments to SS people start going out today….will be watching for this.

MZ: Mr. C has not gone and no updates on any packages.

MZ: there is a lot of news in the real world that things are transitioning and getting into place. I am expecting more news this afternoon once the West coast starts waking up.

Member:  David Wilcox says April 7,8 and 9 are the 3 days of darkness

Member:  POTUS said April 10 is a special day & the 12th!!!

Member:  POTUS also said done in 30 which is April 15th!!!! Makes sense after the Cabal is removed we RV which makes the RV safe....

Member:  I never thought I'd actually experience THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Member:  1000 Marines from MCB PENDLETON yesterday COMBAT MARINES heading to the hospital shop due to what they found Friday

Member:  POTUS last Friday, "We will see some bad things followed by a lot of good things..."

Member:  Save the children underground...Trump just tweeted at 7:55 this morning that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Q: Will we have to get a nose swab at our exchange?

MZ: The people I know at redemption centers got a chuckle out of that one….They have not been told that and they are busy putting in protocols for safety right now. I do not think you will be swabbed at the exchange. They are putting in sneeze guards and stuff like that which I think is a positive sign they are getting ready for us……

Member:  Interesting how MSM will criticize Trump for every little point but crickets about how the FED has been absorbed by the Treasury which is huuuuge???

Member:  Want proof this thing is happening? My foreclosure was stopped, indefintiely. Think about it. If the bad guys were still in charge, they would have foreclosed. They created the plan to enslave humanity by owning real estate. It's the best proof I can actually see.

Member:  Good morning Mark, today is the deadline for the Currency Manipulation Countries

Member:  New Trade agreements with china US kick in today term states they stop currency manipulation

Member:  Phase 1 US China agreement kicks in today, they can no longer manipulate currencies

Member:  China has to stop manipulating the surrounding currencies Dong Baht etc

Member:  Easter is coming, that means St.Germain will be opened.

Member:  IMO reset 1st then st Germaine fund release

Member:  the BIG announcement must be coming sooooon

Member:  Mark...God said...nothing, nothing, nothing...AND SUDDENLY it will happen.

Member:  Mark according to Frank 26 the Iraqi government has set a parliament and a new Prime Minister and is supposed to receive the RV rate today April 6, 2020

MZ: I have not seen that one……Kuwait did wait 10 days before everyone was allowed to exchange when they had an RV……so maybe????   I do not know.

MZ: Big stuff over the weekend in Iraq. pay attention to world events. this us going REAL FAST

MZ: there was a good video out by Mike Maloney this weekend and he was talking “money velocity” and about one thing fiat has to have to function is it has to have a current…it has to flow…..when you break that flow then the whole system breaks down.

MZ: That is what we have now…the whole system is breaking down…..we have no flow of money …he calls it “velocity”  Money is not moving…its just staying in place….

Member: Spain has become one of the first countries to implement universal basic income

MZ: As I understand it Ireland has done this too…..

Member:  Princess Mary and Prince Frederik take the Danish throne Queen Margrethe II steps down on her 80th birthday

Q:  @theoriginalmarkz are you still thinking positive about the RV, that there will be an exchange and redemption (zim)?

Member:  Zim Notes are Bonds. Definition of Bond is same as a Note, "A Promise to Pay" but with conditions, a real Note doesn't have conditions....

Member: Tonight/tomorrow night is a super full moon…..a pink moon…should be spectacular

Member:  real quick at night eveyrone look in the sky, you will see some amazing things, have your cameras handy

Q: How is Okie?

MZ: Okie has been fighting hard. Please keep Okie in your prayers…..

MZ: there has been a lot of good news guys, world leaders have openly talked about the reset….even my local bankers have talked about the reset….it’s becoming a main street conversation which is huge. …we all just need to wait it out and watch the show…..it’s happening.

MZ: The next stream is 10am est tomorrow….unless something big happens then I will be back sooner.

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