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Corona threatens food security in developing countries DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Corona threatens food security in developing countries

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Corona threatens food security in developing countries Empty Corona threatens food security in developing countries

Post by claud39 on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:08 am

Corona threatens food security in developing countries


Corona threatens food security in developing countries 19894

Evan Shaker Al-Dobardani

Will the Corona crisis turn from an economic crisis to a food and medicine crisis?

I will highlight some of the basic nutrients: rice and cereals.

1- Rice

India, China and Indonesia top the rankings of the world's largest rice-producing countries in a list of the top ten members from Asia, according to World Atlas.

Developing countries that import more rice are countries from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, which significantly increase consumption and demand, especially the countries that import more are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, and many developing countries.

2- Grains

Russia suspends the export of grain products temporarily, for a period of 10 days within the measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, as Russia is the most country that exports grains in the world and a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a holiday in Russia, in order to slow the outbreak of the Corona virus and in the event that God will not allow an outbreak of the Corona epidemic In Russia, Russia will stop exporting, which makes a threat to food security for some countries that rely heavily on Russia and the continent most at risk is Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa, which imports about 40 million tons of grain and where the United Nations has warned that countries Oil-exporting like E. Ran and Iraq, as well as Yemen and Syria, which the war-torn, are also among the countries most threatened by food shortages.

Assuming, in the event that God forbid, the Corona crisis worsens in countries producing basic foodstuffs and extending the quarantine for long periods of months, for example, then it will be unable to produce and export, and it will be satisfied with its self-sufficiency, and then in return, a problem will arise in countries that import basic foodstuffs, which causes a food crisis In these countries that are not grown and some countries that are mainly unfit for agriculture.

On the other hand, some developing countries declared from time to time self-sufficiency in agricultural crops, but the sufficiency is for a specific period of time and not throughout the year.

The countries that can face this crisis are those that have good food stocks so that they can withstand this crisis, but countries that do not have sufficient food stocks and deplete the stocks of basic commodities for foodstuffs will face a food disaster and the most harmful countries are the ones that do not have food stocks and their lands other than Suitable for agriculture.

In the event that the Corona crisis persists for several months, perhaps the most surprising things in developing countries are the foodstuffs, which will be more vulnerable to theft than money and material assets in these exceptional circumstances, where we have noticed in the last days in some countries quarrels among people in foodstuff stores, simply because food will The highest value is money and anything in this exceptional circumstance.

Many organizations have warned of food shortages in the world, among them the FAO, the Health Organization and the Trade Organization.

Because in this case the countries that have to pay with money to import foodstuffs will not do any good because they will not find anyone to supply them with foodstuffs due to the Corona crisis.

In this exceptional case, the food basket will be the most important and valuable value of oil and money.

* Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

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