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 Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery

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 Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery Empty Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery

Post by claud39 on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:05 am

 Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery


 Social solidarity - good loan - economic recovery 19892

There is no doubt that the difficult circumstances experienced by our dear country from the Corona pandemic crisis, which led to the disruption of life, and thus affected the people with limited income, and those with daily wages (they are the largest group in society), and after the issuance of the fatwa of social solidarity by the (rational reference), which She called for the necessity of social solidarity, cooperation and compassion between the Iraqi people, to which the largest number of wealthy people and merchants responded to, as well as to the holy shrines who contributed to supplying processions and coordination bodies in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces of the necessary food in order to distribute them in the form of food baskets to poverty DONC and orphans and those affected by these difficult circumstances, and out of this compassion and solidarity must be re-revival (loan Hassan) after completion and salvation of the epidemic, paving to restore the economy recovers at least partially away from dependence on crude oil imports and prices volatile and government appointments.

Islamic banks usually create a certain balance, the amount of which is allocated to grant the good loan within the limits that do not harm the interests of the bank or the interests of its depositors, and the good loan is of great importance in facing the crises to which Muslims are exposed, whether economic or social crises, in addition to that the good loan is a humanitarian task that With Islamic banks to achieve the values ​​of social solidarity among members of society, in addition to the opportunity and possibility of attracting new customers in the future after defining what Islamic banks can provide services to their clients and clients.

The Central Bank of Iraq is the highest monetary authority in the country and it is by its own lawIts rulings shall take place on all commercial and Islamic banks in the country, and as a result of this matter, the central bank shall obligate the Islamic banks operating in the country, which amount to (24) Islamic banks distributed throughout the country, to give the good loan in order to restore the economic spirit to the unemployed and affected by This epidemic, especially after the crisis of low crude oil prices and the impact of the Iraqi economy, as it is the first and last tributary to finance expenditures in the country, and the Islamic bank contributing the largest amount of good loans has several advantages that the central bank provides to it, such as raising the percentage of investment activity to it Impact of (20%), or to raise the minimum to pay for the rest of the payments owed by the Islamic Bank for the establishment and makes it 4 batches instead of 3 batches, or other things to be the central bank and I know it is in the interest of Islamic banks.

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