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TNT UPDATE for April 4 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT UPDATE for April 4

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TNT UPDATE for April 4 Empty TNT UPDATE for April 4

Post by Ponee Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:43 pm

Cutebwoy:  Gm room question,who believes that the Iraq CBI cares about who and when people can go exchange if they RV their currency to correct their monetary system and get the country of Iraq back on track think about it iraq don’t care about this virus locking the world down they care about Iraq only what say you?   

RVAlready:  I think CBI has been consistently trying to make the RV happen. On the other hand, since they are signatories to the GCR, once the price of oil goes back up, I think the UN will force the RV, independent of what Iraq is saying.

Cutebwoy:  Imo I think the CBI will try to RV while the world economy’s are on lock down cause this will help their economy to stabilize somewhat before we all start exchanging

RVAlready:  I think the world has had enough of Iraq politics…. They are 30 days away from dismissing parliament…. This will all be up to Salih very soon.

Briona:  I would love to see him dissolve the parliament and start anew. Continuing on the way it has been going is not working.

USNavy55:  I think they'll change value when the US tells them it's time.

WallStreetGirl:  Maybe the US has been holding the dinar RV back for a rainy day. well, if you look outside right now, it is pouring.

WallStreetGirl:  If there was a time to RV the dinar and let the US clear out some of their debt, now would be that time.  The dinar should be the US Trump card (no pun intended). Let's play that card now!!!!

RVAlready:  Never let a good crisis go to waste

Clintonya:  Trump has to finish bankrupting the world economy first…. This has to happen to get to GCR

RVAlready:  Kill the corona virus, kill the federal reserve, kill the deep state

Eccle519:  clintonya: It's like years ago when people would run up all their credit cards to max knowing they can file for bankruptcy and have it erased. That's what is going on now to bring a new, viable (Gold backed?) financial system that the UST Dinar holdings will play a big part imo

Eccle519:  The GCR along with "bank appointments" has been talked about for over ten years now. I don't think many realize what a "Global Currency Reset" really means, that it is a Global event meant to level the playing field...that's happening now

Eccle519”: I believe Iraq will enter the world economy when (whatever the new system is) is in place...asset backed, Gold backed, crypto, tokenized implementation etc etc…. This Central bank system is imploding

RVAlready:  Thank goodness!!!



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