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TNT Update 4/2/20

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Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 02, 2020 10:23 pm

Posted by RayRen98

This information is coming direct from our Iraqi citizen source, unedited......

Iranian militias inside Iraq are threatening all politicians that vote for Zarfi death they have this up on our billboards they are starting real trouble for Zarfi and the high ranking officials from Iran were in Iraq all day with their threats too

If Zarfi fails to be appointed then all powers go to Saleh again he can either nominate another candidate or desolve the parliament all together according to article 64 and call for early elections

April 5 th start back up date for all banking activities in Iraq this to help offset the crisis in Iraq with virus and low oil announcing different ways to have salaries paid and the banking sector goes back online start up April 5

Right after Zarfi fails to be voted in the USA will do a military take over driving out the Iranian militias and then Saleh will announce elections after elections

Today’s news

The security situation here is not stable at all we seeing hezbalah in the streets patrolling curfew or not they have messages on billboards warning death to any politician who votes for American way and approves Zarfi cabinet this situation is not stable and until someone addresses and puts end to the Iranian militias trying to rule Iraq we as a nation we never see a revalue we are facing economic disaster and all we see is hezbalah brigades patrolling and threatening word on streets is all about USA report about Iran and the militias have a plan to attack USA bases in Iraq . Situation growing here with virus too just really difficult but major thing is Iranian militias will prevent any changes that will leave them out

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