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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/31/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/31/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/31/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:56 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 31 – the last day of March and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

I am excited about the month of April – we are going to see a lot of things happen and I think it is a very good time for us

Here we are about to start a whole new quarter a whole new month and we’ve got another 30 days to more or less stay at home – remain in place – and it could be interesting to see what it’s going to do for us – we are not going to be inhibited by our redemptions – so don’t worry about that - doesn’t mean you can’t go to the bank or redemption center – of course they are allowing for that – so don’t worry about that at all –

I’ve got some clarifications to make on a few things that I’ve heard that are out there on the blogs and I want to clarify a few things –

There has been some information put out about the idea of a Three Days of Darkness – That is a true thing – however – if you have read Judy or listened to David Wilcock you are aware of this – however, as much as I have listened to David and like him and as much as I have heard really good things read from Judy over all – I am going to say they are missing one little point –

There has been some discussion about internet going down - cell service going down – I want you to know today in President Trump’s speech – about the covid-19 virus – I heard the entire speech – all the questions – and the one thing that was said that I really caught on to was the fact that he mentioned a number of telecoms – cell phone companies – internet providers – he listed about seven of those -  ATT – Verizon – Sprint – etc etc –

What he said was yes they were under a lot of stress – with a lot more  usage from home however,  all of this usage would not be interrupted -  they have the ability to maintain the service –

My understanding was that President Trump had a discussion with all of these companies today on a call where he was very adamant about that staying on – without interruption all the way through – no problem or there might be consequences for those providers -

I took that to mean that’s  very positive for  us – I also found out that if there are interruptions at all over that 3 days of darkness  - it’s not for us -  it could be for a few other people – if you can understand my drift -  it does not affect us – it could affect some other people –

If you can’t figure that out – don’t worry about it

Now, let’s keep going for what is important for us – There are a lot of things that have happened – We had NESARA to officially start a week ago yesterday (Monday a week ago) – Yesterday morning at 9 am Sec Mnuchin signed off on a mortgage debt relief program – yesterday we had 188,000 mortgages forgiven plus another 450,000 in the evening – and is ongoing – so that’s 638,000 mortgages forgiven yesterday and more today and so on and so on –

This is part of NESARA – part of the debt jubilee – the debt forgiveness – we’ve talked about on The Big Call – many of you know about it some of you are new to that concept - but the good news is that the mortgage forgiveness program is happening and we expect it to be complete by the end of April

So in a month’s time or so that should be complete nationwide – don’t know where these are occurring  or who they are – I just know they have started – going on everyday  -

The other thing that has happened is – we’ve all heard about the stimulus check that are coming out – First of all let me say that US Treasury is in the process of absorbing the IRS and the Federal Reserve – we talked about this on  last Thursday’s call I believe – if we didn’t I will mention it now –

The Federal Reserve position is inside the Treasury with fewer employees involved and Steven Mnuchin is over that aspect of it and the President is over the treasury - that is all under the new Restored Republic

Now the IRS is actually involved – the checks are being cut by the Treasury and sent out by the IRS – that is a joint effort on those – and guess what? We have a total of 638,000 checks gone out so far and more going out all the time – that is the number of stimulus checks that have already been issued – starting yesterday (Monday)

Now, the direct deposits should occur – from what I’m hearing - either tomorrow or Thursday - the mortgage forgiveness was more like 23,000 in two days –

We have mortgage debt forgiveness – student loan forgiveness – a lot of things that are very positive over 100 different types of loans – will be forgiven and the interest paid on those loans will be refunded to you

That is going to be interesting to see - I told you guys a long time ago  maybe 2-3 weeks that these checks we are getting of $1200 if you earned $75,000 or less - if married and both working and both earning less than $150,000 you are entitled to $2400 and I think up to – not sure how many kids they are allowing for -  2-3 maybe more $500 per child – do the math and add that up and that is what you should be receiving

I don’t believe that is going to be for just 2 months – if it is I’m wrong – but I do believe that is the precursor to the Universal Basic Income – a monthly income – of some amount – adjusted after the first 2 months as they refine their data base and make sure that only US citizens are eligible for – and they are being very careful that only US citizens get these checks –

Another thing they will be watching -when we go into the redemption centers we are going to have a 90 day non disclosure agreement – 3 months - after those 3 months you will be tracked by NSA for another 3 months – tracked on your phone – social media – anything they can listen to – emails – if you do or say anything that is not right they will probably come after you –

I want you to be aware that even though you are under a NDA for 3 months – in your mind and my mind I want you to think of it as 6 months – just figure you are going to stay quiet and not disclose any of these things – please read it and make sure you understand it – and do not violate it – or you could be in trouble

They do not want these things mentioned or out there so be sure to keep quiet for at least 6 months and the NSA tracking will not be an issue for you

Another thing about going into the redemption center – you might see people sitting around wearing masks – you are not to go in with that necessarily but if you go to the door of the redemption center – President Trump mentioned today you could use a scarf to help block your contagion and infecting someone else – I don’t know how effective it’s going to be for you getting something from someone else – but it should help in protecting others from getting something from you –

You can wear the scarf like a bandana  (if you were a bad guy) or use a mask – just take it off when you get to the door and let them know when you call that you might be wearing that – it is just a suggestion that the President was making that I think might work for us –

Also you may want to wear some form of camouflage in terms of sun glasses – something over the bridge of your nose – something so that you cannot be facially recognized with facial recognition software – primarily when you would come out of the redemption center –

Also be considering the type of security that you are going to want – whether it’s a driver – body guard and driver - whatever -- you want to look into that – I’m sure they will mention that to you at the redemption center – you should already be considering it - especially if you are married – have children -  grand children -  - I think you know where I’m going with that – so be very diligent about looking into your own security as we move forward –

The latest I’ve heard about where we are in this process is that the intermediates I was told would be paid starting at 6 pm again tonight – Eastern daylight time - I cannot confirm if that has happened yet but we know that they had paid out select tier 3’s a couple of days ago – and some were not able to keep those funds – if you know what I mean  - the bulk of the tier 3’s were to have been paid yesterday and today – so that’s great – good for them –

Now, where do we stand? They’re considering Tier 4A and 4B and should be notified at the same time and all I can tell you is we are supposed to be in a crescendo in the next 48 hours and that started at 10 am Tuesday -  the next 48 hrs should prove to be a crescendo for us

So we take that – we know what 2 days are from this morning – and we look at that and say ok alright maybe that’s something for us tomorrow or Thursday – and I believe either one we would take at this point

I did hear some rates yesterday and they were higher than what we had anticipated on dinar and dong should be running right alongside – maybe not the same as but not too far from the dinar-

As far as the Zim is concerned – we don’t talk much about the rates – we mentioned a default rate before – I think when you give your presentation in a beautiful way you will probably have that rate move upward from the default rate based on how well you are doing on your presentation –

Yes there is an opportunity if you are not happy I highly recommend everybody take the rate that is offered to them and they don’t want us to come back and renegotiate or negotiate that rate so I’m just going to say lets see what they offer and if you do feel it should be higher you are going to be able to make your case at the second appointment –

This will not be at the redemption center – but at a Tier 1 bank which has your mother lode account – that’s how it’s set up – you can go back if you want – I think I’m going to be pleased with the rate they offer – and do not anticipate that –

The whole thing about contract rates are the other currencies – the contract rates on the dinar and dong only apply if you are not a Zim holder –

If you have NO Zim – only Dinar & Dong – based on your projects you could ask for the contract rate but they will see you as greedy if you try to negotiate a contract rate on your currency if you have already been negotiated on your Zim – regardless of what the rate is – because you know the Zim has great intrinsic value

Be happy with the front screen rates or whatever rate -- they could offer you more than the front screen rate – just see what they offer – you will be sitting across from two people who will be deciding that for you as your currency is counted and verified

One other thing – they will check your temperature when  you get there and when you leave and they will give you a swab to self swab your nasal passage which you will then put in a vial and they will be able to tell you if you are positive  or negative for the coronavirus –

They may provide a mask and they will provide silicone gloves to handle your currency –

I was told yesterday – let’s say you have a bale of currency – a lot of currency – then yes they will extend your appointment time

You will first go in – do the temp and nasal swab - then KYC – know your customer -- next - while you watch the 4 min video – they are verifying your identification info - next – your presentation 5-8 mins  - then counting and verifying currency – then setting up 1-2 accounts - talking about credit / debit cards -  possibly doing a wire – ledger to ledger – next get 2-3 proof of funds letters - perk sheets – setting second and future appointments  - cash to take with you – up to $14,000 check temp on way out –

For right now our celebration will be quiet - but that’s okay - still honor the social distancing and be safe .

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