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MarkZ: "they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we my see the release" 4/2/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we my see the release" 4/2/20

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MarkZ: "they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we my see the release" 4/2/20 Empty MarkZ: "they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we my see the release" 4/2/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:55 pm

MZ: I am hearing very encouraging things….I hear from paymasters and folks from other parts of the world (They started quarnteeing sooner than us so may be ahead of us)  but they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we my see the release.

MZ: I am still thinking we will all go at once. Think about this…it could be perfect timing…..What if they let this thing go on say….April 12th or 13th….somewhere around there.  We hear the US is on some type of lock-down until May 1st. So that could be the perfect timing giving us 2 weeks to get done with exchanges. 

MZ: We are told what when we make our apt. we will get travel documentation allowing us to go where we need to exchange. What would make the most sense to me is for martial law to kick in  sometime soon and stay in effect until May 1st. So we will have an extra level of security and safey when we start hitting the banks and redemption centers……just imo

MZ: Also so many bank employees have been quaranteeing..so that gives them time to stock masks or gear we may need.

MZ: They are keeping the banking side ramped up with the imminant rumors so that they are ready when it does finally go….noone knows the exact timing….all we can do is piece it together based on our contacts, what we are hearing and world events.

MZ: There is a very small group who know the actual timing on all of this. For obvious reasons they don’t tell us….All we can do is keep hope alive….

MZ: No news out of Reno today…It’s been dead quiet….and nothing specific on settlement packages….rumors are expect them to start within2 weeks…..this makes sense to me….

Member: When things 'seem' at their worst... I shall bring it fourth- says the LORD." - Kim Clement dinar prophecy.

Member:  With everyone on lockdown … having scheduled appointments is the best cover right now because anyone needs appointment for any indoor banking during this time

Member:  APRIL 6 = Deadline for Currency Manipulators or TARIFFS SCHIFTLIST!   RV this SUNDAY?

Q: Will we still be able to redeem the Zim?

Member:  Don't worry about the zim. The zim is part of the reset. Zimbabwe is sitting on tons of gold.

Member:  Zimbabwe has the resources in metals and minerals for the RV

Member:  I heard from a reliable source possible debt forgiveness 5/11

Q:  What is the REPO Market at the Bank and why are they putting trillions on it each day??? Is this are bill’s their paying off ????

Member:  they're piling debt onto the system in order to break it and switch to asset-backed currency.

Member:  MarkZ from a good source and good friend about the Dinar. He saw articles on they can't pay people or their bills. IRAQ That is He is more than ready to get this ball rolling and start to exchange

Member:  Mark Z I did see articles on Iraq they can't pay people. I'm ready more than ready to get this ball rolling and start calling banks to exchange.

Member:  I got word the Dinar will go at a very low rate, so wait, don't go until it reaches $4.79 that is tops

Q: What exactly does “float” mean?

Member:  Float means to be allowed to rise in value with no restrictions.

Q:  Do you think trump needs a reset to get re-elected? Is so when would he need to release it before it’s too late?

DEE GROSE:   Zero Hedge Treasurys held in custody at the Fed on behalf of foreign central banks, sovereigns and reserve managers dropped by a record $109 billion - the biggest monthly drop in history.

Member:  There’s word out there that the 10 days of darkness may have to do with military operation of rescuing kids in DUMB’s to bring on board the Mercy ships!

Member:  The children are being put on the Mercy and the Comfort. Hundreds coming out from the tunnels

MZ: If there is any truth to this it shows how big the stakes are in the war.

Member:  the tunnels in NYC are at the bridge the Comfort went under to dock. Clinton Fdtn & Bransom corp both led to the tunnels. 2.5 miles if tunnels just at that location.

Member:  X 22 report thinks that there could possibly be a pedophile sting down in Mainly new York and California And using goes to Big naval ships for that

Member:  The kids in tunnels in New York makes me wonder how many is in California

Q:  Did you hear about that tunnel they found from San Diego to Mexico?

Member:  There is a map of all of USA underground tunnels as far as 80 miles terrible.

Member:  there is a map of a tunnels in USA. Georgia has many so we expect to be next for complete shutdown. Stay home orders start tomorrow .

Member:  X22 Report last night with tunnel thumbnail. About 18 minute mark, Dave speaks of the children. You will cry and pray.

Member:  USA Today California train engineer ran train off the end of tracks in attempted attack on USNS Mercy name of engineer Eduardo Moreno

Member:  Trump said a painful 2 weeks believe people will be shocked to see what the deep state has been doing

MZ: This is one of those times in history where those in power are faced with their own demise. They have been trying to hold onto a broken system….that system is ending. It will happen….We will get our reset….the question is Will it be bloodless or like the Bolshevek revolution? 

Member:  It’s already not bloodless. Our children and world citizens have been taken captive.

Member:  I just can’t imagine what those children have gone through. Lots of children will need adoption.

Member:  I want to hug the children as well. These children will be a big part of my humanitarian project as well as Vets & homeless...

Member:  I can remind  people that going to the moon was a conspiracy theory, Roswell was also a conspiracy theory...many others from our past that were proven true. Manhattan Project...so don’t dismiss this all just yet. 

Member:  The enormity of what's coming will shock the world. Q


MZ: I will be back at 8pm est tonight for those that want to join me…..Next scheduled stream is 10AM est Friday morning …. Stay safe , stay well and stay home.

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