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MarkZ: "I am hearing from some Reno groups, ministry groups that all the money is aggregated" 3/30/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am hearing from some Reno groups, ministry groups that all the money is aggregated" 3/30/20

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MarkZ: "I am hearing from some Reno groups, ministry groups that all the money is aggregated" 3/30/20 Empty MarkZ: "I am hearing from some Reno groups, ministry groups that all the money is aggregated" 3/30/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:42 pm

MZ: I am not hearing anything out of Hong Kong or Zurich yet today….

MZ: I am hearing from some Reno groups, ministry groups that all the money is aggregated…they do not have to physically see anybody….and they are hoping they release those funds around Wednesday.

MZ: Redemption Centers did not work this weekend. They do not have any idea when they go back in . It really was a quiet weekend.

MZ: My paymaster is still in Reno…he got a long-term B&B so he doesn’t have to be in the thick of things there.

Member: I hear its happening this week from a number of folks…

MZ: I still think we need to see helicopter money in our hands.

Member: Issac hasn't exchanged his zim, he's got another appointment today and will get back to us later...

Member: helicopter money should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Being delivered to the same place last years taxes were.

Member: Trillions to prop up our failing economy has to end sometime

Member: HELICOPTER MONEY will be the cover for GCR !!!!

Member: Wouldn't it make sense that the RV and the Helicopter money is released at the same time, THIS WAY EVERYBODY HAS MONEY AT THE SAME TIME. Just Sayin..?

Member: NEWS FLASH: If they do the helicopter money at the same time as the RV... That would better hide or plan all the new money, US..!

Member: we were told that CDC was cleaning all redemption centers last week so we should be in the banks this week

Member: Maybe Martial law would give us a smooth exchange/redemption. About 10 years ago it was said we'd be under martial during such time. Thus making it easier to be protected and directed.

Member: Folks watch David Wilcox ....pandemic III! Prepare for 3 days of darkness!

Member: Wilcox was incredible. 3 days between now and three days before Easter, darkness to light

Member: Internet and phones are going to go down for three days. President will give info on Emergency Alert System. ARRESTS TAKING PLACE DURING THAT TIME. Check David Wilcock .

MZ: There are so many rumors of a blackout occurring right now….where we may not have any internet or phones except for emergency services….…I did not think this would happen but just in case, fill up your car….top off your groceries supplies….just in case. I don’t think we will see 10 days….buts it’s always better to be prepared.

Member: Praying Medic said he thinks what Q meant by 10 days of darkness....that Q...was going to be away for 10 days!!!!!!!

Member: Drake said NO shut down

Member: Morning MZ We are hearing in Australia that Prince Andrew’s been arrested under military law and is already in Gitmo

Member: The BRICS countries that initiated the 209 nation evaluation and gold backed money are now seeing the fruits of their labor with the takedown of the Federal Reserve and stimulus package!

Member: The Russian Federation announced on March 28 that it had created a drug to treat coronavirus based on the antimalarial drug Mefloquine. "The Pharmazachita Research and Production Center,

MZ: Capital one is in the middle of a implosion. They are heavily invested on the oil side of it. The US has already finished stockpiling and topping off their strategic reserves. They had to do that to prop up oil prices. They were buying and filling the strategic reserve to prop up $21 a barrel. Im guessing we will see oil prices drop sub-$20 soon…maybe even today. It may drop down to $12-$15 bucks…..there is not demand…notice how empty the roads are.

MZ: IMO They are forcing the need for a reset.

Member: in Texas gas is .99 a gallon…boom

Q: is Fed part of the Treasury now?

MZ: Yes…we talked about this on Saturday….We are seeing more and more reports and leaks about this. About the Treasury absorbing the Federal Reserve. This puts Donald J. Trump in charge of your monetary supply as this rolls out.


Member: Trump Asset Backed Treasury Note. Not just Gold!! Silver Oil GDP, etc.

Q: I thought the Chinese and the World Court ordered Trump to have this done by the end of March?

Member: Judy Note: In today’s Sun. 29 March Press Conference when talking about the economy, President Trump said that they were “finalizing a new plan and strategy early this week and announcing the details on Tuesday” – the same Tues. 31 March that was the World Court deadline given Trump to get the RV out to the people, and the same Tues. 31 March deadline that Fleming said we would get the 800#s to set our appointments. ( April begins a new area in time)

Member: Notice how Trump knows exactly when this will be over. He has repeatedly said he wants to open the economy by Easter. Those is control know exactly when this pandemic will be over. How could they know when the pandemic would be over if they were not in control. Yes, people are dying from it. No, healthy people are not. It affects people who smoke and those with other issues more than those who do not. I have been ill and am on self quarantine until this Saturday.

Member: The date to reopen the country is moved to April 30, See Ivanka Trump message

Member: Mark According to Several Sources, including a friend’s friend!!!! who worked for the World Bank, And multiple other Intel sources, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is now Bankrupt, under control of President Trump/Stephen Mnunchin, and the US treasury.... The Fed is being absorbed by the US treasury as we convert

Member: The Administration also expects a great "4th quarter" of economic Rebound of 2020

Member: This is the end of the US dollar as a world reserve currency! All of the central banks Of the world which had just asked the federal reserve for a credit advance (see mainstream news), are now going to be allowed to go bankrupt too since they can no longer borrow fiat dollars from the US Federal Reserve Bank—- This forces the world to go forward immediately with the GCR global currency reset, and new currencies... This should mean that we are days or hours away from the GCR exchanges !!!

Member: Watch the president's press conferences at Whitehouse on facebook daily. He would have the most truth from the experts he has gathered around him. Last few have been around 5:00 ET.

Michael Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00…..Please listen to the replay for the Q&A and details on Covid 19, martial law, rumors, rats, and much more………

MZ: Are you stocked up? Have you heard the rumors of 3 to 10 days of blackouts or darkness?

MC: I’ve heard them but I don’t believe them. I believe they have to get this Covid 19 situation under control first…..before they release the money.

MZ: I personally don’t believe they will shut it down…..could they? Sure….and I might be wrong. If you shut down the internet you will shut down all commerce in the entire country.

MZ: Letting it out as a rumor is a good way to make sure people are stocked up for this pandemic.

MZ: Do you think the Stimulus checks will be paid in fiat or asset dollars?

MC: They will be paid in fiat.

Please listen to replay for all the details

The next scheduled stream is Tuesday Morning at 10AM est.

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