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An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home

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An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home Empty An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home

Post by claud39 Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:58 am

[size=36][rtl]An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home[/rtl][/size]

Sunday, March 29, 2020

An invitation to activate the digital economy and work from home Alsabaah-33894

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi

The Iraqi economy, as well as the Iraqi market, are witnessing exceptional circumstances that call for adopting alternatives that will make things better and closer than they were before the spread of the Corona virus in recent weeks.

And a group of specialists in economic affairs sees the necessity of adopting the best alternatives that suit the current stage, which is activating the digital economy and supporting ways and means of working from home with exceptional legal legislations.

Digital economy

Digital economy is defined as the economy that is based on its overall operations on information, and is based in most of its steps on the use of information and communication technology, which removed barriers to the flow of information, goods, services and capital movement, to and from any point in the world, and at any time, and the digital economy allows to send And receive any amount of electronic currency instantaneously at any time and place.

In this regard, the economic researcher Lubna Al-Shammari said that "the widespread use of the Internet among the public and via mobile phones and computers has opened new horizons for work, including the possibility of working from home."

Al-Shammari added to Al-Sabah: “Working from home, especially in the government sector, needs to legislate and enact appropriate laws to enhance and activate this experience not only in times of crises and disasters, but at all times.”

She indicated that "activating work in this aspect would achieve advanced levels of achievement in employee productivity and save time and effort in carrying out transactions in the e-government."

Financial transactions

Through the payment systems in the central bank’s payments system, steps to enhance the role of financial inclusion are achieved through digital services provided by banks and electronic payment services providers as it represents an important dimension in the central strategy and automation of work through the use of electronic payment tools and encouraging the use of financial and banking services provided Banks and online payment service providers.

And the economic academic, Dr. Majid Al-Baidhani, believes, "The necessity of educating the public about the importance of dealing in cash over the phone through applications for mobile phone companies, which I started working on a few years ago."

Al-Baidhani added to Al-Sabah that “many citizens are unaware of the way e-wallets have been launched by telecommunications companies in cooperation with the Central Bank through points of sale to transfer money and receive amounts to and from family and friends from the phone line in an effective and safe manner 
And comfortable. "

Electronic shopping

Al-Baidhani indicated that "these services also allow the transfer of funds through the use of the phone line as well, along with the ability to shop online from electronic commerce sites in Iraq through the electronic payment portal, which allows the purchase of various types of goods, services and products, fashion, flight reservations and much more." . Al-Baidhani said: "What the country is going through is exceptional circumstances and restrictions of movement to prevent the spread of" Corona, "electronic shopping over the phone will be safe in all respects, as it obviates going to crowded markets and places, and avoids dealing in paper money that may be one of the reasons for the spread of the virus, What achieves feasibility at the health level 
And economist. "

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