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MarkZ: "Hang in there…..it’s happening before our eyes" 3/24/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Hang in there…..it’s happening before our eyes" 3/24/20

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MarkZ: "Hang in there…..it’s happening before our eyes" 3/24/20 Empty MarkZ: "Hang in there…..it’s happening before our eyes" 3/24/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:14 pm

MZ: I am still hearing from my international bankers including Hong Kong that they are expecting the release on original SKR’s from years ago tomorrow.

MZ: I don’t know how they can do that until they pass the stimulus bill so we can stick this on the old economy as it fails….we will have to see how this plays out….now some of this originally was supposed to be paid out in fiat…so it very well could be …we are watching it closely.

MZ: We should have answers before our morning stream tomorrow on if any of those had the holds released on their accounts. . This is coming from multiple contacts that tomorrow this will happen….

MZ: No updates on packages or settlements…I don’t expect one until we hear a “go” after the stimulus is passed.

MZ: This article from Forbes (see below) talks about the stimulus being paid via a digital wallet or digital currency.…… They will distribute to all taxpayers the bail-out money in a digital wallet from the Federal Reserve. . Now don’t let this scare you…..

MZ: roughly 2 weeks ago I was hearing from my bankers in Europe and Hong Kong that they were informed the US government had taken over and was running the Federal Reserve . so this isn’t scaring me like it normally would.

MZ: they say the digital wallet would be accepted at any participating bank. Here in the US I bet most banks would be participating.

MZ: I think this is a clear sign of how they are going to handle the banking system. The digital wallet would be held with the Fed…but is accepted and used through a portal at any bank you have.   This is really big and exciting news if we can get past the politics and all that stuff……and we will…..but this article is big…IMO it tells us exactly where we are going …This screams QFS…..this screams that the us is taking over the Federal Reserve. This article in Forbes is really big.

MZ:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/?fbclid=IwAR1KZ6-ljbJyVJw_1Tv2ItJbNx2bxejg0GUEfI43AoGHnbylosCzKIU7Mw8#4841c774bea3

MZ: This digital dollar/wallet is presented in both stimulus bills….house and senate

Member:  Okie was told to expect "Permission to Land" tomorrow(Wednesday). Let's Pray, Pray, Pray this thru.

MZ: I am hearing similar things out of Zurich….my thoughts are they need to pass the stimulus bill in order to pin it on the Fed first…..we shall see.

Member:  Stimulus package "expected in few hrs" per both sides

Member:  if he would release this rv. we would definitely stimulate the economy. the amount of people we could help is limitless.

Member:  Trump can EO anything through now that Stafford Production Act and national emergency with FEMA activated. Nancy and co. cannot do anything. nothing can stop what is coming

Member:  There will be a lot of big arrests now...promised for years and I even know a judge writing the warrants - its real folks

MZ: Not that is exciting…..

Member:  posts about indictments coming. Barr.w/president yesterday - today all.signs point to indictments coming out. the only way that can happen is the reset.

Member:  celebs freaking out.. as they are getting exposed..

Member:  watch many more Congress and Senators will come down with the virus, oh lets not forget Hollywierd

Member:  PIR put out that Trump has made a deal with 2 Native American for trillions....is this the beginning????????

MZ: I am so excited about where we are with the reset right now because we can see it ….feel it…taste it…touch it….Someone has been playing a master chess game and we can finally see the end portion of the game…we get to see why the pawns are here….why they put the rook and the knight there….it is stinking crazy exciting…….

Member: You are so positive Mark…that is why I like listening to you even though I don’t believe it anymore.

MZ: Hang in there…..it’s happening before our eyes

Member:  My fellow Americans.... The Storm Is Now Upon Us. !!!!!!! It’s Going to Biblical.... DO NOT FEAR !!!

MZ: Okie has still not been funded by gofundme…..they have not released it….for those that donated we need to raise hell…..it is unexcusable that they are playing with peoples money like this……Okies attorney is working on it but when someone’s health is in the balance its unexcusable.

MZ: Be back Wed.at 10AM est unless something big happens then I will be back sooner

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