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MarkZ: "Im still hearing that with our 800 numbers, via email we will get our travel documentation to exchange" 3/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Im still hearing that with our 800 numbers, via email we will get our travel documentation to exchange" 3/23/20

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MarkZ: "Im still hearing that with our 800 numbers, via email we will get our travel documentation to exchange" 3/23/20 Empty MarkZ: "Im still hearing that with our 800 numbers, via email we will get our travel documentation to exchange" 3/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:29 pm

MZ: I spoke with a couple people from the Zurich side . Nobody has money as of 2pm their time today. They are now hearing look to late Tuesday/ early Wednesday for their early SKR’s

MZ: Package deliveries….nothing….not a word over the weekend. It was an exceptionally quiet weekend….wish I could tell you more buts it’s just quiet...I do expect more news later on today.

Q:  if martial law is declared would we be able to go to the bank for exchanges

MZ: Im still hearing that with our 800 numbers, via email we will get our travel documentation to exchange……more and more governors may be closing their states today or tomorrow…….watching the news.

Member: Is anyone tired of hearing any day now…and being constantly disappointed?

MZ: We all are I think…..according to sources and what they are told …we really are “any day now” . does this mean this week or this month….we just don’t know.

Q: Any news from the Chinese Elders?

MZ: I know they keep a small contingent on the west coast ready and prepared for anytime when this thing goes.

Member:  BRIEFING SCHEDULE: 5:30 EST PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing, James S. Brady Briefing Room

Member:  market opens down after the Fed announces unlimited purchase of treasuries and mortgage backed securities, and congressional stimulus

Member:  trump needs to ensure that any money from the relief bills goes to the people (including those on social security who don't make enough to have to file tax returns) instead of the greedy corporations who won't give anything to their workers

Member:  I've been listening to President Trump and the Coronavirus task force updates he wants us to go on Tuesday and he wants it out now rather than waiting till next week

Member:  What is up with Senators stopping the relief packages? Can't Trump create some sort of EO to help us? We all know how effective our government is... scary.

Member:  no the president has to rely on the congress to provide funding. Using EO's is used only when the congress gives him authority to use the money for other purposes they consider of a national security threat etc. etc.

Member:  TRUMP is playing Show & Tell with the DemonRats. He has the Authority to write any EO'$ he feels is needed while country is in State of Emergency.

Member:  The Senate voted for us to have our money every month and Pelosi shot it down and didn't agree to it so I don't know what's going to happen now Mark.!!!!!.

Member:  Mark Pelosi shot down our monthly check and everybody else voted on it but her so now they're not letting it through is what I just heard..

Member:  So sad the government can’t get together on this bill to pass while so many are suffering!

Member:  Trump stayed Stafford Act yesterday. he can override anything Senate & House does. I think he is letting them sink since they can't decide on a package. bet he does it tonight when he speaks.

Member:  Trump has economic power under this state of emergency!

Member:  after all of this chaos if they dont do this! it's not going to happen. you don't that a better chance to pull the trigger.

Member:  Kudlow mentioned yesterday that the SBA loans were going to be forgiven at some point. Interesting because this would fall into the debt jubilee. National guard has been deployed to LA NY & Washington state so far

MZ: I assume Florida , North Carolina, Virginia and Texas may be next.

MZ: What makes the most sense to me is to pile this stimulus package for the people on the Fed and crash the system …watch it completely implode.   It is inevitable…

Member:  My theory is that Trump is using the virus to collapse the Fed into the Treasury without a peep, and then bankrupt it by hyper printing to rebuild manufacturing base. We will be severed from China in 3 months. All while we transition to asset backed currency

Member:  RV won't happen until arrests have been completed

Member: let's get the crooks in cuffs so we can get our blessing

MZ: Be sure you have your emergency system activated and turned on your phone…..if necessary for Trump to send out vital information

Member:  Mark Dave from X22 financial report laid out a great case from the financial transition and how Trump is bleeding the bankers dry as he uses the virus for cover before he changes to a good standad.

MZ: I could not agree more….Trump is piling on the debt and destruction to make sure there is nothing left of this fiat system.

Member:  NESARA/GESARA COVID-19 Good Crisis to force a Global Currency Reset & Debt Jubilee? Sounds to me like POTUS is setting up the international digital Asset-backed Quantum Financial System...#GoldQFS

Member:  David Wilcox talked for 5 1/2 hours last night. Great watch. Lays out time line  https://youtu.be/2I10P5tMLlI?t=5

Member:  There was a great article yesterday on Dinar Recaps explaining who & what Q Anon is & the history. Really fascinating & quite informative. It is our time Trump was picked for this job & we are soon to be set free & get our Republic back. Hang in there everyone. We are almost at the finish line. Have faith trust the plan & listen to Mark every day   Link to Recaps post

Member:  -23-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 Question: "Is it a coincidence that starting April 6th they're going to start sending out stimulus checks and on that same date all other countries have to stop using the dollar? ...I find this April 6th fascinating..

Member: April 6th the law kicks in worldwide about currency manipulation and stopping it.

Member:  Iraq and the US recently did a currency swap, so let's hope that means a rate change is in the works. Why else would the US swap with a worthless currency?


Member:  “One act of kindness can change a person’s day!”

MZ: Will see you all tomorrow 10AM est….….hopefully we have more news.

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