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Post by Ponee Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:08 am

 Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel begins at 42:42 min mark

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday March 19th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe – Happy first day of Spring – We do have a little technical issue continuing from Tuesday’s call - we hope you’re hearing it live better and on the replay maybe better – This appears to be a technical issue within FreeConferenceCallHD.com - We apologize if we sound like we are all under water but that is sort of what we are experiencing right now –

AS far as where we are now I’ve got some things I need to bring to you – in a way I am almost glad that we have a call tonight and that we’re not quite ready to start – We are hearing that the sovereign groups are all lined out and should be paying out or have started paying out – we know some of them have started paying out – these are the larger groups we talked about before – including CMKX – fines and penalties – adjudicated settlements - the Mormon Church group - the Indian claims – the farm claims - those larger groups – we term them “sovereign” groups –

We understand they are poised and some have been paid out and I don’t know that all have been paid but have been positioned to go – they are ready to go and the reason is, last night at 11 oclock we had – the President Trump- had spoken with President Chi – the finance minister was on the line as well as Steven Mnuchin - they had determined to let it go – and “let it go” referred to the Global Collateral Accounts – they were to be released at 11 oclock last night – which sort of got this party started –

Now, also, yesterday, we got word that we did go to level 4 of Martial Law – in the United States at about 2 PM yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) - What does that look like? - We’ll get back to the other in a minute

What it amounts to is I think it is a very positive thing – this means that certain of our armed forces have been stationed and mustered to be available – it means that our reserve military have been based or stationed at the state level all over the country but they are primarily in place to guard against looting and other vandalism things that could happen during this time – especially against looting of stores – retail locations and so forth that are closed –

That is a very positive thing they have done for our protection it’s also something that we have that will be in a sense an added security force for us going – so that we are far less likely to encounter an issue or problem while going to our exchanges or coming out of our exchanges and redemption centers –

I see it as a very positive thing – I hope you guys see it that way as well – it is there to protect us and the businesses from looting –

Now, where I see us going is that there is a possibility that 6 pm at the start of The Big Call tonight we have action going on for Tier 4A –I still use that term Tier 4A to note the core group and the Admiral’s groups – Those may have started – or are ready to start approximately at the start of the call tonight –

This is what we’ve heard from a couple of different sources that are in banking - I cannot tell you absolutely that is the case – but I think they are positioned to begin –

Now, what is happening as a result or as a part of the Martial Law – which I never thought we would get to Level 4 but we are there – what is happening is not just our Tier 1 Tier 2 but ALL banks are closed for four days starting tomorrow (Friday) - they will reopen on Tuesday at regular times –

This is to give the banks adequate time to connect to the new banking system – The Quantum Financial System – and in conjunction with that the Real Time Payment System - which is a part of QFS –

So that is why for the next 4 days Fri Sat Sun Mon – our banks will be closed – what else is being closed – which by the way – yesterday – I know of some banks – not all – closed early- yesterday – they closed an hour and half early – so that extra time was used as a way to connect to the system – here’s the thing – Tier 1 banks were all connected to QFS but the branches – the individual branches were not – this gave an opportunity for some of those Tier 1 branches to connect to the QFS during that time –

What else is closed after tomorrow at 4 pm is the stock markets in the US will close on Monday - so that actually means they are closed after 4 PM on Friday – sort of like the banks - it sort of make sense that with the markets closed the banks will also be closed for that time – this is part of what we are going through right now –

Beyond that I think I’ve told you everything else that we had learned – you know the banks already have at least a temporary currency that symbolizes the gold backing – with the different numbers on the notes – the 100 50 20 and the 10 and even the 5 designated with usually the number in the lower right corner of the bill is in gold- you can look at that and see if that’s the case with your money

Using this money temporarily I think until the US Treasury Notes are issued – we are going to have an opportunity at the redemption centers – up to $14,000 in cash money but it’s going to be the same money I’m describing – with the gold colored numbers in lower right corner

Now as far as knowing beyond that as to what is happening we just don’t know whether or not our – we are poised to go – the crazy thing about - with all of the protection that is set up for us right now it would actually be a good time for us to get started for Tier 4B because we have a great smoke screen out there with all of this guidance and protection / troops and everything deployed and staged and ready to go for us – it’s a great cover for us to get started

I have heard different things about when we’re going to get started – I have heard from a treasury source that we could - a kick off day would be Saturday – I’ve heard the possibility of going tomorrow or Saturday – I’ve heard that we might not start until after the banks reopen on Tuesday – it’s hard to say right now- which it is –

Let’s talk a little bit about Universal Basic Income – UBI – we’ve talked about that for the last week or so and we did get confirmation that they are looking to sending out checks in the amount of $1200 for people earning $75,000 or less – who are ligament legal US citizens – naturally born – Now they’re calling them tax payers but I don’t know exactly if you haven’t paid taxes in a while whether you will still get that check or not – it’s not 100% clear - you are still a US citizen and naturalized so you should be able to get those checks when they start coming out –

We’ve got 2 dates they have talked about for this – the first would be on or about April 6th and the second is dated for May 18th

Now, is that UBI on a monthly basis? I think so – we’ll find out – Is it possible that some people will be paid before then? My understanding is – and I can’t prove it but from 2 different sources that they may go out on direct deposit for those people that are already getting social security checks or SSDI checks from the government – they are in the system – those direct deposits could start as early as Friday or Saturday – we shall see - it may be – that’s what I am hearing – not holding my breath but we will see if it comes through

My understanding is if you are making more than $75,000 a y ear as an individual the amount of check will go down – If you are making a million dollars a year in income you will get no check – there is a sliding scale on that all the way up to that million dollar mark – My understanding is that the $75,000 - $100,000 - $200,000 etc all the way up to the million – We do not have those numbers so it is hard to predict – just be aware that is what has been discussed and I believe it will happen as UBI

We also understand that a typical family of 4 earning $75,000 or less with 2 children would get approximately $3400 a month – 2 adults and 2 children – this whole thing I’m sure is laid out and will come out and be much clearer in the future – this is the first fruits of NESARA from our perspective – that is BIG!

Now, time to talk about our expansion from our first appointment to our second appointment - remember when we said – about a week ago – that the time for our appointments has been dramatically reduced from 55 -75 mins to 20-25 mins on our first appointment – here’s why –

Picture yourself going in – getting temperature checked at the door – and again when you leave – they are planning to have silicone gloves for you to use to remove the currency from your envelopes and they are going to use silicone gloves to take the currency and count it –

They are also going to put cellophane sort of like a saran wrap on top of the keyboard to protect from germs – after they finish typing everything in they will take that piece of saran wrap off and with your gloves and their gloves put in a disposable bag to get rid of

When we first go in we will be escorted to a room where we do KYC – know your customer information – you give them your license / passport / electric bill – to verify home address and personal identity info –

From that point to where you bring out your currency and they will count it – usually 2 people doing that and you will be talking to them about the rate that you are looking to receive for the currency – now here’s one particular note of importance – if you are a Zim holder and you have other currencies – let’s say you have Zim and Dinar and Dong – if you have Zim you will not be able to get a contract rate on the Dinar or Dong – there is no back screen rate for Dinar & Dong if you are a Zim holder –

They know you have so much value in the Zim that they’re not willing to give you a contract rate on any other currency –

If you do not have Zim but do have Dinar & Dong and rupiah – you go in for exchange of that currency you can ask for a contract rate – which would be a back screen rate on those currencies not on Zim

So once you do that you are talking about rate – you talk about a structured pay out you are talking about a timeline and you are allowing them to offer you an APR / annual percentage rate – of interest on your structured payout – they should offer you something in the vicinity of 5-7.5% - I would be thrilled with anything in that range –

Now, as far as I know the info I gave you about the 80/20 rule – 80% humanitarian and 20% personal has NOT been substantiated - it may not be true – we don’t know what their percentages are if any – not going to find that out and they don’t want us to know that until we go in - so be open to what that looks like – and what that’s going to be for us - I have to say the 80/20 may have been something just in error –

Now comes to the time we talk about specifics of the Zim – we are going to have an opportunity in the very beginning when we do bring our Zim into the redemption center – they will offer us a default rate – the default rate could be 11 cents –

If you have a bunch of Zim – a lot – more than just a few notes – you could have a dramatically reduced rate of your default rate – down to 3-5 cents – but here’s the good news – let’s say you get a default rate of 5 cents 10 cents – it could go up to 25 cents or so –

What I’m saying is there would be a second opportunity at your second appointment if you feel like you can substantiate more than the default rate than you received- you can ask for a higher rate – You can make a case for that and essentially that’s when you really get into your projects – your presentation and the value that you tend to bring to those projects and why you feel that your default rate is not adequate for you

You want to be very calm – centered on the idea of asking for a higher rate but you may – some people – and this is what they are counting on – some will take the rate they get and they are done - if you feel like that rate is not what you had in mind you can lobby for a higher rate when you go back for your second appointment – and that second appt will be in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 bank- not at the redemption center

You will still be meeting with private bankers – or people that can make that decision to increase the rate – It will depend on you and your projects – there may be plenty of liquidity there for you at the default rate – do the math – see what it turns into and see if you are satisfied with it – If you feel like you are getting low balled and you think you can get a little higher rate, then by all means feel free to do that

It looks like we may have a little time yet before we go – we could get faked out we could get a Saturday start – I am hearing from people that know that are saying late this weekend into Monday and Tuesday is how it was put – and then we are off - we are off and running – late this weekend and Monday and Tuesday – that is a wide open range – Sunday Monday Tuesday - that is coming from a recent good source that should have a handle on it –

I would say that regardless of whenever it is - when our start is – you have some time to get prepared – We are right there – we don’t know for sure if Tier 4A groups have started or whether they are just positioned to start – but whenever that is we should be going – we could go at the same time – they may get a little head start on us – the latest we’ve had in the last couple of weeks is us going at the same time of Tier 4A – Let’s just see how it rolls out

In the meantime stay safe stay isolated keep social distancing – wash your hands and thank you for continuing to listen to the call – We will see you next Tuesday if we have a call – that is still up in the air -




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Post by Ponee Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:32 pm



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